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Aiming for truth, fairness, and equity in your company’s use of AI

Apr 19, 2021

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology promise to revolutionize our approach to medicine, finance, business operations, media...

First FTC case filed under new COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act

Apr 15, 2021

Congress passed a law in December 2020 – the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act – that imposes monetary penalties on violators. The...

Holding fast to the protections of the Holder Rule

Apr 14, 2021

The FTC’s long-standing Holder Rule requires businesses to include a special notice in credit contracts that gives consumers certain...

Asking for your insights into digital dark patterns

Apr 9, 2021

Have you marked your calendar for April 29, 2021, to attend Bringing Dark Patterns to Light: An FTC Workshop ? The virtual event will...