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It’s an annual celebration of the innovative, the audacious, and the avant garde. The Met Gala? Not quite. It’s the FTC’s sixth PrivacyCon, scheduled to convene virtually on July 27, 2021.

PrivacyCon 2021 logoPrivacyCon brings together researchers, academics, consumer advocates, industry members, and law enforcers to discuss what’s new and noteworthy in data security and consumer privacy. Interested in showcasing your research at PrivacyCon? The FTC just issued a Call for Presentations explaining the process for submitting your work for consideration.

As the Call for Presentations explains, we’re looking primarily for empirical research and demonstrations (as opposed to opinion pieces about policy) completed since January 1, 2020. The universe of topics is broad, but some possibilities include:

  • privacy and security issues related to working from home;
  • the effectiveness of consumer privacy and security disclosures:
  • algorithmic bias and ensuring fairness in algorithm use; and
  • privacy-enhancing technologies for consumers.

The deadline for submissions is April 9, 2021, and FTC staff hopes to notify applicants by May 14th if their research has been selected. Consult the Call for Presentations and the PrivacyCon2021 event page for more information. And mark July 27th on your calendar to watch the webcast live.

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