COPPA comment deadline extended to December 11th

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The FTC has extended the deadline for filing comments as part of its review of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule. You now have until 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

Comments were supposed to be due on December 9th, but the portal was temporarily down. That’s why the FTC is giving people more time to file. If you’re unable to post an online comment on, send it via email to, using the subject line COPPA comment.

All comments – whether emailed or filed online – are due by the December 11th deadline.


I'm concerned by the general definition of what is intended for kids. For instance, "The use of animated characters..." I will be using animation and other childlike visuals in a satirical, parody and farcical manner akin to South Park which is not intended for kids. Would it be enough to post a warning in front of each video stating that the following content is intended for a mature audience? Also, how as a creator, am I responsible if I am not gathering any information, yet the service provider, unknown to me, is?

"just because your video has bright colors or animated characters doesn’t mean you’re automatically covered by COPPA. While many animated shows are directed to kids, the FTC recognizes there can be animated programming that appeals to everyone."

It's important for our children to be protected by the industry, regulations and parents in the matter of the internet and maintaining privacy.

Once again I really can't understand stuff I can't read right I don't I can't spell good I can't read good at all I understand what you're trying to say but I do want my shares in the company's I know I'm here don't I mean I tried everything in my power to claim them but I don't understand what I'm doing and and I'm losing all of them I wish somebody would help me

COPPA, like HIPPA started out with good intentions. I am concerned that COPPA does not put enough responsibility on the Parents. There is a significant minority of parents, who do not monitor, or put restriction on what their children access online. More and More Kids, are able to access the websites that are "forbiden fruit", without parents knowledge. In other words, there needs to be a shared responsibilitty to protect childrens privacy information.
Kids are getting smarter, and Parents are getting dumber.

FTC, is the new Youtube's rules apply internationally and will you fines non-American creators for not marking their kids vlog channels "Made for Kids"?

You know, in some countries internet law, collecting personal info from kids is legal.

Hello, i have done my best at deciding that what videos are unintentionally " made for kids" what do i do with these videos do i delete them ? or keep them?

I realized that this was the last day to post a comment and I want to thank the FTC for allowing people to voice their opinion about COPPA. I understand that COPPA was created to protect the children in the United States from companies collecting data. I also understand that YouTube was violating the Act and that they paid the price. But why does the FTC have to go after Content Creators as well. I guarantee that most of the channel owners on YouTube do not collect information from their subscribers; yes, maybe some channels do this but technically it is not their fault. YouTube is made for people over the age of 13 so the content creators should be allowed to do anything within the YouTube regulations. One major problem I see with COPPA (and trust me there are a lot of problems) is that how will the FTC know if children under 13 is faking personal information just to get on YouTube? When kids under 13 get on YouTube in 2020 they will now see more mature content because of COPPA. So technically, the FTC will be allowing kids under 13 watch videos that may now be inappropriate. All in all the fault is not in the content creators but the allowing of kids faking personal information just to get on YouTube. Another problem is that the COPPA guidelines are too vague for people to understand. Using the word 'duh' is kid-friendly??? I would just like to see that the FTC revise the COPPA law so people can understand to be careful in the future but also as well think of the consequences of what will happen if this goes through. Thanks again for hearing our opinions.

This is is a good law it will protect us depends special needs people, the senior citizens and of course the kids.

The application of COPPA guidelines to social media and content providing sites such as youtube are well-intentiond, but open the doors to gross miscarriages of justice. Whether done by a platform such as youtube or civil agencies, fines levied against content creators online could potentially be mis-application of screening processes, which are often done by imperfect computer systems and AI. If COPPA is to affect the online landscape, a more updated understanding of what appears to children and what is NOT EXCLUSIVELY for children needs to be taken. The language in the existing documents is outdated, saying words like "cool" and "yeah" apply only to kids content.This would be a dangerous lens through which to levy penalties, fiscal or otherwise. Please more closely examine the situation and the potential danger to hardworking Americans who use the Internet to post content that may be part of their financial livelihood. I am all for protecting the children, but we must protect all Americans, and only penalize those who are abusing the platforms, not those who happen to have bright imagery. Thank you for your time.

what is this about. how can i even get the truth when everyone around is lying to my face.. i dont know what to do or who to contact.


Yes this is for all ages teaching are about god

Age restricted off

How do l comply that my site is not for children under 13

My video is ligal me

YouTube, like all broadcasters of children's content. Should be held accountable for the content on their site. YouTube splits ad revenues with creators 45/55. Both creators and YouTube earn money from ads placed on content made for and watched by children; and it can be proven that YouTube does have the mechanisms to know when and what children are watching.

COPPA should at least match what Europe is doing to help protect children and copyrighted material.

Please Stop COPPA law! We don't want YouTube to be terminated!

Please don't destroy YouTube! Without YouTube, we will be bored!

My channel is not accept children actors

my video for cilrden

I agree with this change

its best

I Want To Keep Playing YouTube Videos and Comments are Turned On No More Deleted Videos No More Videos Blocked County Only Keep Playing on YouTube

Hello dear FTP. I know you get a lot of letters from kids content creators, but did you ever think that implementing the COPPA rules on YouTube you also killing a lot of adjacent businesses like animation and music or song writers ? A lot of the people round the world and especially in US are freelancers who makes the orders for animation or programming related with kids content channels, at the same time they are tax payers as well. Do you really believe into idea to safe kids from data collection via this rough and strange rules? Instead of do it just clean up the bad and dangerous content which is really exist on YouTube you are killing the good and honest business. Also, YouTube offers to us move out to the YoutubeKids app, which doesn't have ads at all, where we should get earnings? Are you realy thinking that we all creators are big and wealth companies or what? We are small entrepreneurs... please review your requirements and cancel it. We are believe that America is the country based on the principles of the liberal and free market. The regulations aren't good ideas in the 21th century. Thank you.

No,lt's not made for kids

My video not uploded Romance video you tub channel. Help me.

Hey FTC can you take the YouTube kids things off of every signal YouTube video and let everyone post comments and let YouTube be the same again please.

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