FTC alleges MOBE tells a whale of a tale with misleading money-making claims

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The company’s name is MOBE – pronounced Mōb, not Moby – but according to a lawsuit filed by the FTC, the defendants tell quite a fish story to the consumers they hook with money-making promises.

The nine corporations and three individuals named in the complaint sell “business education” products through web ads, direct mail, and live events. (MOBE stands for “My Online Business Education.”) The defendants claim to have a “simple 21-Step” system consumers can implement to make substantial income “without creating your own products” and “without dealing with customers.” Pitching a “master plan to massive paydays with ease,” they promise that “average people with no prior experience online are depositing $1,250, $3,300, and even $5,500 commissions ” into their bank accounts “on auto-pilot.”

When consumers visit the defendants’ website, they’re taken to a registration page for the 21-Step System, which the defendants initially offer for $49 or less. But that’s just the start. The 21-Step system turns out to be a series of videos. The initial ones offer vague teases about “funnels that have paid out millions and millions of dollars in commissions to people just like you who went through this training” and assurances that later steps will reveal the “secret” method for generating substantial income online. Ultimately, the defendants explain that the “missing ingredient” to making money through the MOBE system is to buy additional tiered memberships and then earn commissions by getting other people to sign up with MOBE, too. According to the defendants, the higher the membership, the greater the commission. Just how pricy are those upper-level memberships? The “Gold Masterclass” costs consumers $4,997 while the “Diamond Mastermind” sets people back a staggering for $29,997.

According to the complaint, the defendants encourage people to place their own social media ads, create websites, use copy-and-paste emails, and record testimonials to get others to sign up for MOBE. They also sell members add-on products – like the email addresses of people likely to buy business opportunities. In addition, the defendants repackage their “system” and sell it under other names. According to one ad, consumers can “discover how a poisoned, brain-damaged man … RAKES IN A 6-FIGURE INCOME FROM HOME AND HOW YOU CAN TOO, GUARANTEED.” (The … and the ALL CAPS are in the original ad.) They also market the “Patriot Funnel System” with the promise that people will “DISCOVER THE SHOCKING $97,337 SECRET A WAR VET UNCOVERED FROM HIS SWEAT-BOX ROOM IN AFGHANISTAN.” The pitch to older consumers and retirees is a so-called “Surefire Way to Create a Six-Figure Retirement Income in Less Than 12 Months.”

But regardless of how the defendants package the system online or at live events, the FTC alleges that the primary thing MOBE sells is more MOBE memberships. As a result, the FTC says that very few people – if anybody – achieved the advertised results and that many consumers found themselves in an even deeper financial hole. That should come as no surprise to the defendants, who themselves admitted in a buried fine-print hyperlink that the “average Consultant, which includes both active and inactive members, generates less than $250 per year.”

What about buyers who want to take the defendants up on their prominent “100% risk-free” promise that “We Guarantee You’ll Be Satisfied With Your Course and Coaching In 30 Days, Or We’ll Happily Give You Your Money Back”? According to the complaint, the defendants often failed to honor their refund policy or imposed onerous hoops through which dissatisfied consumers had to jump.

Filed in federal court in Florida, the lawsuit challenges the defendants’ earnings claims and refund representations. The Judge issued an ex parte temporary restraining order against principals Matthew Lloyd McPhee (in most MOBE promotions, he goes by Matt Lloyd), Susan Zanghi, and Russell W. Whitney, Jr.; MOBE Ltd.; and eight related corporations. But even at this initial stage, this case – and other recent FTC actions challenging allegedly deceptive money-making promises – suggests that people interested in supplementing their income should be on alert.

Small business owners or others interested in additional earnings are wise to be wary of “systems” that promise substantial passive cash, especially when the system depends on selling others the same “opportunity.” When promoters claim to have the “secret” to making big bucks online, the needle on your malarkey-ometer should be in the red zone. The FTC has free resources to consult before sinking cash into a purported money-making venture.

Edited on August 16, 2018 to add:  Looking for more information about this case? Read What you need to know if you were a MOBE customer on the FTC’s Consumer Blog.


I bought into MOBE for the business and internet marketing education. I went to 4 events (IMF, SuperCharge summit, and 2 MasterMinds) and received value from all of them. There was base information that was repetitive, however, keynote speakers and top earners brought new learnings to each event, shared their strategies, and showed everyone what tactics they were implementing to move their business forward. Since the internet changes so quickly and frequently, these updates were very valuable. At the last Mastermind, we also heard from outside speakers on investment strategies, real estate, and other financial opportunities that provided great value as well.

I was in the process of "learning and doing", with the intent to create my own product further downstream and also teach these strategies to people who were interested in having an online business.

MOBE's affiliate back office also offered around 200 products for small business owners and entrepreneurs. I was in the process of learning phone sales with one of these products and used the done for you e-mails daily, always tweaking and customizing the language so that it was more in line with my own story, as we were taught in MOBE's training.

From my perspective, I bought an internet business and marketing educational program....a syllabus of courses (similar to what we do when we enroll in a university). The content received was applicable to this and any other business out there. MOBE and the top earners repeatedly shared that MOBE is a business that requires hard work, consistency and focus in order to make a return. They were also clear that this was not a 'get rich quick' opportunity. I heard that a lot! We were encouraged to 'not quit' or become discouraged if our campaigns didn't work at first, and to stay positive. We were provided tools to operate our business and an online community to support us.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, all of these messages resonated with me. They made sense. A brick and mortar business or franchise takes at least 5 YEARS to gain strength and provide an ROI. My expectation after 7 months was just to understand what I needed to do to get my business going!! And my vision was always long term, so that I could diversify my offerings online, and develop my own webinars in my other areas of expertise. MOBE was my vehicle and presented itself that way, as do so many other universities and educational programs.

With the FTC's abrupt shutdown, my education was cut short, my livelihood has been directly impacted, and the business I've been building for the past 7 months has been interrupted.

In my case, I am 100% satisfied with the training that MOBE is providing as a Business and Financial education company. I am now in the last step before the traffic training, I can’t say that I am still the same person I was before MOBE. I invested and I received all of my materials and no need to say that is value and life-changing. MOBE is like a vehicle for me to get to my destination, it is just like going to medical or any other sort of college, what you will do after with what they teach you belongs to you and only you. For me, there is no other online Company that teaches more value than MOBE, there is none. MOBE has to stay up there and run business as the hope for thousands of real entrepreneurs who are seeking great and valuable opportunities like MOBE’s Business model. Business world is not for everyone. A great thanks to Matt, a great visionary, my coaches and MOBE, again thank you.

I am confused as to what the FTC considers misleading. I myself have been through the 21 steps with MOBE and I must say as skeptical as I was I was very impressed with the knowledge, coaching, and individual attention that I received. As I recall there were disclaimers in just about all of my video training express that MOBE could not and would not guarantee anyone anything. Honestly this was one of the deciding factors for me to invest as a good member upon completion of the 21steps. I appreciated Matt's honesty in the videos, and actually found it refreshing to know that he was absolutely correct when he stated " This is not a get rich scheme, but will require you to do you do diligence." What he was given you was a innovative update blueprint to follow with coaches to assist. You were required to do you own assignments and meet you timelines just as you would have to do in any other courses of study. Just like most things in life you can only real what you sow. Just because you invest the money x amount of dollars does not mean that there is no work to be done. I would bet to differ that most people didn't even complete the full 21steps, or either was under the impression that this was going to be some quick flip type of investment. I have learned so much from Matt and my coaches in such a small amount of time, I was a welder by trade and had no experience with online marketing, or any technical experience before two months ago, and now I feel total comfort going online and placing my ads editing and understanding how. Marketing campaign works and I own that all to MOBE for giving me practical, and applicable knowledge. If this is considered misleading then our government has been misleading working class people for decades by having you pay INCOME taxes on WAGES and EARNINGS. The law stipulates that only individuals who create a product and profits from that product have INCOME. So if you file a W-2 you have WAGES and EARNINGS not INCOME, so where does the taxes come from? This is a direct violation of all of our constitutional right. I hope that this investigation into MOBE will be fair and Swift so that we MOBE family members can get back down to the business of freedom and Independence.

Hello there US FTC,
I have reason to thank you for the many good works you are doing there in serving the US citizens and the world by extension. But I want to say here that you have made a serious mistake that I strongly believe calls for your urgent revisal in this case you now have against MOBE. Though I have just joined MOBE program just less than two months ago yet have fallen absolutely in love with the training and educational program I’ve gotten so far only for going through the 21 steps training and the coaching works of my first coach, my second chief coach and the good works of my Traffic coach which unfortunately has been interrupted by said closure of the US FTC. I bought into that training because I have done my due process in my background investigation and discovered that MOBE has a system.
MOBE has a proven curriculum, MOBE has a team of phone call experts and above all MOBE has a person of integrity and an honest person with ten years of undented management ability behind him at the helm of the company and surrounded by many other experts as his team members that anybody that is looking for somewhere to be educated on the right way of doing online home business from an honest person that you can relate with while learning the right and legitimate online business.
I also believe that FTC have made a very serious mistake with its case against MOBE because this company is all out to help the masses of people round the world who are now wallowing with unspeakable poverty rate. I offered to joined the program of MOBE and have absolutely loved the training and education I received as provided by MOBE. I bought the training because I believe it was more than worth the value I paid and has nothing to do with the bogus promises of get rich quick being offered out there by many so called online business owners.
Many people has come to know that marketing products through affiliation is now the way forward even as it is now evident in every area of majority of businesses world over. I want to note at this point that the FTC should come to realizes that the MOBE training system is providing a much more value than your agency has ever been rightly and reliably informed. The MOBE product that some of us paid only $49 for was truly worth much more than that amount. In addition their other product that I paid $2500 was worth far much more and their other products of MOBE. I am in a serious doubt if the FTC actually understands fully the value that was provided in addition with the purchase of that their training programs.
What MOBE provides isn't just a 'make money overnight' opportunity because for sure that would have not attracted a 68 years man like me. The attraction that MOBE provided that got my attention is a TRAINING PLATFORM for people who might never have had an entrepreneurial stir up within them to find that extra push which the well-crafted curriculum, the institutional system upon which the company is laid upon and more interestingly the personality of the of the helmsman, the man Matt Lloyd who it does not take more than a few days for Matt’s transparent business lifestyle to begin to radiate toward any new affiliate members even people who had not met him in person before.
My thinking is that it is obvious that little or no vital surveys was made or deep investigations done from the true affiliate members and those closely affected by the good service of MOBE before taking such a damaging action of closing the good operations of MOBE to the masses the world over because if such a due process investigations was properly done then the FTC officials would have had the time to have a private charts with some affiliate members (not from the competitors with MOBE) instead of making the whole drama look like it was a planned witch hunt on MOBE and it’s officials. The FTC officers would have been convinced that the online courses that MOBE provides is in my opinion the MAIN REAL WORTH and which actually takes people from one step to another level of human development so that when at any time after you have gone through them you will be able to find not just success but good success not just in one aspect of your life but in every other aspects of human life.
Again a lot can also be said about the coaching system which the MOBE curriculum beautifully waved together to look the same, the value I received from learning from business coaching to the chief business coaching and up to the Traffic coaching was unbeatable anywhere in the world, and values much more than any amount of money that I have paid. I could not believe that any right reasoning human being much more a government agency like the US FTC would allow itself to be used to deny me my God given right to obtain these unequaled training resources. No matter how anybody would like to interpret it or explain it to me “It is a denial of my fundamental human right”.
The educational decision I made early in May this year to purchase MOBE training materials was based on my mature investigations and the company did not disappoint me but had since delivered on my purchase and I was fully satisfied and MOBE even went extra mile to take the pain of delivering my certificate of completion for that part of the training I have completed right at my door step in Nigeria through the service of FeDex and I was dumbfounded for such commitment to serving by MOBE to our severing world. any other make up story or stories that the FTC is now telling the world is premeditated and was meant to deny me my fundamental right of choice and I dimed that as an act criminality.
I believe that this an act of criminality is also in opposition with the efforts of the United States off America that working tirelessly to alleviate poverty in the world especially from the third world countries from where I come from. MOBE never at any point promised me of making overnight money without hard work that I was born and brought up to learn from my hard working parent. As a matter of fact, I was rushed to a well reputable hospital close to my area because of over laboring my body few days and nights after I started the 21 steps of MOBE in early May this year from where also I learnt very clearly that most people never make any money at the end except through a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in online marketing, no matter what anybody is promoting.
As I close this my write up to US FTC, let met me state here very clearly that instead of thinking of closing MOBE or denying Matt Lloyd and his expert team members and all affiliate members of MOBE the right of continuing this good work, the FTC officials should rather seek to advice the government of the United State of America to start to encourage Matt Lloyd and even think of an award to give to him for setting up such a helpful company like MOBE which is now providing a helping hand educationally to many people around the world.
I hope that you'll find a quality time to make a good reading of this my write up and take a much wiser and guided decision that will provide some HAND UPS and not just a mere HAND OUTS from anybody any longer!
Thanks in anticipation.

Dear Sir or Madame, Mr or Mrs Commissioner,

My first MOBE event was IM Freedom workshop and since the main reason I joined was to find ways to productise my existing expertise (following a major health crisis) and promote my existing business in classical music industry.

I immediately felt this was the right education for myself.

Initially I objected, telling that I do not want promote other people's products I want to promote my products", but a success coach kindly suggested, "why don't you learn how to do it first on products and funnels that already work"

This made sense.

I joined the HBS in June 2016 and invested in Titanium mastermind, which I attended in September 2016.

Meanwhile, while going back home from HBS, I was wondering how I can apply to my business what I have already learned? I picked a phone, dialed a prospect and made a sale. Investment for HBS returned 10x fold on day 3 in my existing business around classical music.

Titanium and Platinum masterminds changed my mindset, I don't want to speak about others cause I don't know, but this is what gave myself the mindset for success. Priceless.

Plus, of course, tons of valuable training on copy writing, and technical things... All this required daily practice and work and my coaches never told it was easy or anything like that. Quite the opposite. Simple? Maybe. But no one ever said it was easy.

At Platinum mastermind I had a lunch with Mr Matt Lloyd, at which I asked for his opinion, literally, I said, "Matt, I have no experience in this, tell me should I even try to apply digital marketing strategies to my music business, see... Music industry is always broke, and if you think it's waste of time and effort, I will not even try. If you think it is worth trying, I will".

Matt is the humblest and most caring person I ever met. He told me then that I should absolutely apply those strategies to my music business and he gave some very valuable tips.

December 2017 I decided to create my own digital product related to classical music.

Two months later, I sold this training worth €20,000 online without even spending on advertising (which I also learned how this can be done at MOBE).

Six months into 2018 - I am on track to quarter million € worth in secured contracts, fully booked 2018, almost fully booked 2019 in my music business.

My investment returned manifold.

This is what MOBE gives to people willing to learn. As you can see, there will be thousands of testimonials very similar to this one.



What about freezing the commercialization of their products but still allow their members to make use of the training that they paid for????

It’s so funny everyone is talking bad about MOBE now. Where were you guys before the FTC came. I bet half of the people here would of never complained if this didn’t happen. Obviously if you spend a huge amount of money on a program like this . You are going to have to work your butt off. If you have not gave your all to the system I don’t feel pity for you. If you have you should have asked for help in the MOBE community or went to a Mastermind event to get help. People don’t realize this is a business and only the tough make it. My mother spent 30,000 dollars on MOBE and she does not regret anything she has only made 1,000 dollars but has not put much effort into it. The only thing MOBE has done WRONG is not give people refunds. If you ever went to a mastermind event they always say you have to work hard. Also some of you need to realize YOU SHOULDNT OF USED YOUR RETIREMENT FUND YOUR 401k TO PAY FOR THE PROGRAM. That is foolish!! Haven’t you heard the saying don’t put your eggs in one basket. Most of you all had no experience in internet marketing or any entrepreneurial background what makes you think AT 60 years old you can do it easy without any hard work. Use your HEADS. Stop boohooing get on the horse and for some of you who will attack me. I am in the same boat you are in take responsibility OF YOUR ACTIONS. Ask yourself Did I REALLY REALLY GIVE IT MY ALL?


I agree with everything everyone has said here defending the quality of MOBE's educational content. It has helped my business as a sales professional. But I have to ask the FTC why they have made such a deal about most people not making money in MOBE, when this is exactly the same thing that happens in the stock market every day. The stock market is a place where the MAJORITY of consumers and/or professionals managing money on behalf of consumers LOSE money every day/month/year. According to the FTC's case, this is no different to MOBE, and if that's the case the FTC should shut down the stock market. Or how about the bogus degrees college students indebt themselves to the tune of 6 figures, only to find themselves jobless or packing grocery bags? Where is the investigation for that racket?

That's not to say that the FTC is incorrect. They are in fact correct in that the majority of any group of people are lesser performers than the smaller minority. For example:

Most people are not wealthy.
Most people are not good athletes.
Most startup businesses go out of business.
Most people lose money in the stock market.
Most millenials can't pay off their student debt.

I could go on but you get the point. The FTC has based their case on a simple fact of life, and has incorrectly labeled MOBE as a "fraudulent" scheme. Nothing is further from the truth. Is MOBE expensive? Yes, almost as much as college tuition debt (now that's a scam). Is it difficult to get up the learning curve? Yes it is, and therefore more valuable than college degree because of its rigor. Did MOBE make claims that violate FTC rules? Yes they did, but that's the only thing the FTC got right, and for that, a financial penalty is appropriate and not the shutdown of a legitimate business and disruption of people's lives. Everything else has been taken out of context in the interest of making MOBE look like a bunch of criminals, which they are not. It is blatantly obvious to me that the allegations written in the FTC's case were written by a salaried employee who does not understand the psychology of entrepreneurship and it's historically high failure rate, for which MOBE is not to blame.

I paid for MOBE about $3000....and now i want to get it back

MOBE is the best educational training in the world.
It teaches students how to grab life and make it yours in many ways.
It has helped with my business to not be afraid and have all the confidence to achieve great success
I know FTC has an obligation to check and secure
Please please , let MOBE continue it journey and help

mobe is great, it brings a lot of value to the participants, i hope mobe will come back!!!

Mobeis not a multi-level company or a scam. Truth be told, mobe is a win-win model about entrepreneur just similar with any kinds of online platform like clickbank.com, cj.com. I'm a student of mobe I believe that I've received plenty of knowledge on bussiness from Matt, thanks Matt for his contribution to community!

I joined Mobe around two years ago and have $40k invested. I have not made the money that they said I could make and have done everything that they have said I had to do, When you get the help that they offer it is always that you have to purchase more to get any help. If you do not then they shut you out. I would like to find away to either get my 30K back or at least part of it if possible but probably will not happen. I was very unhappy with what I have gotten out of Mobe and the training. I am looking to get my investment back.

I have invested money on MOBE and I know that not all of those who invested the same will get the same result as it depends on the person's willingness to learn and stand out from others. Everyone spends 12 to 15 years in the school and they do not come out with the same result. I have never made a single dollar from MOBE after a year but I am very happy with the value I have received from MOBE. I can make use of it for any sort of online business.

I am grateful for MOBE
I am grateful for Matt Lloyd
I am grateful for all the people I met at MOBE
I am grateful for all I have learned with MOBE
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with MOBE I am grateful for all the skills I have acquired through MOBE
I am grateful for all the education I had with MOBE
I am grateful for having a new mindset because of MOBE
I am grateful for finding a purpose of life because of MOBE
I am grateful for working with an amazing staff at MOBE

Because of MOBE I got to go places only once dreamed of, I got to meet people I will forever cherish, I got to push my self into overcoming my limits and fears, I got to open my mind to the endless possibilities of life....

Whatever the outcome for what MOBE and Matt Llyod are going through, I'll always be grateful for all that MOBE has done for me.

Like all of you, I have invested money in MOBE, but I must say that there are no University out there that would have taught me what MOBE has. I have learned that I am an entrepreneur and that I can accomplish greater things and that I am capable of moving forward no matter what. With the education I got and all the skills I have learned, I am sure that my entrepreneurial venture is not over and will never be.

This is the time that we should all be supportive and send words of encouragement and prayers
to Matt Lloyd and his team. After all, he's done so much for ALL of us. I'm sure that this is just another road block, or business challenge he's facing.

Please send your prayers and positive thoughts to him in this time of need. We are a family and we should stand up for each other.

I don't know what happens with Mobe. But after 21 step. It makes me open my eyes. Please bring Mobe back.

I live in Madrid, Spian.
Is there any solution to get a refund. I have paid them more then $3000 USD.
Where can I submit my refund request..? All websites are halt.
What is the best way out to get out of this situation?
Many Thanks.

I understand that with an Affiliate marketing program there will always be some success and failures, so I can not go against anyone's opinion as it is theirs to post on here, however my experience has not been the greatest. I understand that Mobe is an education company, but that's not why the numerous consultants joined Mobe as an affiliate, we joined and invested heavily, mind you at great cost because of the money making opportunity and the ability to make large commissions. I for one think that the education was good but it is not worth the amount of money that numerous people poured into this opportunity for. The same education is and can be found on you tube with a little searching, but again that's not why most are involved. Specifically I invested so far a little over $9,000, mainly in part for the promise of support and help of the traffic coaches and business coaches as my deciding factor but that support was lacking and kinda focused on getting me to make a more substantial investment in the business without showing what can be done with what has already been invested. This was frustrating because they made you feel like you was not worthy of their time if you are not committed or dumb enough to continue spending without results. Not only that but I also had a hard time being respected while having multiple arguments with Mobe support with program issues that arose. They were very quick to not listen and accuse the user before they have a thorough understanding of the problem. Experiencing these issues earlier on in the program caused me to have suspicions about the company doing what they say they would do. Its been about 5 months and despite running paid Facebook ads as well as some free Facebook group ads and complying with the training I am still in debt without results from my current investment in the company that was funded from loans and credit cards that I am currently having a hard time getting paid back. Now that my suspicions have been realized by the FTC that the company is a scam. I will move to send my story along with the documented receipts of my payments made to Mobe, in hopes of a full refund to make me whole from this debacle.

Hi. I am fairly new to MOBE (IMF attended in 2/2018). I actually went to this event hoping to learn how to better another online business that I have. I became very interested in the business model that was introduced there and signed up for the Home Business Summit. I attended the HBS still looking to gain info & training to scale my other business. The training they gave during the 3 day event convinced me that in addition to my current online business that joining MOBE for the training opportunities was the right thing for me and my wife. The income disclaimer was presented to us as well as the refund policy. We positioned ourselves at the Platinum level with the Inner Circle and a 25k Mentorship. We made the decision of our own free will. The income promise to us was that we could make 6 figures by following their system. That is the key to everything. As free thinking people we fully understood that we would have to continue to invest in our business for it to be successful. It was never presented to us as a "sign-up, sit back and watch the money roll in". We had a Diamond level sale and as a Platinum member passed up a $10K commission. We then upgraded to Diamond. The FTC has caused a hardship on our business and personally by acting on list of complaints that represented a very small percentage of the consultants in MOBE. We were unable to receive our commission on the Diamond sale due to this shutdown. My hope is the court will take into account the supporters of MOBE and not base it's decision based solely on the minority of complainers. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

Sorry Earl.
had a Diamond level sale and as a Platinum member passed up a $10K commission. We then upgraded to Diamond. The FTC has caused a hardship on our business and personally by acting on list of complaints that represented a very small percentage of the consultants in MOBE. We were unable to receive our commission on the Diamond sale due to this shutdown. < uhmmm, YOU, under those circumstances, would not receive a commission. It had nothing to do with any shutdown., Even you recognise that, in your first sentence. You had not paid them enough money yet to be eligible. You have to PAY out a lot before you get a little, when you convince someone else with aggressive marketing, (or mobe does on your behalf) to pay out a LOT too.

My hope is the court will take into account the supporters of MOBE and not base it's decision based solely on the minority of complainers. << Sorry Earl, those 'complainers' you speak of, are the MAJORITY. And arent complainers, they are regular everyday people who somehow foudn themselves vulnerable enough to fall for the aggressive sales spiels. The minority are those that use the argument they have been sold by MOBE - 'it costs more to go to university' ! :D

I agree with most of you. I have invested a lot of time and thousands of dollars into the the program sense Oct 2017. They kept asking for more money for traffic and buyers. i gave , Partly my fault. i was led to believe I was going to make some money at this . and all that happened i ended up thousands In debt .Poor standing because i can't afford all the credit card debt they talked me into for upgrading. . Grant i did learn a lot but i should not have to go into extreme debit to be successful. . i am working three jobs to pull out of this now. Sad that it came down to this. i believed in the system. But made less then 2,00 grand in months. I wasn't given the option to start at titanium or Platinum they jumped right into Diamond . as soon as they found out how funding i was able to get. ..

All information was always clear in MOBE and all people that work there and read and pay attention and ask questions and look at the videos and see the product for what it is knows that . The 21 steps is sold as low price product with a great content and a coach to guide you and explain step by step and answer any questions ( with the clear instructions to never pitch nothing to the customer). You could just pay for this product $49, learn and go.It is clearly explained to all people that get in touch with their coach and/or mentor. I am almost 100% sure most of the people claiming that MOBE is scam were never even read the information on the site and probably never talked to a coach/mentor at all. Investment to bring traffic to your offer , is a business decision for each one of us like in any other business. The affiliate side of MOBE (another business decision) and it is clear for those who wanted to use the MOBE products to make some money. The commission structure is an example that Matt did not wanted to rip off people . The mastermind products are worthy and price is as per any other mastermind in the industry or outside of it as per their content and speakers, content is unique and speakers first class. MOBE has been offering the information anyone in business and trying to create one had never been able to access in one place . Most of school are teaching information that is so obsolete that kids 19-25 year old will only be drawing in debt all their life to received this information that will serve to nothing after ..some people might have use MOBE as it is not intended to , same happens with any business and any government for the matter ..

MOBE has provided me with education that has helped me beyond what I could expect. I also became a part of a very strong community of entrepreneurs, business people but most of all, of people that are striving for more. I personally do not think depriving us from the training we already bought and paid for is a correct move and it is unfair to us as consumers.
I personally believe in MOBE and what is has to offer. And I respect the position of everybody commenting in this blog as well.

I asked a friend over and over what they were selling.....never could get an answer

It may not be a scam in that the training is good quality. But the way they emotionally manipulate and pressure you to upgrade is one of the reasons I think this business is harmful to consumers.

I went to my first "Super Charge Summit" just a few weeks ago. Some of the info was really really great, but the main speaker was high pressure upsale guy. Berating those that weren't at the diamond level, and then berating even diamonds for not spending an extra $100,000 for the "7 figure mentorship" or whatever it is called. He would say you had to "qualify" to get into this exclusive program. Of course, "qualify" just meant you had the money and were dumb enough to hand it over to MOBE.
Also, high pressure to sign up for funding, giving a deceptive explanation about hard and soft credit checks, not explaining that the initial check was soft but after you sign up your credit will be bombarded with credit card companies doing a hard check.
I can go on and on about the deceptive BS he was peddling.

Anyway, if someone knows what we can do to get our money back please post. Should we file a complaint with the FTC? Can I dispute the charges to MOBE on my credit cards? Will I just end up having to sue?

FTC, please reinstate the education program that I have chosen to invest in with MOBE. I should have access to the business education program that I have paid for. I have a right to my own education. MOBE has been operating according to legal protocols and regulations, in full and complete compliance. MOBE explains everything completely; I did not invest into this program blindly. I understood that it will require my own discipline and consistent, hard work in order to become a successful businessman. MOBE is providing the opportunity, the education and the training I am looking for to make that success a reality in my life. MOBE should be able to continue to provide education and training and be allowed to conduct business as they have, without further interruptions to the operations of MOBE's educational program.

I concur with Jerry Mayer above. Many companies use hype to sell. Our current educational system with colleges and universities puts people at risk when they invest in their education. They end up with a huge higher-level education debt and end up paying on it for years in a job that is not associated with their degree. Maybe colleges and universities should be closed down by the FTC.

Seriously, I followed MOBE for a few years and decided MOBE is not a scam. Why, because they have actual product. I have the Silvermastermind on USB drives. I have the Gold Mastermind training on USB drives. I, also have the Titanium Mastermind training on USB drives. I also had the Titanium Mastermind event to go to in Costa Rica until the FTC put a TRO on MOBE.

MOBE is not a scam. It is a legit business with products to sell for consultants and affiliates to earn a living on. They have excellent business and financial education from world class leaders at their events. Mr. FTC person who asked for the TRO, did you go to the events? Did you look at the materials like the Silver Mastermind and Gold Mastermind that I purchased? I was learning to do my business. I feel sorry for the people who made high investments. For some it seems they expected MOBE do all the work for them. MOBE has excellent educational material. To get your investment back, you do have to work hard at it. It's a business. You can work with MOBE and promote their products, or you use the information in MOBE for any business you want. MOBE NEVER PROMISED OR GUARANTEED ANY INCOME TO ME. This is free enterprise system in which we operate. There are no guarantees.
MOBE probably needs to make some changes, but they do not need to be shut down forever. Maybe MOBE needs to do better qualifying for investors. I made my investment and I want to lose it on my own in working or not working the business. I don't want to lose my investment because the FTC shut MOBE down. Preferably, I want to make money with MOBE so I can support my family and pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars I owe in student loans I owe.

I pray that the FTC will help MOBE make any changes they need to make to be a better business. And, I pray that the TRO will be lifted so MOBE can continue to do the business and do it better than ever.

so far I have only purchased the 21 step training to become a consultant and I absolutely Love the training I am so inspired to pursue my dreams on an entrepreneur level and that is only because of MOBE. I truly hope this is not a scam and that the FTC really investigates these claims, I appreciate MOBE'S teachings, but if the FTC finds that MOBE is a scam I am sorry for anyone who has invested.

My experience with MOBE has been nothing less than amazing. I am a Gold level consultant and from day one I found the training to be so much more valuable than what I spent in 138,500 in Student Loan Debt!

I wish I would have come across this opportunity earlier in my life because as a single mother of 2, this affiliate marketing business was phenomenal. I’ve been involved in plenty of other businesses and MOBE was by far the best one. I’ve never had any issues with a payout, my 21 Step coach of traffic coach or the materials I’ve paid for and invested in.

To everyone crying and complaining over lost money, you should have set up a true business model such as an LLC so you can claim all of your expenses on your business write offs. But again, these are the same people who don’t want to put in the work it takes to get the results desired. So because you don’t have the results you want, you quit, complain and lie and mess up a beautiful thing for everyone. The most dangerous number in business is 1 because you cannot just have one stream of income.

I had just made my first commission and completed my MOBE success story. So this business does work.

I truly hope the FTC gives MOBE a chance to fix certain issues before just shutting them down completely because I, along with many others am living proof that this business model works and has changed many lives for the better.

To Matt Lloyd, thank you and I wish you the best.

how can have an LLC business , even if you paid the State Fees and licenses to start a business in your name when you get no business income or $ 0 dollars ?

From my own experience as an business owner and as Mobe Consultant( Affiliate ) , there are two main ideas about the role of MOBE in the market and how that can help anyone :
1. It mainly provides training programs, courses and events for small business owners and / or entrepreneurs and it is not necessary to become affiliate and have your own Mobe Business There are also High End Products ( Counselling Packages ), prices from $25k ; $50k up to $100K for Business Owners interested, and who have the amount needed for such a expansive product .
2. Provides opportunity to those who want to become consultants (affiliates ) and own an Mobe online business to make money for them and their families , mainly to promote MOBE products/services and events, where positioning (level) determine the commissions you can get . License Purchased for position (Level) are decided by each of the consultants because the investment (as in everything else on the market) is an own decision.... and it's the main leverage to increase the profit .
I'm new with Mobe ,since half a year ( I have not recovered my investment so far and in this moment who knows if I have any chance to do that in the future !!! ) )and I would like to tell you that I strongly belief that people are looking for something new cause they are saturated of selling products/services or/and with promises in van for a better life , they want to have more options than to live paycheck to paycheck . I'm sure they will be very open to hear about Internet Marketing -the new wave in online business . Now is the best time to start a business.,with all the technology and resources available today, it's easier than ever to get to potential customers, start-up costs have never been lower than before and thanks to the internet can quickly reach any corner of the world - both urban and rural -All it takes for a future entrepreneur in online business , it's a computer and internet access ! There are educated people who are "hungry" to do something with their lives and they are looking for a chance . MOBE and Matt's Vision can be that Opportunity .
Before you shut down MOBE because of a few hundreds complains please send an insider to really scrutinize a program before basing your arguments on complains. MOBE is a real business, a coaching program of some kind and what I know is that real results did not come from promoting them but from applying what you learn from them in your own business. The skills enable a user to have the know-how of launching and running an enterprise successfully whether online or offline. Let those having complains say how much they paid and MOBE to close check their records and pay them back. And maybe, as FTC, where you feel there is misrepresentation, let MOBE be advised to change the wording used in a way that will comply with FTC rules and BBB rules .

My opinion is mobe is the best company for the digital education. There is nothing illigal inside here. So please release mobe.

Matt Lloyd vs. FCT

I am writing this letter as a voice of reason. A voice based on experience, believe accusations that are placed against Matt Lloyd and the Online Education Platform he provided for myself and many others are falsely misrepresented by FTC.

I can only speak for myself when I write the following to persuade FTC staff and everyone involved in this process.

I do want to thank the FTC for responding quickly as you guys did. I believe you guys did what you did beyond just, “Doing Your Job.” It shows you guys have true passion to protect American consumers against fraudulent activities that continues daily. I truly admire that about you guys.

When I first partnered with Matt Lloyd and MOBE, like most, I was skeptical. But a voice inside me comforted me when I dug deeper in the 21-Ste System, saying, “This is a very good business to partner with. This company’s founder, Matt Lloyd has integrity and it shows his sincerity through the videos he posts on his YouTube channels.”

With Matt Lloyd, it really showed integrity when he did one of the ‘Ask Matt Lloyd videos’ “How did you start in the beginning when you didn’t have much money?” I must have watched this particular episode 20+ times. It’s what he said in that inspired and persuaded me to change my entire outlook on life. In fact, if I did not join MOBE and that’s the only video I watched, I would be just as successful.

30-Day Guarantee
Matt is never arrogant or greedy. In the $49 offer, he guarantees to refund you within 30 days if you don’t feel like this system is for you, or you can show proof that you couldn’t make money within the 30 days. He even offered at the time I joined $500 extra, just for my troubles. That little “Extra” got me curious enough to complete all 21-Step System. I wanted to know why Matt’s willing to not only return $49 but add $500 just for my troubles? Fortunately, I have Entrepreneurial mindset and I wanted to have passive income. $549 sounded great, but I’d run out of that in a week with bills.
Personal Coach
The personal coach you get once you upgrade to Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond is unparalleled. No industry on earth has the ongoing coaching support. Everyone’s experience is different, so I can only speak for myself. Not once did I felt pressured to upgrade. I upgraded based on my educated knowledge received from the 21-Step System.

Silver Masterclass
Matt made me believe in myself and what I am truly capable off. He did not sugar-coat anything or made me feel naïve. He made me realize that anything I wish to accomplish in life, I can. That’s what I love about the Silver Masterclass I bought. I was blown away by the material in it. I was stopped dead in my tracks, when I thought I was creating a business. The amazing thing about Silver Masterclass and what Matt thought, from his experience, is “What is your why? Why do you want to start a business? Any business. It can’t just be to have a nice car, house, bank account, etc. It has to be more. You need to be extremely specific why. Without the proper why, you will not get where you want to get in life.” And none of it was just to get me dreaming. He gave me actionable steps to fulfil my reality, and I have.

Titanium Mastermind
Then I attended the Titanium Mastermind in Costa-Rica. Another unforgettable experience. Everything from the staff making you feel like royalty to the Mastermind it self was one of a kind. I’ve never attended any thing like it. The knowledge I’ve received from it is worth more than I paid for. In fact, while I was there, I was able to implement a lot of training to my business. I was able to hire Freelancers and much more.

Platinum Mastermind
I then attended Platinum Mastermind. There I learned about investing and spreading my golden eggs into multiple baskets. It’s amazing I’ve never learned this stuff in school. I wish they would. The training is all about wealth prosperity.

I can keep going on and on about how Matt Lloyd and MOBE influenced me and the 5 business I am creating currently from all his training omits this unfortunate event.

In closing, I would like to encourage FTC and its staff to reconsider their decision they’ve made. As I stated in the beginning, I admire how quickly you guys responded, but I believe there’s been injustice done to Matt and one of a kind Online Educational Platform he created in the last 9 years, working 14 hours daily, 7 days a week. Based on these numbers, I don’t think he had and never will have any intention to scam people.

In all his training he says that results you see in the testimonies are not typical and they depend completely on me. If I do zero work and just upgrade, I make zero. I personally have made large commissions with this system, but because I put sweat and blood. I grew up in the orphanage and was thought to work hard if I want something out of life. Best advice I ever received. That’s why I had full confidence in Matt and MOBE when I joined. Even though Matt Lloyd says 90% of the work is done for me, I still needed to do 10%. I knew to get better results and help people in the process, I needed to put 90%+ to succeed.

I hope you take my success testimony as proof that Matt Lloyd and MOBE have done nothing illegal to run this company. Matt is in the business to educate people first and for most. Making commission with this system is secondary. Unfortunately, I believe most that join, get this confused.

Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony and I wish you guys success ruling and the best for all involved.


Ruslan Werntz

I am one of the people here who made money with MOBE. People here in the comment section who kept on asking for refund, whinning they've been robbed and etc are the people who werent responsible for their own actions. Folks, you went into a business. Invested in a business. Now if you failed, guess who's fault it is? You guys suck. Seriously. Stop whinning and crying like little babies who dont even know a thing. You consider yourself entrepreneurs? Asking for a refund in a business. Think it like this, what if i franchised for a proven fast food chain. Lets say mcdonalds. And i placed it in the middle of a desert. Then i ask mcdonalds for a refund because i didnt get any profit. Thats what you're doing guys. Stop pointing the blame to MOBE. You guys didnt succeed because you didnt allow yourself to become successful. This just proves that you are not entrepreneurs. Unprofessional people asking for a refund in a proven business. Seriously guys. Grow up and act like business owners. For the FTC, i wish you wouldve done a fair play. Not like seizing the mobe business without any warning. That's unfair for people who are doing well in the business.

I have invest a little over $8,000 and I haven't made any money with MOBE. I wired $6,000 a few weeks ago to an account with no name. Should've known better. I am wondering if MOBE will refund my money from the purchases of Silver, Gold and Titanium. I want my money back. I hope they make MOBE pay us back, or if MOBE themselves will pay back the money to people who have invested the little they had and have some sort of compassion and just give back the money to people who are asking for a refund.

Please, reinstate MOBE. I want my training that I invested in, and I want the affiliate portion so I can earn while I learn.

What I LOVE about MOBE is that he gives us the opportunity to create cash flow with the affiliate marketing component while we learn to become proficient entrepreneurs and build our own business(es) on or off line. This isn't all just digital products that we're learning from. We have access to coaches, mentorship programs and masterminds of very high quality with industry leaders as spokes people. Not something you would ever get by going back to school.

MOBE created a system that even those who have never laid a hand on the internet actually have an opportunity to supplement or create an income. This is especially important for those facing retirement or who are dealing with illnesses that prevent them from working anymore, which is one of my reasons for investing $55,000 into MOBE just a month ago. It's the perfect match for me. And there are many other reasons… Just listen to the testimonials to see what a difference MOBE has made in people’s lives.

MOBE is a big advocate of creating your own brand, your own business, and how to diversify once we get skilled enough. He also makes sure that we understand that you can't have only one source of income, so as soon as you learn to walk, you're encouraged to diversify and create other sources of income. MOBE provides all the education and venues to make this happen. We learn to be self-reliant and responsible for our businesses. We are also individually responsible for the amount of effort we put into the business. The results we get are a direct reflection of that effort. So, if people are complaining that they aren’t making it, you really need to take a good look at what they’re doing or not doing. Being an Entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. You have to take action and reach out if you get stuck.

Many big box stores are closing. Many people are becoming self-employed, but don’t have the necessary business knowledge. Health care is not affordable. Wages are not sufficient to cover the cost of living. And how we earn our money in years ahead is clearly changing rapidly. The internet is here to stay. MOBE is a legitimate educational company that I’m very happy to be a part of.

Going back to the traditional school system isn't an option for most, certainly not for me. I'm in my mid-fifties and it would cost me $250,000 with no income for 2 years and I’d end up with outdated information by the time I graduated and no chance to rebuild my retirement savings because they'd be completely wiped out.

Please, give MOBE back to the people!

MOBE is a training company strongly focused to give the business education to the small business owners and entrepreneurs. Because of that, it's logical they promote their live events because you can rise your skillset and you can apply the training programs in any business that you wanna start up. So mobe is a reliable company and they always paid their affiliates, they sell very good products of business training. It's normal that not everyone will earn money, because it depends if you apply the training and workiing hardly. Most of the people don't apply the mobe's training and they think the money arrive automatically, but it's wrong because mobe gives you the right education and training but after that you must be fully committed and implementing all the knowledge, surely not Mobe.
Consequently I ask to the FTC to set free Mobe and in this way the company can restart its normal business.

Matt Lloyd is a good and honest guy. I have done my first upsell 3 days before the shut down and the quality of training untill that moment was excellent. Please, I wanna keep going to learn this trainings, so switch again MOBE online!

I have been searching and researching about mobe before I go in. I graduated from a good college and is working at a hospital with 6 figure income. I decided to join Mobe because they were able to offer me the things that I need. Mobe's training, mindset, and coaches are wonderful and remarkable. All the top earner did not just got there without a fight. The learning curves are steep. You need to work to get the kind of result to have financial freedom. I was working day and night to pursue this dream. I had many sleepless night just trying to learn and figure things out. I have learned so much things about how to carry out an online business, how to create funnel, mass email, and how to run a Facebook campaign. Mobe have taught me something that I never get to learn from school. Although I have not made a lot of money by i am at the point to see major breakthrough.

Mobe is not a scam, but its kind of business model only fits the kind of people that has the right kind of mindset to utilize what they are trying to teach. Unfortunately, it's the people that couldn't pull it together that squeals the loudest.

It is most likely that mobe does have some issues to perfecting its business, especially dealing with the unhappy or the not so potentially strong clients who requested refunds. mobe needs to work on develope better customer service. That is doable. Overall, mobe did a modest job and trained many people and creates many lifetime opportunities results.

I appreciate I have the chance to be part of mobe family. Please reinstate all business for Mobe. I cannot wait to restart. It is not fair for the people who had worked so hard to get to where they are.

This is my own opinion as a MOBE consultant member and does not in way speak in behalf for Matt Lloyd and MOBE. I joined MOBE in November 2017 and I was pretty much aware of what the risk is going in. But my concerns disappeared as I found out that MOBE is very strict on compliance, and this was emphasized during my certification. I never felt being scammed or being taken advantage off by MOBE, but rather, MOBE has been very generous to all its members to become successful entrepreneurs, online and offline. It was very clear from the beginning that this is a legitimate business course and not a get rich quick scheme and it was highlighted by Matt Lloyd himself several times during the 21steps course that the enrollee will be responsible for the marketing and promotions as a MOBE affiliate while the MOBE marketing system will be converting people from the front end to the back end sales. That is a fair deal if I may say so for an affiliate who only have to put in a fraction of investment considering the millions that Matt Lloyd have poured into MOBE to put together an online education course that will allow its affiliates to enjoy big commissions. I was earning commissions regularly with MOBE, as agreed upon. Sure, I am not yet in the level of the 6 to 7-figure income earners but I was already feeling my own business starting to move forward and slowly growing and thanks to the MOBE team I was able to achieve Titanium level in just 8 months.

It is sad that there are people who failed in pushing their business forward is looking at blaming Matt Lloyd for their lose. Which is not at all a lost since base on my experience, MOBE does not leave anybody behind as long as they are determined to be successful with MOBE. All affiliates have access to online resources 24/7 and with the MOBE team behind them 100%. The legal action against Matt Lloyd by people who obviously failed to grow with the company is unfair. It is like a student who failed in school blaming the school for his failure and in the process those who are doing good and suppose to graduate never did because the school was shut down base on a malicious complaint. It may look dire at the moment but hopefully sound minded FTC officials will not allow the few people who failed with this program to bring down the many who succeeded in this business.

Whatever happens, I want to personally thank Matt Lloyd and the whole MOBE family for giving me back what I lost --- MY LIFE!!! My life was going nowhere after a heart surgery and was just living day to day without any purpose in life. I lost my will to live and my dream with it. Beyond the courses, beyond the business, beyond the money, I found a family who cares for those who want to achieve a quality of life. More power to you Matt Lloyd!!!

I received the limitless book - masses of information . I received the 21 steps - inspiring & informative . I attended a hbs - learnt SO much . I am still willing to buy into mobe as I know this information has masses of value to people like myself- small business owners . It was reiterated many times in the 21 steps & hbs “ your effort will determine your results “ . Everything was explained in crystal clarity at the hbs . This action by the FTC has equally impacted negatively many people at the start of their educated decision to join mobe as an affiliate ,where as at this point they have paid in and you have halted their chance to prosper and left them out of pocket .

I am a citizen of Viet Nam. I know Mobe I feel very happy because I found a chance to change my life, have a better life, mobe let me hope a life with 6 numbers, that is not illusion, because Matt Lloy has developed a great curriculum and training. i just learned 21step but i feel this is a great course. I see through the standard curriculum and my own efforts become better, increasing my self-worth. I love the business environment and study in Mobe. I admire the successful people in Mobe, they are very class of income and knowledge. Mobe does not cheat anyone, everyone must learn and practice new success, give up and fail to take responsibility for his decision. I prayed Mobe soon returned to me and everyone. We need a professional and futuristic environment in Mobe

I am into MOBE for $32,000.00 due to its levels. I have only made $600.00 since August 2016. I am in so much debt due to his scam. Im glade the FTC has investigated them and shut them down. They should order the money should be given back to the investors. Its a money making scheme.

I was sharing Mobe by a friend named Hoai Nguyen. I've seen great results he earns in Mobe. But I want to give the FTC that. At the start of Mobe he is a white man, he does not have money (Mobe scam can not fool people can not be). He only has enough money to learn the basic course and marketing the course that he enjoys for the consumer. If he does not want it, he does not need to buy more courses. Just stop there and have a good life. He earns his first few months of work and uses Mobe's salary to buy more courses to get him a better commission ... All of his value. Mobe brings and personally targets high incomes with Mobe. I did not press anyone, I saw it from my friend's story. I look forward to ending the lawsuit to return the transparency to Mobe and give back the opportunity to change our lives and sustain the good lives of those who have succeeded with Mobe.

Dear FTC Organization!
I am a consultant of Mobe.I think that FTC shutdown all Site of Mobe and Stop action of Mobe is the mistake.
Mobe is great company.Mobe was change the life of many people over the world from poor life To Rich and freedom.So why Mobe was be stop by FTC?
Please consider again and Re-open Mobe.

I m a new immigrant of Australia with no job and little money. i joint the 3 - day event and bought Titanium membership in 11 Mar 2018. One day later I had issue with the babk in my country so I started submitting tefund of Titanium request. I was told in 18 April that it would be refunded to me. However, nothing happened. I kept chasing and until 5 Jun MOBE Support advised me that they would need another 21 business days to refund it to me. Now with FTC shutting down everything, I become worried and totally disappointed as I paid out almost 14,000 USD, was in debt and have kept hoping to get back some refund.. Still, I hope MOBE can proceed the refund soon .

I borrowed money for the 21 steps and i just finished it and the company closed down, in total i lost about $3,000 in this

I was a Gold affiliate at mobe as well , but I knew what I was getting into, the training that mobe provided was very helpful for me to learn marketing skills and to get my mindset to be positive for the future. What I find unfair is that now we paid our fees and we cannot access the training that we paid for, the done for you emails, setting up funnels, access to the training videos.
I am happy with my new skillset that I have learned from my mobe training that I can apply to any business that I choose to become involved with in the future.
Moving on, all the best for the future.

To whom it may concern i have been with MOBE since March. I can't tell you how much i have learned from Matt. MOBE is very respectful and welcoming and very helpful along with very informative. I did not feel forced to do anything. I do NOT want to lose all that I've accomplished with MOBE. Because of this TRO i have no income coming in to feed my family i have a 7 year old son and 14 year old daughter who as a single Father needs me to survive. I am now looking for another place to live and can't pay any of my bills. Your looking to protect the people who had grievances with Mobe but didn't consider everyone and how this stopage is hurting families that are working the program and are becoming entrepreneurs. There are risk in becoming an entrepreneurs no matters the company or choices. This is a choice i made and want to continue on. Through out my life I've struggled with Alcoholism and depression from my time in the Military, since I've become an consultant and coach I've been clean and sober over a year. After this unable to pay my bills i don't need to fall back especially for my children please Lift the TRO and let us continue on with our lives and Learn the education MOBE has provided to me and thousands of others that are satisfied.

The FTC really needs to carefully consider and fully understand the new "internet marketing" economy as this case proceeds. Also, while I have not been active with my MOBE Platinum level membership for over a year, as a result of my purchase into MOBE I have learned to a substantial degree the potential of and the methods for online marketing. Certainly this includes the sale of the MOBE program, but by no means is it limited to the sale of the MOBE system. I also ascribe as a fair value for my purchase the Mastermind events that come with each level of membership - and these events provided significant training and motivation by well known industry experts (a "key" person in the establishment of Priceline.com for one example). The experiences and trade craft shared by these experts had nothing to do with simply "recruiting new MOBE customers". I personally gained what I believe was invaluable insights about marketing, including and especially for internet marketing, that I wouldn't have easily found on my own or through other programs. I also recall having seen the same financial disclaimers as outlined in the TRO petition "multiple" times before making my final purchase decision into MOBE. If these disclaimers are now difficult to find, then it happened after the time when I joined (about 2 years ago). I believe that MOBE was operating profitably during the time when I joined, so the receiver needs to carefully consider this in assessing the disposition of this action against MOBE for the long term. It is viable for the long term without engaging in the deceptions as described in the TRO request.. My only complaint against MOBE that could be consistent with the charges listed in this TRO request is that I believed that MOBE suffered from quality control deficiencies and was inconsistent in how earning potential was represented. But I have seen Matt Lloyd in person, on stage, where he has talked about how so few people actually earn substantial income from MOBE. He then goes on to talk about why that is, and what sorts of things a person must do to avoid such an outcome (many of which didn't include upgrading a person's MOBE membership level). Please give proper weight to what I have conveyed here - and to the extent that MOBE needs to be disciplined for some practices - then so be it. But the characterization that MOBE is nothing but a deceptive sales scheme in practice with no tangible benefit completely ignores what it actually provided to participants, and how this information can actually allow for successful internet marketing across many segments (not just for reselling MOBE).


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