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Welcome to the BCP Business Center:  Your Link to the Law.  Explore and you’ll find practical compliance guidance on advertising, telemarketing, credit, data security, and other need-to-know topics for business owners and marketing professionals.  What else will you find?  The latest word on upcoming workshops, hot-off-the-presses staff reports, and new compliance videos.  We’ll do our best to keep things to the point with a minimum of ho-hum, a maximum of how-to, and as little yadda yadda yadda as a legal website can manage. 

The resources of the BCP Business Center are yours to share.  Editing an industry newsletter?  “Drop in” an article of interest to your colleagues.  Speaking at a client event or a community meeting?  Print publications directly from the Business Center or use the FTC’s bulk order site for free materials to give out.  Updating your own website or blog?  Link to the Business Center.  Conducting in-house training?  Incorporate the videos.

I’m really pleased to launch the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s Business Center blog.  Through a blog, we can be a bit less formal than a traditional government website.  Remember that it's a two-way communication:  let us know your ideas about the kinds of resources you’d like to find here, and what you have to say about the latest developments. 

Bookmark the site, stop by often to find out what we’re up to – and let us know what’s on your mind when it comes to consumer protection.


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