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FTC to companies making questionable diabetes claims: Cease and desist now

Sep 9, 2021

According to the CDC, more than 34 million Americans have diabetes. To put a human face on that public health statistic, 1 in 10 people at...

NIST workshop considers improvements to labeling for Internet of Things products and consumer software

Sep 8, 2021

The Nilsson song “Everybody’s Talking” has withstood the test of time and now could refer to the host of smart household products that...

Protecting your business in the wake of a natural disaster

Sep 3, 2021

If your company is facing the fall-out from Hurricane Ida, flooding in Tennessee, western wildfires, or any other natural disaster, your...

FTC action against stalkerware app SpyFone and CEO Scott Zuckerman underscores threats of surveillance businesses

Sep 1, 2021

By installing an app called SpyFone onto the device of an unsuspecting person, a user could stealthily track their target’s email, photos,...