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We regularly host workshops, webinars, social media chats, conferences, and other events on topics related to our mission to protect consumers and promote competition. Examples include our annual PrivacyCon and Microeconomics conferences and workshops on vertical mergers, voice cloning, and identity theft. Find information on past and future FTC events and speaking engagements involving FTC officials.

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PrivacyCon 2022

The FTC will host its seventh annual PrivacyCon on November 1, 2022. PrivacyCon 2022 will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including researchers, academics, industry representatives...

Merger Guidelines Listening Forum

The Federal Trade Commission is hosting a listening forum to hear from members of the public about the effects of mergers and acquisitions on a range of market participants. This listening forum will...

Open Commission Meeting -June 16, 2022

Business Before the Commission: Policy Statement of the Federal Trade Commission on Rebates and Fees in Exchange for Excluding Lower Cost Drug Products and Report to Congress on Combatting Online...

Closed Commission Meeting- June 2, 2022

Commission Meeting Closed to the Public: Consideration of nonpublic law enforcement matters, 1:00 PM EDT via Zoom. The vote to close the meeting for the law enforcement matters was 5-0. Expected to...

Open Commission Meeting -May 19, 2022

Business Before the Commission: Policy Statement on Education Technology and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and Request for Public Comment on Amendments to the Guides Concerning the Use...