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From the newest consumer gadgets to the explosion in communications capability that is driving global economic growth, technological innovation enhances our lives and provides us with new tools to perform everyday tasks. The Federal Trade Commission promotes competition in technology industries (like computers, software, communications, and biotechnology) as the best way to reduce costs, encourage innovation, and expand choices for consumers. Because the stakes are high in these fast-paced markets and the benefits to consumers and to the economy substantial, the FTC’s work in these areas is all the more important.

Technology markets can present some unique issues and challenges for policy makers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. Innovation is a central aspect of rivalries among technology firms, and the markets are dynamic: new ideas topple formerly dominant technologies and consumers line up to buy products that are smaller, faster, and better. But the fundamental principles of antitrust law and economics are equally applicable to even the newest industries.

This Web site has information about FTC activities to protect and promote competition in technology markets. Here you will find information on hearings and workshops, enforcement actions, and testimony by FTC Commissioners, as well as important consumer information on staying safe online.