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The Department of Education, partly due to FTC action, will forgive nearly $37 million in federal loans for more than 1,200 students affected by the University of Phoenix's deceptive practices. To submit a claim, visit the department’s Borrower Defense Loan Discharge page.

Do you use credit reports to make eligibility decisions about consumers? Learn about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how to responsibly use, report and dispose of information in those reports.

Learn how to prepare for extreme weather, recognize disaster-related scams, find reputable charities, and more.

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Use our visualizations to explore scam and fraud trends in your state based on reports from consumers like you.

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Children’s Health Insurance Program: Spot the scam

Marissa Hopkins
Consumer Alert

September is National Preparedness Month: Make a plan now

Colleen Tressler, FTC, Division of Consumer and Business Education

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Track enforcement and policy developments by viewing records from the Commission’s open meetings — agendas, transcripts, videos, reports, and public comments.

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