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Current: April 2024

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  • FTC Challenges Largest Supermarket Merger in U.S. History
  • Qualcomm Abandons Proposed Acquisition of Autotalks
  • FTC Order Will Ban Avast from Selling Browsing Data for Advertising Purposes, Require It To Pay $16.5 Million Over Charges the Firm Sold Browsing Data After Claiming Its Products Would Block Online Tracking
  • Tech Support Firms Will Pay $26 Million To Settle FTC Charges That They Deceived Consumers into Buying Repair Services


  • Statement Regarding the Termination of Amazon’s Proposed Acquisition of iRobot
  • FTC Sues to Block Novant Health’s Acquisition of Two Hospitals from Community Health Systems
  • As Nationwide Fraud Losses Top $10 Billion in 2023, FTC Steps up Efforts To Protect the Public
  • Court Rules Against Defendants the FTC Charged with Deceiving Consumers into Buying Bogus Health Care Plans


  • Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department Hold Trilateral Meeting with Competition Enforcers from Mexico and Canada
  • Statement on FTC Win Securing Temporary Block of IQVIA’s Acquisition of Propel Media
  • FTC Order Prohibits Data Broker X-Mode Social and Outlogic from Selling Sensitive Location Data
  • Rite Aid Banned from Using AI Facial Recognition After FTC Says Retailer Deployed Technology without Reasonable Safeguards
  • FTC and DOJ Release 2023 Merger Guidelines
  • Illumina To Divest Cancer Detection Test Maker GRAIL After Unanimous Appeals Court Ruling Supporting FTC Determination That the Acquisition Threatened Competition
  • FTC Acts Against Operators of Income Scheme “The Sales Mentor” That Charged Consumers Millions for Bogus Telemarketing Advice
  • FTC, California Obtain Order Against DNA Testing Firm over Charges It Made Myriad Misrepresentations to Consumers To Entice Them To Buy Ancestry Reports
  • FTC Reports on Efforts To Combat Cross-Border Fraud and Ransomware Attacks
  • FTC Sends Nearly $100 Million in Refunds to Vonage Consumers Who Were Trapped in Subscriptions by Dark Patterns and Junk Fees
  • FTC, DOJ Meet with G7 Enforcement Partners To Discuss Competition in Digital Markets
  • FTC Challenges More Than 100 Patents As Improperly Listed in the FDA’s Orange Book
  • FTC Sues Amazon for Illegally Maintaining Monopoly Power
  • FTC, Department of Labor Partner to Protect Workers from Anticompetitive, Unfair, and Deceptive Practices
  • FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Junk Fees
  • FTC Joins FCC in Renewing Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Cross-Border Law Enforcement Efforts to Combat Spam, Scams, and Illegal Telemarketing
  • Administrative Law Judge Issues Favorable Initial Decision in FTC’s Case Against Intuit Inc.
  • FTC Action Stops Business Opportunity Scheme That Promised Its AI-Boosted Tools Would Power High Earnings Through Online Stores
  • Biopharmaceutical Giant Amgen To Settle FTC and State Challenges to its Horizon Therapeutics Acquisition
  • FTC Secures Settlement with ICE and Black Knight Resolving Antitrust Concerns in Mortgage Technology Deal
  • FTC Reaches Proposed Settlement with Surescripts in Illegal Monopolization Case Involving a Digital Platform 
  • CooperCompanies Abandons Attempted Acquisition of Cook Medical’s Reproductive Health Business
  • FTC Takes Action Against Makers of Sobrenix Supplement That Deceptively Claimed To Reduce Alcohol Cravings, Relied on Fake Endorsements
  • Operators of “Blessing Loom” Scheme Banned from Multi-Level Marketing As a Result of Pyramid Scheme Charges Brought by the FTC and Arkansas
  • FTC and DOJ Seek Comment on Draft Merger Guidelines
  • FTC, Law Enforcers Nationwide Announce Enforcement Sweep To Stem the Tide of Illegal Telemarketing Calls to U.S. Consumers
  • FTC Takes Action Against Publishers Clearing House for Misleading Consumers About Sweepstakes Entries
  • FTC Announces Proposed Rule Banning Fake Reviews and Testimonials
  • FTC Warns About Misuses of Biometric Information and Harm to Consumers
  • Ovulation Tracking App Premom Will Be Barred from Sharing Health Data for Advertising Under Proposed FTC Order
  • U.S. Agencies Issue Summary of Joint Pharmaceutical Merger Analysis Workshop
  • Boston Scientific and M.I. Tech Abandon Proposed Transaction
  • FTC Chair Khan and Officials from DOJ, CFPB, and EEOC Release Joint Statement on AI
  • FTC Proposes Blanket Prohibition Preventing Facebook from Monetizing Youth Data
  • FTC Staff Seeks Court Order Preventing Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. from Consummating Its Acquisition of Rival Black Knight Pending Agency Administrative Challenge
  • FTC Releases Agenda for May 23 Workshop on “Recyclable” Claims
  • FTC, DOJ Host Second Annual Enforcers Summit
  • FTC Requires Illumina To Divest Cancer Detection Test Maker GRAIL
  • FTC Proposes Rule Provision Making It Easier for Consumers To “Click To Cancel” Recurring Subscriptions and Memberships
  • FTC Issues Orders to Social Media and Video Streaming Platforms Regarding Efforts To Address Surge in Advertising for Fraudulent Products and Scams
  • FTC To Ban BetterHelp from Revealing Consumers’ Data, Including Sensitive Mental Health Information, to Facebook and Others for Targeted Advertising
  • FTC Takes Action Against doTERRA Distributors for False COVID-19 Health Claims
  • FTC and DOJ Host APEC Workshop on Competition Advocacy
  • FTC Acts To Block Deal Combining the Two Top Mortgage Loan Technology Providers
  • FTC Hosts Forum Examining Proposed Rule To Ban Noncompete Clauses
  • FTC Asks Federal Court To Hold ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli in Contempt
  • More Than $115 Million in Refunds Sent to Consumers As a Result of FTC, DOJ Charges That MoneyGram Failed To Crack Down on Scams
  • FTC Order Requires HomeAdvisor To Pay up to $7.2 Million and Stop Deceptively Marketing Its Leads for Home Improvement Projects
  • Fortnite Video Game Maker Epic Games To Pay More Than Half a Billion Dollars over FTC Allegations of Privacy Violations and Unwanted Charges
  • FTC Proposes Rule To Ban Noncompete Clauses, Which Hurt Workers and Harm Competition
  • New FTC Analysis Shows Adults Under 60 Report Losses to Online Shopping Scams, Investment Scams More Than Older Adults
  • FTC Orders an End to Illegal Mastercard Business Tactics and Requires It To Stop Blocking Competing Debit Card Payment Networks
  • FTC Seeks To Block Microsoft Corp.’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Inc.
  • FTC, States Sue Google and iHeartMedia for Deceptive Ads Promoting the Pixel 4 Smartphone
  • FTC Acts To Stop Deceptive COVID-19 Advertising Claims by Precision Patient Outcomes, Inc.
  • FTC Explores Changes, Possible Expansion of Its Business Opportunity Rule
  • FTC Action Against Vonage Results in $100 Million to Customers Trapped by Illegal Dark Patterns and Junk Fees When Trying To Cancel Service
  • FTC Restores Rigorous Enforcement of Law Banning Unfair Methods of Competition
  • FTC Issues Annual Report to Congress on Agency’s Actions To Protect Older Adults
  • FTC Seeks Public Comment on Initiative To Reduce Energy Costs and Strengthen Right-To-Repair
  • FTC Chair Lina M. Khan Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights
  • New Mexico Physician Association To Pay $263,000 Civil Penalty To Settle FTC Allegations That It Violated 2005 Order
  • FTC, California Take Action To Shut Down Mortgage Relief Operation That Preyed on Struggling Homeowners
  • FTC, Justice Department, and European Commission Hold Their Second US-EU Joint Technology Competition Policy Dialogue
  • FTC Holds Public Forum on Commercial Surveillance and Lax Data Security Practices To Help Inform FTC Initiative Aimed at Determining Whether New Rules Are Needed To Protect Consumer Privacy
  • FTC Sues Kochava for Selling Data That Tracks People at Reproductive Health Clinics, Places of Worship, and Other Sensitive Locations
  • FTC and Justice Department Hold Trilateral Meetings with Competition Enforcers from Mexico and Canada
  • FTC Policy Paper Warns About Pitfalls of COPA Agreements for Patient Care and Healthcare Workers
  • FTC Seeks To Block Virtual Reality Giant Meta’s Acquisition of Popular App Creator Within
  • FTC, National Labor Relations Board Forge New Partnership To Protect Workers from Anticompetitive, Unfair, and Deceptive Practices
  • FTC Returning Almost $25 Million to Consumers Worldwide Who Were Defrauded by Next-Gen Sweepstakes Scheme
  • FTC Takes Action To Stop Online Home Buying Firm Opendoor Labs, Inc. from Cheating Potential Sellers with Misleading Claims About Its Home-Buying Service
  • FTC Sues Walmart for Facilitating Money Transfer Fraud That Fleeced Customers Out of Hundreds of Millions
  • As Energy Prices Rise, FTC Prevails in Deceptive Energy-Efficiency Case
  • FTC Marks One-Year Anniversary of Government-Wide Initiative To Promote Competition in the American Economy
  • FTC Takes Action To Protect Pet Owners from Private Equity Firm’s Rollup of Veterinary Services Clinics
  • FTC Sues To Block Healthcare Mergers
  • FTC Protects Pet Owners from Private Equity Firm’s Anticompetitive Acquisition of Veterinary Services Clinics
  • FTC Charges Twitter with Deceptively Using Account Security Data To Sell Targeted Ads
  • FTC To Crack Down on Companies That Illegally Surveil Children Learning Online
  • FTC Chair Khan Delivers Keynote at 21st ICN Annual Conference
  • FTC Takes Action To Stop Voice over Internet Provider from Facilitating Illegal Telemarketing Robocalls, Including Scams Relating to the Pandemic
  • FTC Takes Action Against Frontier for Lying About Internet Speeds and Ripping Off Customers Who Paid High-Speed Prices for Slow Service
  • FTC Proposes Small Business Protections Against Telemarketing Tricks and Traps
  • FTC and DOJ Antitrust Division Host Enforcers Summit
  • FTC and Justice Department Launch Listening Forums on Firsthand Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Court Rules That Fake Government Websites Deceived Consumers; Makes $102 Million in Refunds Available
  • FTC Sues Intuit for Its Deceptive TurboTax “Free” Filing Campaign
  • The FTC’s First Report on E-Cigarette Sales and Advertising Reveals Disturbing Trends Affecting the Health of Young Americans
  • FTC Enforcement Action Leads U.S. Dept. of Education To Forgive $71.7 Million in Loans for Students Deceived by DeVry University
  • Operators of Investment Coaching Scheme Banned from Industry and Ordered To Pay Millions in Redress to Defrauded Consumers
  • Nvidia Corp. Abandons Vertical Transaction To Acquire Arm Ltd. in the Face of FTC Challenge
  • Rhode Island’s Two Largest Healthcare Providers Terminate Attempted Merger Following Challenge by FTC and Rhode Island Attorney General
  • New Data Shows FTC Received 2.8 Million Fraud Reports from Consumers in 2021
  • Court Orders Lifetime Industry Ban Against “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli in Vyera Pharmaceuticals Matter Concerning Monopoly for Daraprim
  • Lockheed Martin Abandons Vertical Acquisition of Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Following FTC Challenge
  • In Wake of Omicron Variant, FTC Orders More Marketers To Stop Falsely Claiming Their Products Can Effectively Prevent or Treat COVID-19
  • Fashion Nova Will Pay $4.2 Million As Part of Settlement of FTC Allegations It Blocked Negative Reviews of Products
  • FTC, DOJ Obtain Ban on Negative Option Marketing and $21 Million for Consumers Deceived by Background Report Provider MyLife
  • FTC Returns Additional $25 Million to Consumers Who Lost Money to Business Coaching Scam
  • FTC Order Protects Retail Fuel Customers Following Global Partners LP’s Acquisition of Wheels
  • FTC and DOJ Hold Virtual Public Workshop Exploring Competition in Labor Markets
  • FTC, States To Recoup Millions in Relief for Victims Fleeced by ‘Pharma Bro’ Scheme To Illegally Monopolize Life-Saving Drug Daraprim
  • FTC, DOJ Antitrust Division, and European Commission Launch EU-U.S. Joint Technology Competition Policy Dialogue
  • FTC Order Protects Retail Fuel Customers Following Global Partners LP’s Acquisition of Wheels
  • FTC Chair Lina M. Khan Announces New Appointments in Agency Leadership Positions
  • FTC To Ramp up Enforcement Against Illegal Dark Patterns That Trick or Trap Consumers into Subscriptions
  • FTC Sues Nasal Spray Seller for Falsely Claiming Its Products Can Prevent and Treat COVID-19
  • FTC To Restrict Future Acquisitions for Firms That Pursue Anticompetitive Mergers
  • FTC Approves Fiscal Year 2020 Hart-Scott-Rodino Premerger Notification Report
  • Alabama Board of Dental Examiners Settles Charges That It Unreasonably Excluded Lower Cost Online and Teledentistry Providers from Competition
  • FTC Puts 700 Advertisers on Notice About Fake Reviews and Other Misleading Endorsements; Also Puts For-Profit Colleges on Notice of False Promise Crackdown
  • FTC Testifies Before the Senate Special Committee on Aging About the Agency’s Work To Halt Practices That Prey on Older Americans
  • FTC Chair Lina M. Khan Appoints Directors of Bureau of Competition and Bureau of Consumer Protection
  • FTC Warns Health Apps and Connected Device Companies To Comply with Health Breach Notification Rule
  • FTC Withdraws Vertical Merger Guidelines and Commentary
  • FTC Staff Presents Report on Nearly a Decade of Unreported Acquisitions by the Biggest Technology Companies
  • FTC Streamlines Consumer Protection and Competition Investigations in Eight Key Enforcement Areas To Enable Higher Caseload
  • FTC Withdraws Action Against AbbVie After Supreme Court Limits FTC Power To Request Disgorgement
  • LendingClub Agrees To Pay $18 Million To Settle FTC Charges That It Deceived Consumers with Hidden Fees and Misrepresentations
  • FTC Testifies Before Congressional Subcommittee on Legislation To Modify the Commission’s Authority and Address Challenges Facing the Agency
  • Acting BCP Director Sends Letter to Facebook Concerning the Company’s Misleading Claims Regarding Its Consent Decree with the FTC
  • Lina M. Khan Sworn in As FTC Chair
  • FTC Authorizes Investigations into Key Enforcement Priorities
  • FTC Issues Rule To Deter Rampant Made in USA Fraud
  • FTC and DOJ To Consider Revisions to Merger Guidelines in Response to President’s Executive Order on Promoting Competition
  • FTC Returns Nearly $60 Million Resulting from Product-Hopping Scheme To Thwart Generic Entry into Opioid Addiction Drug Market
  • EU Investigation Obviates Need for Injunction in DNA Sequencing Case
  • FTC Data Shows Huge Spike in Cryptocurrency Investment Scams
  • FTC Submits Annual Budget Request, Performance Plan, and Performance Report to Congress
  • OECD Committee on Consumer Policy To Hold International Conference on Consumer Marketplace of the Future
  • FTC Staff Report Highlights Agency’s Ongoing Efforts To Protect Consumers a Year into COVID-19 Pandemic
  • FTC Acting Chairwoman Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Eliminating FTC Authority To Recover Money for Consumers; Commission Asks Congress To Pass Legislation Reviving Authority
  • ACCC Adding Additional Complaints to Consumer Sentinel Network
  • Acting FTC Chairwoman Releases 2020 Annual Highlights
  • FTC Obtains Court Order Banning Work-from-Home Scammer from Selling Business Opportunities and Using Robocalls
  • FTC Announces Multilateral Working Group To Build a New Approach to Pharmaceutical Mergers
  • FTC Acting Chairwoman Slaughter Announces New Rulemaking Group
  • FTC Report Explores Agency’s International Role
  • New FTC Data Show Massive Increase in Romance Scams, $304M in Losses
  • FTC Launches Initiative To Encourage Lower-Income Communities To Report Fraud
  • FTC Issues Annual Report on Ethanol Market Concentration 2020
  • President Biden Names FTC Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter Acting Chair, Replacing Departing FTC Chairman Joseph Simons
  • Amazon To Pay $61.7 Million To Settle FTC Charges It Withheld Some Customer Tips from Amazon Flex Drivers
  • FTC Brings First-Ever Cases Under the BOTS Act
  • FTC Received 4.7 Million Complaints from Consumers in 2020 and Returned More Than $482 Million to Consumers
  • FTC Seeks Data from Nine Social Media and Video Streaming Services About How They Collect, Use, and Present Information
  • Developer of Popular Women’s Fertility-Tracking App Settles FTC Allegations That It Misled Consumers About the Disclosure of Their Health Data and Violated Privacy Shield Principles
  • FTC Imposes Conditions on E. & J. Gallo Winery’s Acquisition of Assets from Constellation Brands, Inc.
  • Bureau of Competition Publishes Blog Post on Ten Memorable Developments in 2020
  • FTC Seeks Data from Nine Social Media and Video Streaming Services About How They Collect, Use, and Present Information
  • As Scammers Leverage Pandemic Fears, FTC and Law Enforcement Partners Crack Down on Deceptive Income Schemes Nationwide
  • FTC Sues Facebook for Illegal Monopolization
  • FTC Chairman Addresses Firms’ Acquisitions of Emerging Competitive Threats.
  • FTC Requires Zoom To Enhance Its Security Practices as Part of Settlement
  • FTC Signs Updated Memorandum of Understanding with Nigerian Consumer Protection and Criminal Enforcement Authorities
  • Court Issues Order Halting Operators of Fake Websites Claiming to Sell Clorox and Lysol Products
  • FTC Releases FY 2020 National Do Not Call Registry Data Book
  • International Competition Network Addresses Enforcement and Policy Challenges of the Digital Economy at United States-Hosted 19th Annual Conference
  • FTC Expands Merger Retrospective Program
  • Second Round of Refunds, Totaling $147 Million, Sent to Consumers As a Result of Multi-Agency Case Against Western Union
  • Brazil’s SENACON Joins
  • International Competition Network Addresses Enforcement and Policy Challenges of the Digital Economy at United States-Hosted 19th Annual Conference
  • U.S. Agencies Sign Antitrust Cooperation Framework with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom
  • Court Orders $120 Million Judgment in Sanctuary Belize, the Largest Land Fraud Case in FTC History
  • FTC Sends Letters Warning 20 More Marketers To Stop Making Unsupported COVID-19 Treatment Claims
  • Save the Date - September 14-17 - for This Year's ICN Annual Conference, Co-hosted by the FTC and Department of Justice
  • FTC Reports to Court That Volkswagen Returned More Than $9.5 Billion to Car Buyers Deceived by “Clean Diesel” Ad Campaign
  • FTC and Members Launch an Updated Website
  • FTC Commissioners Testify at Senate Committee Oversight Hearing
  • FTC Testifies Before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Efforts to Combat COVID-19 Scams
  • FTC and DOJ Issue Antitrust Guidelines for Evaluating Vertical Mergers
  • FTC Settles Two Privacy Shield Cases
  • FTC Issues Staff Report on Made in USA Workshop, Seeks Comment on Proposed Labeling Rule
  • FTC and DOJ Release FY 2019 Hart-Scott-Rodino Premerger Notification Report
  • FTC Submits Comments on Telehealth During Pandemic
  • FTC Issues More Warnings to Businesses About COVID-19 Claims
  • Swiss Digital Game Developer Settles FTC Allegations That It Falsely Claimed It Was a Member of COPPA Safe Harbor Program
  • Developer of Apps Popular with Children Agrees To Settle FTC Allegations It Illegally Collected Kids’ Data Without Parental Consent
  • FTC Releases Funeral Home Compliance Results, Offers New Business Guidance on Funeral Rule Requirements
  • FTC Imposes Conditions on Össur Hf’s Acquisition of College Park Industries, Inc.
  • Court Approves $5 Billion Facebook Settlement
  • FTC Intensifies Enforcement Against Unsupported COVID-19 Health Claims
  • FTC Launches Two New Interactive Dashboards Detailing Consumer Reports About International Fraud
  • FTC Seeks Comment as Part of Review of Health Breach Notification Rule
  • FTC and DOJ Announce Expedited Antitrust Procedure and Guidance for Coronavirus Public Health Efforts
  • International Competition Network Annual Conference Rescheduled for September
  • FTC Data Shows Jump in Coronavirus-Related Consumer Complaints
  • FTC Warns VoIP Service Providers Against Helping Telemarketers Make Illegal Coronavirus-Related Robocalls; Joins with Federal Communications Commission in Additional Warning Letters to Gateway Providers
  • Medical Diagnostic Device Maker Settles Allegations That It Misled Consumers About Its Participation in the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield
  • FTC Challenges Proposed Merger of Two Hospital Systems
  • FTC, FDA Send Warning Letters to Seven Companies About Unsupported Claims That Products Can Treat or Prevent Coronavirus
  • FTC 2019 Privacy and Data Security Update Highlights Record Fines and International Cooperation
  • First Round of Refunds Totaling $153 Million Sent to Consumers As a Result of Multi-Agency Case Against Western Union
  • New FTC Data Show Consumers Reported Losing More Than $200 Million to Romance Scams in 2019
  • FTC To Examine Past Acquisitions by Large Technology Firms
  • FTC Challenges Anticompetitive Scheme To Maintain a $4,000 Percent List-Price Increase for Life-Saving Drug Daraprim
  • Razor Manufacturer Abandons Proposed Acquisition of Disruptive Rival After FTC Sues To Block Merger
  • Background Check Services Provider Agrees To Settle FTC Allegations That It Falsely Claimed Participation in the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield
  • FTC and DOJ Issue Draft Vertical Merger Guidelines for Public Comment
  • FTC Alleges Fuel Card Marketer FleetCor Charged Hundreds of Millions in Hidden Fees
  • Defendants Who Helped Blast Consumers with Millions of Cruise Line Robocalls Settle FTC Complaint
  • FTC Calls for Presentations for Privacy Con 2020
  • FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Publishes Blog Post on Notable Cases and Initiatives from the Past Year