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New block on the kids? FTC announces COPPA review and workshop

Jul 17, 2019

No – nobody is really suggesting a block on kids. But the FTC is taking a fresh look at the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule and...

Starting soon: FTC’s Nixing the Fix

Jul 16, 2019

How do repair restrictions for tech devices, appliances, cars, etc., affect consumers and small businesses? What are the arguments for and...

Upcoming Events

Aug 7, 2019

Inside the Game: Unlocking the Consumer Issues Surrounding Loot Boxes

The staff of the Federal Trade Commission will examine consumer protection issues related to video game loot boxes at a public workshop on...
Aug 15, 2019

Green Lights & Red Flags: FTC Rules of the Road for Business

A one-day public workshop in Atlanta focused on truth-in-advertising basics and data security compliance. Designed for business owners,...