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Video offers how-to tips to explore FTC data

Jan 23, 2020

When people report scams, deceptive practices, or identity theft, the FTC and other members of the Consumer Sentinel Network regularly use...

Voice cloning: Where WOW meets OMG

Jan 16, 2020

Have you had this experience? You hear about a remarkable innovation, but before you can finish the phrase “That’s amaz . . . .” you’ve...

Upcoming Events

Jan 28, 2020

You Don't Say: An FTC Workshop on Voice Cloning Technologies

On January 28, 2020 , staff of the Federal Trade Commission will examine voice cloning technologies that enable users to make near-perfect...
Jul 21, 2020

PrivacyCon 2020

The FTC will host its fifth annual PrivacyCon on July 21, 2020. For PrivacyCon 2020, the FTC is seeking research presentations on any topic...