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Consumer Sentinel is a unique investigative cyber tool that gives members of the Consumer Sentinel Network access to millions of reports. Consumer Sentinel includes reports about:

  • Coronavirus Scams
  • Identity Theft
  • Do-Not-Call Registry violations
  • Computers, the Internet, and Online Auctions
  • Telemarketing Scams
  • Advance-fee Loans and Credit Scams
  • Immigration Services
  • Sweepstakes, Lotteries, and Prizes
  • Business Opportunities and Work-at-Home Schemes
  • Health and Weight Loss Products
  • Debt Collection, Credit Reports, and Financial Matters

Consumer Sentinel is based on the premise that sharing information can make law enforcement even more effective. To that end, the Consumer Sentinel Network gives law enforcement members access to reports submitted directly to the Federal Trade Commission by consumers, as well as to reports shared by data contributors.

Consumer Sentinel is free and available to any federal, state or local law enforcement agency. In addition, Consumer Sentinel information is also available to select international law enforcement authorities. Find out more about becoming a Sentinel member.

How Does My Law Enforcement Agency Become A Consumer Sentinel Member?

During the registration process, your application must be completed for your organization or subgroup in a single session. Please review the checklist and ensure you have all the required materials before beginning the application process.

What Are Consumer Sentinel's System Requirements?

For More Information About Consumer Sentinel:

Please visit us at , or call the Consumer Sentinel HelpLine at 1.877.701.9595.