The FTC engages with competition and consumer protection agencies in other countries, directly and through international networks, to halt deceptive and anticompetitive business practices that affect U.S. consumers. The FTC also reaches out to competition and consumer protection authorities to provide policy leadership, promote sound approaches to common problems, and help new agencies address the challenges of transitioning to a market-based economy.

The FTC’s Office of International Affairs directs the agency’s international activities for competition and consumer protection, which include:

econsumer.govThe FTC also supports, a project sponsored by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network ICPEN and consumer agencies in more than 35 countries. Consumers can use to report cross-border complaints. Enforcement agencies can use those complaints to investigate fraud.

The Office of International Affairs publishes the FTC International Monthly newsletter, summarizing FTC activities of likely interest to international readers. Subscribe | Current Issue and Archive