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The Bureau of Competition is committed to preventing mergers and acquisitions that are likely to reduce competition and lead to higher prices, lower quality goods or services, or less innovation. In most cases, the Bureau receives notice of proposed mergers under the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Amendments to the Clayton Act. Bureau lawyers, along with economists from the FTC's Bureau of Economics, investigate market dynamics to determine if the proposed merger will harm consumers. When necessary, the FTC may take formal legal action to stop the merger, either in federal court or before an FTC administrative law judge. Below are resources related to the merger review process. The Commission, in cooperation with DOJ, provides guidance to businesses on complying with antitrust laws through the publication of Merger Guidelines and additional policy statements. The Bureau also develops models and guides to streamline the investigative process and reduce the burden of complying with data and document requests, and issues annual reports detailing its enforcement efforts.

Investigation Resources

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Search the Legal Library Cases and Proceedings to find a specific antitrust case. To see all antitrust cases, select “Competition” in the mission field. To see a specific type of competition case, select from the list of available topics in the competition topics field.


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