Text message package scam delivers more than your business bargained for

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There’s a text message scam making the rounds that could target your mail room staff, receptionist, or other employees. The FTC has tips on how you can protect your business.

FTC text message scam warningOur Consumer Blog describes a text message people are receiving that claims to be a FedEx tracking notice. In variations on the scheme, fraudsters also are falsely invoking the names of UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. According to the text, there’s a “delivery” that needs to be scheduled by clicking on a link. From there, people are taken to an “Amazon” page, which invites them to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Then they’re told they’ve won a free prize. Just input a credit number to cover shipping and handling.

But as the blog post explains:

The text isn’t from a delivery service.
There is no package.
That isn’t a real Amazon page.
That’s not a customer survey.
And there’s no free prize.

It’s another scam designed to get people to turn over their account information – or your company credit card number. The Consumer Blog also introduces a new article, How to Recognize and Report Spam Text Messages, to share with your staff.

By the way, in addition to subscribing to FTC Business Blog Alerts, you can sign up for FTC Consumer Alerts to stay in the know about what you, your family, and friends can do to protect yourselves from the latest scams.


What should I do if I have received these kind of messages?

Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL That happened to me I received that same message in my e-mail, I new I did not order anything so I just deleted the email. Remember no gives you something for nothing if your did not request it or order it or has to do with your age, credit card, and, social security, and your email DON'T DO IT. I received a If you want to UNSUBSCRIBE put your e-mail here. That's how my e-mail wound up on the BLACK WEB.
You see if your subscribed to anything; they would already have your e-mail.

Ive been overwhelmed with lots of these fake you win but you nerve get the free prize. They're doing walmart gift cards now. I got the point i delete instead of filing anything out.

What's up with this new scam calling say someone stolen your social security number and using it fraudulent and if you don't respond your going jail .
This world is getting sicker by the day.
Its bad enough am deal with fraud for profits and property..by a lender for ten yea= and no relief in sight.

I’m getting these texts multiple times a week. Crazy. Wish so knew how they got my contact #. Just deleting them.

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