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Businesses: Phishing scheme targets unemployment benefits, PII

Aug 4, 2021

Have you or one of your employees received an alarming text message about unemployment insurance benefits from what seems to be your state...

Get ready for PrivacyCon on July 27th

Jul 20, 2021

Set a reminder now for Tuesday, July 27, 2021, to make sure you’re up on the latest research about privacy and data security. That’s the...

FTC gets back to the basics at June 24th Dallas workshop for businesses, attorneys

Jun 21, 2021

No one can top Waylon Jennings’ invitation to Luckenbach, Texas, where people can get “Back to the Basics of Love.” But we can offer the...

Back to business #4: Back-to-work basics for job seekers

Jun 17, 2021

We’ll leave it to the economists to crunch the employment numbers. We’re just happy to see more Help Wanted signs in the windows of Main...