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As the name suggests, Green Tree Servicing was supposed to service homeowners’ mortgages by collecting and crediting monthly payments. But according to a $63 million settlement announced by the FTC and CFPB, rather than service, Green Tree gave many homeowners the business.

Mortgages are often transferred during the life of a loan, so consumers may find themselves locked in a relationship with a servicer they didn’t select – and with no opportunity to shop around. Green Tree was a big name in servicing loans for manufactured housing, but recently made a major move into the residential market. It billed itself as a “high-touch servicer” – a euphemism for a company that places frequent collection calls in an effort to get people to make timely payments. With that strategy, it’s not surprising that Green Tree acquired the mortgages of a proportionally higher percentage of people already in financial trouble. For many of those cash-strapped consumers, that’s when things went from bad to worse.

According to the lawsuit, when homeowners were even just one day late with their payments, Green Tree’s collectors often unleashed a barrage of phone calls, some starting as early as 5 in the morning or continuing until as late as 11PM. The collectors didn’t limit themselves to home phones, getting some people in trouble by calling them at work. They illegally threatened them with arrest or imprisonment, used obscene language, and mocked the problems that led to their financial distress. (One collector said to a woman, “You should leave your husband if he can’t provide for you.”) Green Tree’s loose-lipped collectors were known to discuss people’s debts with bosses, co-workers, neighbors, and family.

When borrowers sought options like loan modifications or short sales, Green Tree allegedly mishandled many of those requests, leaving consumers in even worse straits. For example, some homeowners were in the process of finalizing loan modifications with other servicers when their mortgages were suddenly transferred to Green Tree. Rather than honoring those arrangements, Green Tree often yanked that lifeline from people struggling to stay afloat. Others were told they’d have to pony up payment before they could even be considered for certain loan modification programs – an illogical (and often illegal) requirement for folks who had already sent out a financial SOS. In addition, the lawsuit charges that when homeowners tried to get a short sale approved, Green Tree said it would respond within a set period – say, 30 days. But Green Tree dragged its feet, sometimes taking as long as six months to respond. As a result, people faced foreclosures that could have been avoided.

According to the complaint, even when managing homeowners’ accounts and payments – the bread and butter of a mortgage servicer – Green Tree often overcharged people. For example, Green Tree knew or had reason to know that some borrowers had received loan modifications from their former servicers, but went ahead and insisted on the original amount. And in numerous cases, Green Tree pressured people to use a method called Speedpay, which the company falsely claimed or implied was the only way to make a payment or the sole choice to avoid a late fee. Using Speedpay cost a $12 “convenience” fee per transaction – but convenient for whom? Not necessarily consumers, many of whom could have used free methods and still avoided late fees.

The lawsuit also alleges Green Tree helped itself to payments from consumers’ bank accounts without their authorization. For example, homeowners who gave Green Tree their account numbers to set up a one-time payment through Speedpay later discovered the company had used the information to arrange for additional payments without their consent.

Green Tree also was aware that specific portfolios it acquired from other servicers contained unreliable data. But when homeowners spoke up to dispute the misinformation, Green Tree left them in collections without adequately investigating discrepancies. In a similar vein, Green Tree reported unfavorable information about homeowners to credit bureaus, even when the company had reason to know the data was inaccurate. 

The $63 million settlement is a start, but what’s being done to protect consumers from underhanded tactics from here on in? Among other things, the order requires Green Tree to implement a home preservation plan to offer options to consumers whose loans were transferred to the company during the time covered by the complaint. In the future, when Green Tree is involved in the sale or transfer of servicing rights, requests for help – like short sales or assistance with loan modification programs – will have to be properly reviewed and agreements honored. What about those long delays? The company has to have people and technology in place to respond quickly to customer inquiries, including questions about options for avoiding foreclosure. Green Tree also has to stop collections of disputed amounts until it investigates and provides consumers with verification of what they owe.

When the company has reason to believe that information in newly transferred loan portfolios is iffy, Green Tree has to get proof of what consumers really owe. In addition, Green Tree will maintain a comprehensive data integrity program to help ensure the accuracy of information about customers’ accounts. The settlement also prohibits material misrepresentations about loans, payments, and fees, and mandates compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

What’s the message for others in the industry?

  • There’s a reason it’s called servicing. Mortgage servicers have an obligation to provide service to homeowners. That rules out misleading statements about what people owe, deceptive delays, and unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts.
  • The loan servicing process depends on accuracy at all stages. Inaccurate servicing practices can throw homeowners into a spin cycle with far-reaching consequences, including errors on their credit reports that can haunt them for years. The Green Tree case underscores that accuracy is essential at every step of the process.
  • Deceptive, unfair and abusive debt collection practices are out of bounds. The law provides procedures for collecting debts, but high-pressure tactics, baseless threats, incessant phone calls, and the disclosure of information to employers, relatives, and friends are on the DON’T list.
  • The FTC and CFPB are united in their commitment to protect consumers in financial distress. It’s no coincidence that the action against Green Tree was brought through the cooperative efforts of the FTC and CFPB. The agencies coordinate their activities to make efficient use of resources. In appropriate cases – for example, the $63 million Green Tree settlement – that may include joint law enforcement.


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May 14, 2015
I was pushed into Greentree and I am having the same problems. Even more I was being lied to in order to pay mortgage payments. Some that I don't think I even owed. Example: I called to make a late payment, knowing I was one month behind. It was now before the 15th of the 2nd month, so I was going to make a two month pymt.f t and was told I would be caught up which was correct according to my records. Only to discover when I called to make the next payment I was told I was still two months behind & that the previous two payments I made went for two months that they tried to take out of my account before the last transactions and came back nsf. (Like 3 & 4 month before.)And to top it off they told me that when they automatically withdrew the monthly payment from a checking account specifically for the house note that it came back nsf, so instead of contacting me they wait a week and a half and try to take it out again. Even tho the $ was gone within 3 business days. I was told that it's in their policies to b able to do this a 2nd time but charged me fees for the supposed withdrawel attempts. . I'm pissed with them and told them I'm tired of calling them and finding out something else has changed. I'm grateful for this article because now I know it's not just me getting screwed! Is there anyway to make sure I'm included in this lawsuit? They have caused so many issues with my family, financially that they're making the great paying job my husband works at laughable. Hopefully those that are going thru this will understand what I'm talking about. I apologize for any confusion I might have posted but there's so many things that have been done to me thru company, too many to list. Thanks for any input anyone might have.
May 16, 2015
I had to file chapter 13 they had the stay lifted then added the attorney's fees to my mortgage payments they claimed I didn't make payments for Feb mar 2013 and I was standing there with the money gram recipients to prove it which were ignored of course I was also told if they couldn't call me they would forclosre before the 30 day right to cure period was up I got a loan mod thru them. In June 2014 lowered the payment to 177.59 from 296 for 3 yrs I sent 177.59 twice and was informed that was a partial payment
May 17, 2015
The same situation here green tree was notified of circumstances of surgery and unable to make payments. When someone took the payments overs and mailed them in.. they kept taking the money but not applying to esgrow. I know she must have paid them the same amount twice or more. And still jt went credit bureau as a late payment. Green tree us the worse company I have ever financed with. Rude. etc
May 18, 2015
I lost my home to Greentree. They stole payments and falsified modification. All the years I paid, my balance never changed. They called and harassed my family and even my neighbors. I want in on this settlement. Does anyone know who to contact?
May 20, 2015
I had the same issue as Ivey. I have been with GreenTree since 2001 and made timely mthly payments of $450 and for 11 years my balance never changed. I got my home repossessed in 2012 and now I am receiving a notification of a lawsuit against me for the remaining owed balance of $20,000.00. I would receive harassing calls on a daily basis at all times. The over $60,000 that I paid served as nothing to the cost of my home which initially was $29,000.00. I would really want contact information so I can talk to these attorneys in charge of the lawsuit.
May 20, 2015
Last January 2014 ,I was 3 months behind, I tried to get GT to lower my payments, I filled out their forms submitted my disability info, they dragged it out for about two months. I got a call one day and was told they would not lower my payments even for a few years, I was told to get a job and to make 3k a month then they would consider it, I really had to scratch my head and brain on that comment! I told them if I was making that kind of money I wouldn't need the change!!! I also told them if I could work I would be more than happy to do so! Hard enough I can't sleep more than a few hours at a time because my back starts to hurt, I cant lay, sit nor stand more than a few hour due to a serious back injury! They were fully aware of this fact! I srarted to pack my things because they threatened foreclosure on me. It took me two and half months to pack because of the back issue, in tears at times not just because I was losing my home but because of the pain I was enduring just packing! I made a trip to storage once then it hit - 20° so I took a few days off in major pain due to the cold, I left to take some stuff to storage when I return all the locks had been changed! I still had a lot of property inside the home. I still had a shed a deck and a lot of stuff in my shed to move I also had a concrete mixer lawn mower wheel barrel and garden tools gone! They haven't seen nor heard the last of me yet!!! They are going to pay for every last thing I lost due to this deal!!! Courts hear I come!!!!!
May 29, 2015
Greentree took over from GMAC my morgage! Ever since they took over my health has been going down rapidly. I'm currently disable with 5 kids. My monthly payment went up from 415.00 per month to 506.00 per month(without me being notifide). They add escrow to my account and took over my insurance> Charging me almost double the amount we usally pay.I fell behide 1 month from my morgage because of my disablitiy checks. Next thing you know all hell broke. Greentree started losing my money orders they stop applying my funds to my account. They wouldn't call back when we leave messages.Then they would hold 1 check and send the other checks backs! We would send 2 checks and they would tell us they can't accept it.Then we would send 4 when they finally sent them back to us(Months later) now claiming 1 got lost when we sent the all together. We call and speak to a rep and he said my rep is out to lunch,i'll send her a email for her to return my call.Never got a call from her,He told me i have until Jan to catchup on my morgage which at that time was half a month behide.Dec 12 Greentree so called put my house in forclosure. I had to go to the bank stop all the checks they say was in transit back to me even the 1 they say got lost.(We waited almost a month for em checks back so we put a stop on them).Greentree stated we will not accept my payments unless we pay the legal. We called every day trying to find out whats the legal fee.It went from 189.00 dollars to 4000.00 back to 2000.00 dollars.By that time we they said we owe 3100.00 dollars once we stopped all the checks we sent that amount to them.They held the check for over a month without applying it. Finally we call and the greentree rep said we have enough in unapplied funds 189.00 to pay the bogus legal fee so they applied the funds.From Feb until now has be hell! We pay our morgage each month they call me everyday and my wife at work everyday.We took the house phone out because of the harassing phone calls.They even come to my house and stick things in my door,scaring my kids. I recieve nothing in the mail not even a monthly statement. Just calls telling me i owe legal fees.Now they are trying to escrow another 132.00 dollar more a month on my monthly payments. Still, no paper trail,just harrassing phone calls and home visits.My house should have never went to forclosure.Now they are doing anything to force me out my house with no paper trail. i started recording there phone conversations and greentree told me it doesn't matter cause i can't use it in court. For six months ,ive been going thru hell. i can't afford an attorney and they know that. They are stealing my house from and i can't get no help. Ive call the attorney general of my state, ive call fraud protection,ive put complaints in with consumer protection since Feb and they say they are investigating. I have put 2 more complaints in with them. The harassment hasn't stop on a daily bases. The intimidation has gotten worst with them coming to my house. Not recieving no monthly statements since greentree took over. The phone calls is crazy. My family and i are living in fear each and everyday. I need help and don't know which way to turn
May 31, 2015
February 2015 Flagstar sold our mortgage to green tree and if my husband is one day late, they are calling to take our home. We had no idea that Flagstar had sold our Mortgage. Until we get a letter from Green Tree. Green Tree send us a Letter telling we to take out a second mortgage, Our house should be almost pay for through Flagstar. We have no way to get in touch with them. And Green tree just said that we still have a Large amount of money we owe. So who do you go to get help. To see who is telling the true. We have our receives for both companies.
June 01, 2015
We financed our home 11 years ago with went to Bank of America and finally to Green Tree. Always a month ahead on payments...have never been late. The problems started almost first we thought they had misplaced or posted a payment to someone else's account or something..mistakes happen. ( Still 17 calls in 13 days seemed excessive.)No. As soon as we think we have anything...anything!...straightened out with these people, they come up with something else. Last month alone our escrow account was supposedly low..if we paid $x plus a house payment before the first of the month our payment would stay the same...if we didn't it would go up significantly. We paid the shortage and the payment on time. Then we got a check for $80 saying we'd overpaid. Then the calls started that we were short $80. And late paying it. My husband talked to someone on the phone 3 days ago who told him that was an error and it was all straightened out. This morning they called again demanding it...this person asked for his work and cell numbers! There's no way a company this big could be making this many's deliberate. These people are evil. We have no doubt they're predators and plan to contact the attorney general, the FTC and and any other agency who's supposed to be overseeing them. I guess the multimillion dollar settlement meant nothing. From reading the comments here, it looks like there's plenty of grounds for another one.
June 04, 2015
I am a little late to this conversation but what happens to the money? I filed a complaint with the cfpb about greentree's actions. they stole $4800 from me and attempted to force me into foreclosure by not applying my payments. they even raised the effective interest rate to double what it was supposed to be. I finally had to pay $8600 that I did not owe and they just kept the money they were holding. I finally had to tell them I did not pay because I did not owe not because I don't have the money and retained an attorney.
June 09, 2015
I've been working with Greentree since April when they decided to start paying the taxes on my neighbor's property and increasing my monthly payment to do so. The local tax collector has issued Greentree a refund check, but they still charge me more. I get the run around every time I call - call back in 3-7 days. At this point I don't know what to do, but what they are doing is nothing short of stealing money from me.
June 12, 2015
They fraudulently said I didn't make a payment in July 2009. I was left with a default payment in full. I despise them. I first financed my home with another lender GreenPoint then within 3 yrs with them I was secretly sold out to GreenTree Servicing and my payment and finance charges increased. My home was refinanced Right out from under me with NO knowledge! Sad, in 2011 I gave the home back after paying for it since 1998. They harassed me too much and GOD sent me an abundant blessing and fabled me to purchased my new home in cash! But I want my funds refunded.
June 13, 2015
Has anyone else noticed that Greentree has not reported to the credit agencies within 30-days? I recently started monitoring my credit report through Trans Union and Greentree has not reported to them for almost two months.
July 26, 2015

In reply to by Scott_C

It hasn't been reporting and I've been with them since 2013. Bit i bet they'll report foreclosure!
June 24, 2015
what is next after this lawsuit? whats going to happened to the 63 mill??? does anybody knows.
June 25, 2015
Well I guess 63 million is a drop in the bucket to Greentree as they continue to call and harass me at home and work threatening me with "processing with their action" when Im not even one month behind! Maybe 1 billion dollars would do it or maybe a gazillion dollars? Probably not --
June 26, 2015
GT has harassed me for almost 18 years if you ever get behind with them one times, that's all they do. One of their employees even told my underage children that they need to pack their belonging and get out , because GT was coming to get the home the next day. I wasn't even behind but 2 days. They are the meanest people a company has to offer. I don't see how people work for them, because if some have a heart they couldn't talk to people like that.
July 02, 2015
so, for the millionth time, what can we do? I will fly to the courts to testify, I really will. are we included in this class action? can we all be audited? I KNOW the owe me money. If anyone has a clue, please let me know. Thanks! So tired of not sleeping nights and taking anxiety meds over this corrupt company, I'm too old for this!
June 29, 2015
Greentree harassed me to the point where I told them to just go ahead and forclose on me. Well, they did, but they attached the wrong property description and not only foreclosed on my house and five acres that I had the mortgage on, but also eleven acres I owned free and clear, my neighbors two acres, another neighbors house and three acres, and another neighbors house and eight acres. How can they do that? Well, they don't even know, but they did. So now they are stuck with a house they can't sell because they don't have clean title to it. I can't do anything with my eleven acres because it looks like it was foreclosed on because of the defect in their paperwork. It's only a matter of time until my neighbors find out their homes have been foreclosed on when they didn't even have a mortgage with Greentree. They tried to sell the house and had a buyer, but of course the sale fell apart because of the title. I have tried numerous times to tell them how simple it is to fix the problem, but they send me to departments that don't exist, say there are no supervisors, they will call me back, and even gave me the real estate agents name and number saying he was the only one that could help. These people are beyond terrible. They also stole half of my furniture from my house, but of course they don't know what happened to it. So now they are stuck with the house, and I have decided I may just move right on back in. What can they do? Their foreclosure is no good and the property is still in my name....!!!
June 30, 2015
July 06, 2015
Yep, I was a victim of this practice, Had my loan with BOA and always made payments maybe not right on the first of the month but definitely before the end of the grace period, yet when I got the first payment due from Greentree and I had not payed it right on the first, they barrages me with phone calls and used ABUSIVE language with me on the phone!!! WOW should we really have to pout up with that! Who runs that company and what do they expect to gain to have their employees talk this way to people. I hope they get the pants sued off of them!!
July 12, 2015
Obviously $63mil was not enough to make them change. I was behind on my May 2015 payment, I made my payment through my bank electonically on 6/12/15, however, I had forgot that the payment had gone up due to escrow, so I made the remaining $24 payment also electronically on 6/16/15. My online account shows both payments have been received, but they won't apply them to my account principle and interest so it continues to show the May payment as not being made. I've spoken with 3 different people that all tell me their going to fix it. But it doesn't get fixed. I keep getting harrassing phone calls saying my May arrangments are not acceptable. (I didn't make any arranagments). I've emailed them twice, they send me letters saying they're looking into it. Yesterday I get a "notice of default" for being 60 days late on the May payment. I think they're not applying the payment on purpose to force the account into default. One lady told me my bank was sending it to the wrong division. How can it be the wrong division when it clearly shows up on my account that they receive it the same day my bank sends it? The bank sends it the same way every month and there hasn't been an issue with that before. The account reps are still rude, hateful, demanding and condisending. This people need to be shut down, jailed and never allowed to do business again.
July 12, 2015
I have been double paying my mortgage for 2 years. After multiple phone calls, GTS has yet to apply my additional payments toward the balance of my loan. This is a 5 digit figure that they are charging me interest on. I do not know how they stay in business like this.
July 19, 2015

In reply to by Jon

Hi Jon, we are having the same issue with Green Tree.....please see my post below it's very detailed as to our issues. What state are you in and did you hire an attorney? We are seriously looking into a lawsuit
July 14, 2015
they will steal and take your home!!! hire a lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!! or donate the house to them......
July 18, 2015
I'm a victim, of green tree BoA sold my loan in 2013 since then I can not done any move too my account because they took my name always from my loan and they just left the name of my cosigner as a owner, and my co signer went on bankruptcy, so green tree it's saying that I'm in bankruptcy and that I'm not paying the house even though I have all there staments from my bank account. I had called ask them for my balance they refused to gave me the balance. I'm so disappointed that I'm don't know what to do
July 19, 2015
Green Tree bought our mortgage from GMAC since then they have been out of compliance with our contract with GMAC. I received a letter indicating that we were in foreclosure.......We pay our payments biweekly and they take the funds automatically our of our account. We reviewed our bank statements and sure enough the funds were withdrawn every two weeks, the next day we received a letter stating the foreclosure letter was in error; however, this started me looking into our account, and I found several issues. First of all, because we pay our mortgage biweekly every 6 months or so an extra payment comes out ( half a payment so after a years time a whole payment is received). They are withholding escrow payments our of the extra payment and are not applying the payment to the interest but leaving it in an unapplied monies account. These extra payments need to be credited to the principle once received as it was with GMAC. I again received a letter stating we were short in our escrow account by $560.00 so we paid it, when I received Junes billing statement it stated we had $1800.00 in escrow.....This made no sense how could we be short and then magically have this much in escrow. I called and spoke with a customer service rep and she was a dumb as a box of rocks, she said her computer showed we had $700.00 in escrow. I wrote an e-mail to Green Tree and requested an audit. I just received a check for $747.00 as an overage.... I still have not received a response from them regarding the extra payments not being applied to the principle in a timely manner. Since all of this has happened I just received my July statement which now states we are behind on our mortgage.......strange since they withdrew the funds..........below is a copy of the e-mail sent to Green Tree Lila Oakley Jun 18 to customer.servi. To whom this may concern: I have numerous concerns regarding unapplied funds, our escrow account balance. My June statement indicates my escrow balance is $1,882.08 however; in May I received a letter indicating my escrow was short $576.30 short. When I spoke to the Customer Service Rep today she shows a balance of approximately $720.00 . I am confused beyond belief. This needs to be resolved and a full explanation of where the monies are being applied and why we received the shortage letter. We received a default letter as well and a letter informing us of your error in May as well, what caused this error, and how was it corrected? We make our payments bi-weekly and the months that you receive the extra payment the funds are not being immediately applied to the principle, this needs to be explained and corrected, including corrections to our principle balance. You are out of compliance with our original contract with GMAC which you are obligated to comply. I am requesting a full audit of this account with payment dates amounts applied to principle and interest escrow payments etc. I expect to have a full report in no less then 30 days, if no response has been received by July 18, 2015 we will move forward with legal action. I appreciate your time and attention to this matter. Sincerely, John Oakley and Lila Oakley Is it time to hire an attorney????? Thanks
July 20, 2015
It has not stopped...I am on medication because of their harassment and the mortgage is not in my name, it is in my husbands name...I even received a bill from them today in MY name along with one in my husbands name..I have asked them not to call and they persist during the time I am in school...I also.get letters on my door every SUNDAY from a courier, but I posted my property and the last time I told him I was calling the police because he was trespassing,I am ready to just sell out and move on and that is a shame because this is my Husbands family land, but what to do? We are 1 month behind because our heating unit went out back in Jan. They demanded receipts and we sent them to them , but they did nothing but charge us more..They really got to me when they PRETENDED to be another mortgage company named DITECH...they said they were gonna refinance I sent them our info....then I got a rejection letter from GREENTREE...DITECCH IS dare they, now they have all my info even though I am not on the mortgage, but I am on the deed to our place. So now I am getting bills from them saying they will ruin my credit....They have no right to ruin my credit, they have no right to harass me ...they have no right to mislead me by pretending to help me. We only get a small social security check every month and our mortgage is over half of that check...when my husband took out the mortgage he was working full time for FORD for 40 he has retired and all we get is ss. but they claim there is no change .??????? well our income has changed and thanks to GREENTREE I am going back to school at age 59 just to get a job so they will stop harassing us...this is crazy....this company needs to be shut down...quick...I could go on and on believe have no idea!
July 22, 2015
Not to mention...when calling to talk to the person that sends you a letter with their phone number and extension - you can never speak to that person. Also, the girl answering the phone goes through this spill about how they are debt collector and did I understand how to apply for Mod loan? What?? I have already applied and waiting for status of loan. Please put me through to extension ***** - she says well do you have to talk to him can I help you? This is my third time calling I really want to speak with him. She puts me through and this guy picks up the phone: Can I help you? Yes, then he says hold on.....then another girl answers the phone???? What happen to the guy I needed to talk to?? She is very nice so I ask her about status of loan......oh we sent out papers on June 11th, oh really I did not get them it is July 19th. She says we sent them to your attorny at such and such address. Well, my attorny has not been at that location for 5 years. This girl is trying to help me figure this out - my first payment was due July 1....wth. So we will see what happens the saga continues. And, DonBBroke.......Sometimes life hands you a bad hand, death, accidents etc. I am so thankful you have no health or financial problems - you are such a blessing to others for understanding what we are going through. Thank you for your inspirational words.
July 23, 2015
I need help I am currently a green tree customer facing foreclosure due to non payment but have made payments evey month...I need there a contact name and number for class action lawsuit?.. I have received threatened phone calls sticky notes placed on my car and house regarding payment due and they have backdated escrow payment to the amount due 17,496 due now to stop repayment plan option and denied hamp and In house modification because they say I can afford my monthly hope left
July 30, 2015
Green Tree is a debt collector-NOT a mortgage servicer. Because they are a debt collector they DO NOT care about any consumers, they use ANY tactic to get you to part with ANY money OVER and above the amount you owe. They use intimidation, harassment, and illegal means. And because NO agency regulates them, they get away with it. Sure they got a settlement, but 63 million does NOT account for what they have pilfered, stolen, or taken. And they know they can continue because most people can NOT afford the legal fees to fight a behemoth of their size. They purposely have a large inefficient company to LOSE your info, so they can pretend you didn't make any payments. They purposely do NOT note your account, because they DO NOT want any notes in the record. I went to my congressman and he said the government didn't CARE about what the mtg companies did, the fraud committed nor helping any of the victims. So they are ABOVE the law, they will continue to lie, steal, and make money from you. And NO one will hold them accountable. If you were unfortunate enough to be dumped on them. Your credit will be ruined, you won't ever OWN your home, and there is NOTHING you can do to STOP this.
August 04, 2015
Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a 2012 fannie mae form, I found a blank fillable form here: [link deleted] I also saw some decent tutorials on how to fill it out.
August 03, 2015
I need someone's help desparately! I have been paying on my mortgage for 19 years now. Sure I have been late several times. But, now I have a better job and I can make my payments. The beginning balance of the mortgage was $32K today I still owe $28K for a single wide trailer worth not even $10k with an interest rate of 11.5. I call and talk to the 'person' in charge of my account, she is rude and dismissive, telling me if I can not pay for my trailer then pack your stuff and move out. Every person I have talked to at Green Tree is extremely guy called me a crazy lady. Please someone help me I have searched and searched a way to get away from these awful people but I can not find anything. If I have misspelled any words it is because I am crying so hard I can't see the words. Thank you for the outlet I feel so much better!
It was a nightmare
August 03, 2015
I suffered with Green tree being deceptive by delaying crediting my payments to principle and trying to prevent me from paying off the loan and racking up thousands of dollars in interest. Also there were deceptive delays to keep from giving me the correct payoff amount. They kept saying it took a week for the computer to make any change to the account. Deceptive delay for them to accrue interes by the day. Took 3 mos for me to get account closed out. Green tree is notorious for "... misleading statements about what people owe, deceptive delays, and unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts".
August 11, 2015
I am so glad that this is being done; I am thru Green Tree Servicing. Everything they are suing for is all true; I have been thru all of this. I had one manager look into my account and she found I had late payments that shouldn't be there and she was trying to get it straighten out and clean-up, however the next time I call to talk to her and she no longer work there. I would always have someone new. I told her that she would not be working there if she was going to straighten my account out and that what happen to her (SHE NO LONGER WORK THERE) the collecting dept. in Tampa, Florida I was going thru after being lay-off of my job and unemployed; however I was still making my payment but late. I try to get my payment date change and they told me I had to have all late charge pay-off and then they would change it. I have been paying on this loan for 17 years now and they treat you like SHIT. The Account Manager he name was Lisa also told me that my account came from Bank of America and that not true either, because I have my original paperwork and it was thru Barnette Bank; I ask where did they get there information from and they said it where I got my loan from. They would threaten and harass me all the time, call all time of night and day. I went to my a payment at the Tampa office and ask to speak to Lisa and they told me that I could even talk to her in person what kind of company is this? She and the receptionist even states that I was working and had 8 people living with me. None of this is true and they just make up thing to keep their job or something (???) I have no idea what they were talking about, however they deserve everything they are being sue for. They will not even let you talk to a manager when you ask to speak to someone else; they charge you the $12.00 processing fee when they stated it not being charge. It would be nice to get my account straighten out with them however I don't think that will ever happen. BABunch
August 12, 2015
Greentree, after one year of paying mortgage payments on time, are "supposed" to negotiate a lower interest rate, but that never happens. A $38,000 loan has had $165K paid on it. The homeowner should see a "paid in full" stamp on his mortgage at the Register of Deeds office. Instead, he receives daily abusive phone calls. Why the Feds are not protecting homeowners who are abused by Greentree is beyond me!
August 14, 2015
My monthly mortgage payment is over $2400. $86 whopping dollars goes to my principal. That right there is criminal.... But not gonna dwell there. I'm a Countywide, Boa, then Green Tree customer. ..even though I had no say where they sold me off to. I feel that is wrong also. I've "owned " my home for 13 years. I've had hurdles or setbacks in those years but always pulled thru. Had a major reduction in income due to an accident. Reached out to green tree, explained...tried to work with them. That was a joke. They ran me around in circles for 5 months. I would send in paperwork they requested (I would send so they had to sign for it ). Didn't matter. it again. They didn't have it. They DID. PEOPLE DISAPPEAR THERE! Ha Anyway. ..they ran me around the paperwork world for 5 months. Never any answers. And maybe I should tell ya they WANTED my house. I owe low $200k and valued over $500k (so yeah. ....Not stealing my home. ) Finally in September they tell me my modification denied in August. Oopsie they forgot to tell me for a month. And kept requesting paperwork from me. Ok. Now what? They've lead me on for MONTHS promising to modify. I hire/pay another company thousands of dollars to fix this. I don't think they did. Green Tree sent me a modification outta the blue. Wasn't great. Works for them and I was left with little choices. But at least they didn't steal my house. They tried. Something needs to be done. They are criminals. And that's my story. I feel for you all. I know how horrible they are. Wish the world could know. It's WRONG. Best to all. The FEDS should be all over this crew. ..but probably in bed together.
August 18, 2015
As of today I am getting all kinds of calls day and night,since April or may of this tree is harassing, me,one man degraded me ,and when I do talk to them ,the arguing starts,this has caused me to get so upset ,my heart palpates,this has been going on and nothing has changed with their tactics.I got behind cause they raised my loan modification which I only had for 6 to 8months from 602.44 to 696 ,they said not enough escrow in account,and something is going on with insurance also.they charge 12 for transactions, and the worst part you tell them to take a payment out of bank account on a certain date and they take it out earlier,and then I get charged.I can't afford to be having this horrible people on my mind constantly, it has made me pretty sick,depressed worse than I already am and I can't deal with this company or people.they are driving me out of my mind.I am on ssi and I work part time to keep my mind occupied, but ever since 2006 between the big three ,countrywide,boa,and the worst green tree,and got a letter about a month ago,that they are changing names to ditech,what the hell is a matter with these people, they don't have a clue ,nor do I,but one thing I'll make clear,I got all my letters ,from them,,i have phone numbers on my tablet,I need help bad ,I thought I would just make my payments and be left alone,but there still out there up to their no good tactics.they want me again for the umptenth time all this paperwork bullshit,what so they can ,move my stuff and hide so they don't get caught again.I've been through this long enough and I need someone to trust.lost it.thanks.
August 20, 2015
I am writing this because we are in a very difficult situation. What is the best way to go about trying to get a settlement at GT? Refinancing is not an option. TIA
August 21, 2015
Horrified...I feel for you. My best advise is don't take their calls. That's them sending the hounds for you. Talk to them on YOUR terms and you won't get their dogs. You make the calls. That's how I handled them. You will still get ran around but not abused. At least that was my experience. Needhelp...what do you mean by settlement? Are you trying to modify? If so persistence is best, I think. I called THEM constantly. Give me updates, what is happening, etc. You will catch them in lies, be fed tons of bs. I don't really know the answer as my modification came out of the blue 4 months after they told me I couldn't be modified. They sent people to my home constantly. They are thug bully types (on purpose). Their approach is intimidation. Try to not be intimidated. They DO still have to follow some rules. Figure out what rules work for you. Best of luck everyone. Hopefully someday others won't have to experience this horrible company. It's not a mortgage company it's some ugly spawn thing some big wig created. It's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
August 22, 2015
Greentree doesn't care about the pay out because they charge their customers a $50 late fee which they create by changing names websites and addresses on a regular basis with 1 billion customers that's $50 billion a month
August 29, 2015
I would like to know more about this. My account was tranferred to GT from Consco. I have read most all of the stories and so much of this has happeed to me and also when I took my losn out with Conseco I was told that I was paying for credit life insurance and when GT took over the payments stayed the same but no credit life. What do I need to do to get some of the charges that they have charged me and harassed me about back?
September 01, 2015
My mortgage went from Everhome to GreenTree a few years ago and they have been awful to deal with . I can relate to the harassing phone in and day out, and multiple times a day. They have even called from different phone numbers leaving very short, rude messages. I found it rather bizarre that they would do this the very next day if my payment wasn't in by the due date. I never went beyond the end of the month, but often times had to delay payment until the following payday, but again, I never ran over the month. i would like to learn more about this case.
September 01, 2015
Is this class action suit with Green Tree over. I really need help. I found out the hard way that I had forced place lenders placed insurance on my mortgage. Yes, I'm not good at attention to details but I had a really hard time getting Cinncinnatti Insurance through. GT kept saying they never received it.Finally success but unbeknown to me GT didn't pay for it (which normally my taxes and insurance come from escrow) and my policy was canceled and GT put their own insurance on charging me 1600.00 for insurance. So on August 17th, I had a fire in my home. I called, who I thought was my Ins. Co. and they said no "GT never paid". I had redone my home throughout and just put it on the market at 229.000 with a lot of people interested. Now the only thing the lenders placed Ins. covers, is the payoff off the mortgage.I'm pretty upset about it all and surely can't afford legal counsel.
September 02, 2015
They call me 10 times a day and are bullies! Ask me what I do with my money, why don't I have any money, don't I have a job, I need to be a grownup, I need to pay my bills, they are going to garnish my wages, blah blah. I have tried to settle my loan but they never respond to my request. "Just fax in your offer and we'll respond within 10 days." I get an offer on my house and nothing. I inherited it when my mom died, noone even lives there, not even worth the payoff and they just tell me I signed up for the responsibility. I don't need a lecture on responsibility and i sure did not sign up for that. Noone would sign up for GreenTree!! Worse, they finally send someone out to look at the house for the payoff, 2 months after my request, the lady calls on her way, I tell her I'm at work. She goes anyway and notes that she can't get in the house, noone will let her in. She called me at work!!! Noone lives in the house! ! All things I've told them!!!! Like I said, bullies who have no intention on actually helping.
September 03, 2015
I'm not late and I just made a payment on the 31st but I have them calling me non stop right now leaving voicemails saying call me back immediately or else. I know why. I set up my payments 6 months ahead of time and they changed over to Ditech and Ditech doesn't have permission to run checks but they have been so they should be just fine. I get tired of calling every month giving them info lay January they took 3 payments out all in one month. I am a disabled Iraq veteran. If my bank hadn't known they were known for doing this I would have went hungry this month. But green tree punished me for it saying I bounced checks so I couldn't pay by check for 1 year. They over drew what they were supposed to but their system showed it as a return check so I get punished. Making me have to go somewhere to call them. I have no cell coverage where I live. They call my sister who they found through Google search. My dad because he's a Greentree customer from the 90s. They have horrible practices. They don't report to my credit. I pay over 1000 a month in mortgage.
September 11, 2015
I hope this company goes bankrupt. They have put so many families through hell. I literally thought I was being stocked - truly afraid of the man that called my home. Disgusting person asked did I pizza then why is my mortgage late? Not excessive late - 3 days!!! People who have gone beyond that in late or missed payment had their neighbors knocking on the door stating "Green Tree wants you to answer your phone"!!! Sorry, I hope the entire customer service department was fired at a minimum! They would not give an actual name - it's impossible to find who was who - fire them ALL.
Thank you so m…
September 11, 2015
I was sick to my stomach by their calls. They called my neighbors and my sister-n-law over an hour away. We got behind and I mailed the full amount - minus the current month... They returned the money and refused to accept it! The calls were constant - at work at night at home and all very abusive. If you ask to speak to a manager - they would refuse or say hold on and I swear give the phone to the joker beside them. I had to file bankruptcy and a Cease and Desist letter to stop them. I truly hope this company get more than a slap on the wrist - WAY, WAY too much on the internet about the extent of their abuse for them to claim that their methods were not part of their corporate policy. I hope everyone gets a little piece back!
September 11, 2015
when can you apply for a refund with the greentree case?

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