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Does your company sell appliances? Learn about the Energy Labeling Rule, light bulb labels, and other rules that apply to marketers and manufacturers of appliances.

Plain Language Guidance

Whether advertising in print, on radio or TV, or on the Internet, it’s important to disclose the details of the deal up front. This publication offers practical tips on how to make effective disclosures online.

Focusing on federal truth-in-advertising standards, this A-to-Z primer is an essential resource for businesses of any size.

Do your product warranties comply with law? This guide explains the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the federal law governing warranties on consumer products.

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FAQs to help manufacturers comply with the Appliance Labeling Rule

If your company makes environmental claims in your ads or on your products, you'll want to know about the FTC's Green Guides. This summary of the Guides introduces how truth-in-advertising principles apply to green marketing and highlights terms often used in environmental ads.

Ten practical lessons businesses can learn from the FTC's 50+ data security settlements.

These FAQs help manufacturers comply with the Energy Labeling Rule, which includes the Lighting Facts label. It has information to help consumers choose the most energy-efficient bulb for their needs.