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The FTC’s international efforts are more critical than ever. Dynamic changes in technology, digital commerce, and telecommunications have a global impact and have unleashed unprecedented opportunities for consumers and innovators. These advances also present unprecedented challenges: how do we protect consumers from significant harm while maximizing economic benefit and consumer choice? The FTC embraces these challenges, working internationally to protect American consumers from both traditional and emerging threats.

We work with foreign consumer protection and privacy authorities around the world on enforcement and policy matters through formal and informal arrangements. Through this work, the FTC’s international consumer protection staff help build and sustain alliances that expand the reach of our enforcement efforts and strengthen protections for our consumers.

Complaint Data Resources

Image - FTC Consumer Sentinel Network - Fraud Reports Against Top 50 non-U.S. Company Locations

International complaint data charts are available on the International Reports and eConsumer Tableau dashboards. You can also find data about FTC refunds on the Refunds Tableau dashboard. 



Explore the latest complaint trend data collected through the Consumer Sentinel Network, the FTC database that stores consumer complaint information. Learn about top fraud reports and download visualizations.

Fighting Cross-Border Scams and Fraud

eConsumer provides a platform to gather and share cross-border e-commerce complaints. It began with four languages, in 2001, as an initiative of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), with the support of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Today, consumer agencies from more than 65 countries support the project, which has expanded to nine languages.

The website is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Qualified enforcement agencies can use the complaints to investigate fraud, spot trends, and work together to prevent international scams.


Data Spotlight | Consumer Alerts

Data Spotlights inform consumers of the latest ways scammers are harming the public.

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