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As the name suggests, Green Tree Servicing was supposed to service homeowners’ mortgages by collecting and crediting monthly payments. But according to a $63 million settlement announced by the FTC and CFPB, rather than service, Green Tree gave many homeowners the business.

Mortgages are often transferred during the life of a loan, so consumers may find themselves locked in a relationship with a servicer they didn’t select – and with no opportunity to shop around. Green Tree was a big name in servicing loans for manufactured housing, but recently made a major move into the residential market. It billed itself as a “high-touch servicer” – a euphemism for a company that places frequent collection calls in an effort to get people to make timely payments. With that strategy, it’s not surprising that Green Tree acquired the mortgages of a proportionally higher percentage of people already in financial trouble. For many of those cash-strapped consumers, that’s when things went from bad to worse.

According to the lawsuit, when homeowners were even just one day late with their payments, Green Tree’s collectors often unleashed a barrage of phone calls, some starting as early as 5 in the morning or continuing until as late as 11PM. The collectors didn’t limit themselves to home phones, getting some people in trouble by calling them at work. They illegally threatened them with arrest or imprisonment, used obscene language, and mocked the problems that led to their financial distress. (One collector said to a woman, “You should leave your husband if he can’t provide for you.”) Green Tree’s loose-lipped collectors were known to discuss people’s debts with bosses, co-workers, neighbors, and family.

When borrowers sought options like loan modifications or short sales, Green Tree allegedly mishandled many of those requests, leaving consumers in even worse straits. For example, some homeowners were in the process of finalizing loan modifications with other servicers when their mortgages were suddenly transferred to Green Tree. Rather than honoring those arrangements, Green Tree often yanked that lifeline from people struggling to stay afloat. Others were told they’d have to pony up payment before they could even be considered for certain loan modification programs – an illogical (and often illegal) requirement for folks who had already sent out a financial SOS. In addition, the lawsuit charges that when homeowners tried to get a short sale approved, Green Tree said it would respond within a set period – say, 30 days. But Green Tree dragged its feet, sometimes taking as long as six months to respond. As a result, people faced foreclosures that could have been avoided.

According to the complaint, even when managing homeowners’ accounts and payments – the bread and butter of a mortgage servicer – Green Tree often overcharged people. For example, Green Tree knew or had reason to know that some borrowers had received loan modifications from their former servicers, but went ahead and insisted on the original amount. And in numerous cases, Green Tree pressured people to use a method called Speedpay, which the company falsely claimed or implied was the only way to make a payment or the sole choice to avoid a late fee. Using Speedpay cost a $12 “convenience” fee per transaction – but convenient for whom? Not necessarily consumers, many of whom could have used free methods and still avoided late fees.

The lawsuit also alleges Green Tree helped itself to payments from consumers’ bank accounts without their authorization. For example, homeowners who gave Green Tree their account numbers to set up a one-time payment through Speedpay later discovered the company had used the information to arrange for additional payments without their consent.

Green Tree also was aware that specific portfolios it acquired from other servicers contained unreliable data. But when homeowners spoke up to dispute the misinformation, Green Tree left them in collections without adequately investigating discrepancies. In a similar vein, Green Tree reported unfavorable information about homeowners to credit bureaus, even when the company had reason to know the data was inaccurate. 

The $63 million settlement is a start, but what’s being done to protect consumers from underhanded tactics from here on in? Among other things, the order requires Green Tree to implement a home preservation plan to offer options to consumers whose loans were transferred to the company during the time covered by the complaint. In the future, when Green Tree is involved in the sale or transfer of servicing rights, requests for help – like short sales or assistance with loan modification programs – will have to be properly reviewed and agreements honored. What about those long delays? The company has to have people and technology in place to respond quickly to customer inquiries, including questions about options for avoiding foreclosure. Green Tree also has to stop collections of disputed amounts until it investigates and provides consumers with verification of what they owe.

When the company has reason to believe that information in newly transferred loan portfolios is iffy, Green Tree has to get proof of what consumers really owe. In addition, Green Tree will maintain a comprehensive data integrity program to help ensure the accuracy of information about customers’ accounts. The settlement also prohibits material misrepresentations about loans, payments, and fees, and mandates compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

What’s the message for others in the industry?

  • There’s a reason it’s called servicing. Mortgage servicers have an obligation to provide service to homeowners. That rules out misleading statements about what people owe, deceptive delays, and unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts.
  • The loan servicing process depends on accuracy at all stages. Inaccurate servicing practices can throw homeowners into a spin cycle with far-reaching consequences, including errors on their credit reports that can haunt them for years. The Green Tree case underscores that accuracy is essential at every step of the process.
  • Deceptive, unfair and abusive debt collection practices are out of bounds. The law provides procedures for collecting debts, but high-pressure tactics, baseless threats, incessant phone calls, and the disclosure of information to employers, relatives, and friends are on the DON’T list.
  • The FTC and CFPB are united in their commitment to protect consumers in financial distress. It’s no coincidence that the action against Green Tree was brought through the cooperative efforts of the FTC and CFPB. The agencies coordinate their activities to make efficient use of resources. In appropriate cases – for example, the $63 million Green Tree settlement – that may include joint law enforcement.


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February 18, 2016
I am a single mom and Green tree kept raising my payments every month.I went to the food banks to get food to feed my family.I am glad Lawsuit is here for them.
February 22, 2016
This is all garbage and a $63 million settlement won't change their devious ways. Ditech formerly Greentree refused to refinance me under HARP and is now (Ditech) mishandling my escrow and property tax payments. I have over $14K in escrow and only one tax payment was made last year. I now owe my local govt 6K in back taxes due to Ditech's error. They're only motivated in the theft of honest American's homes. The Federal Government is powerless to motivate this debt collection agency into making moral business practices. When a company only has to pay $63 million but is worth over $1billion in mortgage assets there simply is no motivation.
March 21, 2016
No there is no new leaf. The company just changed its name to diatech. Thanks government for protecting the people. NOT
March 23, 2016
Greentree is a thief and no matter how many time that the federal trade commission say they are wrong nothing will every be done. This company violated my right for 8 years and I made multiple complaints to the federal trade commission and the cfpb and nothing was every done. They called me 20 times a day, called my job, and called family member. They probably have paid off somebody. So really nothing will ever be done to this company. They will just continue to harm hard working individuals.
March 24, 2016
I'm a Green Tree mortgage holder they sent me a check with my payment rush payment automatically from my bank to their please put them in for Larry oh Michael J in a put my account number on it I think it's illegal??? Check I received is paid to the order of Greentree with my address on it has my bank information and dated 321 2016 they want a full payment head of time!! They been calling me in a resume since for two units when you sent me rush payment checks which are actually check to them not be able to me often Ditech and send me a bill for two mortgage payments in one month every month even send your things are on for home count holder has preapproved this check I received this as a UPS and over and over knighted to me!! Can't believe the deceptive practices are ridiculous this looks like a check payable to me but it's actually a check to them rush payment out of my group you have a number for my count numbers on your Waze post payment for Labriola Michael!! I can't believe the simple business purpose of this company Greentree/Ditech I need to find some a contact me about the class-action lawsuit brought against Greentree and I need to join this class action lawsuit because I feel that I am being on I'm unbelievably harassed by Greentree and Ditech constantly called!
March 24, 2016
I received a check rush payment check has my credit union please post the payment for myself Michael make my payment early early from Greentree eating my address pay the order Greentree with my address on it!!?? Field isn't it illegal and another way that Greentree first class Ditech and so hounded me for payments they want to payment Erleen on the signature on file account holder has preapproved this check from them they overnighted it to me via UPS I think it's ridiculous and I was gonna call him and dispute this amount but pierced me that there's no no reason to dispute the check.
April 18, 2016
Me and my wife were in our home for 15 years, never missed a payment. I was in the Military and was a parachutist, and had a history of back problems, At 52 years old I turn wrong and my back broke and shattered the nerves in my back, I went 7 months I could not walk. I lost my business and Green Tree foreclosed on my home 3 month before the VA settled with me ( 100% permanently disabled ) Thanks Green Tree for helping a vet
April 19, 2016
Has anyone been able to get thru to a human being at DIitech?....what is the phone number...? The one on there login website send you to "invalid extension" and hangs up
April 22, 2016
I would like to let everyone know that I have had 3 different mortgage companies in 2 years. Started with Bank of America, while trying to get a modification they sold my loan to Green Tree, then all of a sudden I am getting invoices from this company called, Ditech. Had no idea who they were but they were asking for monthly mortgage payments. I can't believe that these mortgage companies can away with murder!!!!! I wish there was a lawyer out there that could help us!!!!
May 03, 2016
How do my payments go up 400.00 since they bought my loan ! Never had any problems till green tree bought our loan !
May 12, 2016
GreenTree now DiTech is still at it. FTC didn't slow them down. I paid off my loan as in January along with the illegal charges by GreenTree. DiTech still does not release my lean and is still trying to collect more fees. WHY does the FTC not help???????????????????????????
rural life
May 17, 2016
It's sort of scary to know that you can lose your home without knowing what's"really" going on! Now, I can't help but wonder what kind of protection can we as consumers get from our federal govmnt? I recently lost my job, and its hard enough as is, but my wife and I have been victimized by green tree or ditech or walter, whatever! As an American, you would think that these type of things wouldn't happen to hard working citizens and taxpayers. Could someone please let me know if the class action lawsuit is real? A few mos ago, my wife & I rcvd an application in the mail to be filled out and returned to be a part of the suit. Did anybody else rcv this type of mail, or was green tree just sending out junk mail?
May 21, 2016
My complaint is similar , for the pass year I had been wrongfully treated by Greentree and then ditech. My loan was with Ditech over four yes ago then During a modification my loan got switch over to GreenTree during this time I had been,injured on my job and was struggling with paying my bill because of a lack,of income. Even,though I was only behind a month greentree would constantly call me and send threatening letter stating they,will refuse to do any business with me unless I catch up with my payments. I finally was able to make up 3/4 of the two payments I felled behind after giving Greetree a call the rep was very Ruth and told me that if you cannot come up with the full amount he could not except partial payment. Time lapse and,being so upset and intimidated by the rep from Greentree the last time we talk,I was facing three months without a payment and very concern because the letters they were sending out had threatening statements about forclosure. I made another attempt to role the problem by all in green,tree again and explaining my situation l, I had a new,rep,that we assign to me that spoke to me without threatening comments , we talk and tried fit reaching out to keep your home government program (did not qualify,because they claim my Temporary disability could not be considered income) six months had pass due to a lack f communication on their part and mind during the time of trying to qualify. I CALLED greentree agIn to,see if anything else could be done they told me no because of your lack of income you don't qualify for a Modification or a deed of liu.we had reach the eight month mark and at this time Greentree were switching back to Ditech. Now we wee concerned even more because we felt neglected, push to the side no calls from them unless we call. I finally got a hold of a,realtor who help me to start up a short sell. Within the next three months the realtor had three offers he perented to Ditech /Greentree for more money then what they had,my home up for auction the refuse all three bids. I WAS FORCE,TO TO DO A CHAPTER 13 THAT HAS RUINED MY CREDIT TO STOP THE AUCTION. THE REALTOR HAD ME DO THIS TO BY MORE TIME TO PUT IN ANOTHER BID , MY NEXT AUCTION DATE IS COMING SOON AND I HAVE NOT HEARD ANY THING FROM Ditech. I think it is very unfair the way these to companies do business, even in my situation and the steps I took to try and resolve the matter I,felt I,was,being treated,unfairly, dening opportunity to keep my home and I'm very disappointed in these to companies. I hope something old be done about this I have lived in my home for Forteen years and do to sercumstance are being forced out in the street.
June 01, 2016
Well when are we getting the money that I paid on mortgage for 18 years on the house Greentree stole from me thru deciful loan modification NOW I have nothing!!!!!!!
June 01, 2016
The tactic and device used are described in all of your comments, I'm being forced into foreclosure as of 07/01/2016. So stressed my asthma is reaping havoc , doctor bill and hospital bills are also being placed on my credit report !!!
Screwed by Ditech
June 02, 2016
I attempted a short sale on my house. Green Tree was the second mortgage lender which became Ditech. I contacted a Real Estate Agent. I sent in all the required paperwork and each time Ditech sat on the paperwork or claimed they never received it and each time the orders I received on the house expired because of their delays and negligence. They transferred myself and my Real Estate agent to speak with multiple people and each one didn't seems to know the role or of the other not our intentions of selling the property. The consistently offered loan remodifications and they made it impossible for me the consumer to do anything with the property that I could no longer afford because of an unemployment issue. Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit out there because I would like to speak with those attorneys about this company and their shady business practices?
June 07, 2016
It's about time someone doing something with Greentree, they have disrupted so many lives. Just down right Deceptive
June 09, 2016
Holy hades! All of these comments on a government web site. This is insanity. I'm about to face all of these nightmares posted here as my home loan has been transferred to Ditech from Citimortgage (who is just as corrupt with bogus hamp/harp/modifications). Welcome to a fundamentally "transformed" America! The communist takeover is here, and they have begun by stealing our homes. Take to social media using hashtags of mortgage fraud. Spread the word everywhere so we can at least stop this chain by warning people against applying for hamp or harp or a refi of any kind. Don't be embarrassed, this is war. Pray! Don't be silent. Tell your story to everyone you know. If I had known this would be my fate too, I would have never applied for a HARP. Once you apply for those phony refi's, your hand is exposed and you get victimized. Pray, pray for all of us here. Don't be silent. Please tell everyone your story.
June 09, 2016
I want to join in too, from Birmingham, Alabama
June 10, 2016

In reply to by MzV

I'm in bham area too! File a complaint with Alabama Attorney General office. Their website has an online "file complaint" form.
June 09, 2016
I have them on my voicemail. Got them on audio laughing after being cruelly disrespected on the phone.
Felix Baker
June 16, 2016
Yes it is true that FTC and CFPB made them pay some money ,But this same Corp is doing the same thing ,Green Tree Servicing / Walters Mortgage / Ditect Mortgage are all the Same Corp [ Subs ] Now FTC / CFPB was Wrong if your going to Stop or even send a message to these corp some one needs to GO to Jail and the people has to see the Government doing the Right thing [ it never happened ] And the people has to get an Clear Deed of that Properties .Wrong was done to the People ,Money was made off the people []Billions ] the Federal Government Fuck -up .Like Dope dealer you bus them send them to Jail and take the Properties they never Corrected the problem just started another problem ,I,m in Jackson ,Mississippi the same corp never got hit here ,NO CASES on them even the Lawyers here .The Federal Lawyers Got the Moneys from the Cases Not the people that got Fuck by the Corp .
June 30, 2016
I got Greentree as my mortgage lender in 1999. I also have had the NUMEROUS phone calls ranging from 6-12 per day, every day. They also called my previous employer. My supervisor called me into their office and told me. I was told only speedpay to pay. They called my Mom numerous times. They belittled me to tears on the phone. This went on and on for years.
June 30, 2016
Well, here it is July 2016, and Greentree/Ditech is still at the same old games. Their newest fraud attempts are due to a "software update glich" in April 2016. You gotta give em credit for creative theft! What exactly happened to that $66 billion, anyway? Anybody out there get a piece of it? Yeah, me either. Ditto with the BoA money. FTC, please look again. I sense they are not afraid of you. It's only money. Try sending them to jail this time.
June 30, 2016
This shady company maje calls to familt, threatened ti start calling neighbirs and even my ex with regards ti my mortgage. When I refinanced with another institution to get out of my entraonent with Green Tree they held the pay off, demanding additional interest before they released my title. They robbed ne abd I want my money back with interest for the last 18 months. Whete us the restitutions for the consumers who have been robbed?
July 01, 2016
I too fell into this pit , when it was "Green Tree" i went to get a modification the day i was supposed to get my new deal , i called to have someone answer and say they were now "Ditech" and not only was i not made aware by mail or phone call ( i should have know something was wrong because they didn't call me my usual 10 times per day) I was told Ditech did not honor Greentree's deal's they No longer offered deals or modifications .I then explained my situation and began to work with them a few weeks later i was offered a modification, i mailed the packet and they claimed to have never gotten it..i made payments and 2 days later got a foreclosure letter !!! i paid , i spoke , i called , im paid to the month , i also had them mail me a copy of my payments and my outstanding balance and my rep apologized for them "dropping the ball" on my account and spoke to their "law firm"they also sent a letter stating i owe nothing and they apologized for the mistake. but MY HOUSE IS STILL UNDER THE FORECLOSURE list in my town news paper!!!! im beyond tired of trying to fix the mistake ...i dont know what else to do.
July 11, 2016
Green Tree. There horrible. Sharon told me, its your parents house, your parents are dead. Get out. Mind you the home is mine. The deed is mine. My parents took our the loan for me. I have paid the loan for 20 years. I was awarded 10,000 from the State of Oregon 5 years ago to catch my mortgage up. Green Tree. Refused the 10,000. They took my payment every month. You know what kind of things they say. SO we filed a 5 year chapter 13. We are still in it. We have a balloon payment coming up. They will not work with us. We will eventually after all we've been through, lose our home My husband become disabled 1 year and 3 months after we took out the loan. My daughter became disabled to and we adopted her 3 babies! Our life was made even more difficult because of the hateful and vindictive attitude of the employees there and the illegal and underhanded ethics of GT. We are now with Ditech. I cant wait.... Did I mention when I was late once, they said, you shouldn't have taken your dog to the vet. You should have let her die and buried it in the back yard. Who talks like that? And the insurance they force you to get. That dos'nt pay what they should if you have a claim. To many bad, horrible memories. And my Fathers heart condition. They would call him every morning at 8 am and kept it up for months. It took months and a lot, lot, lot of calls to get them to call me instead. Persistant, nagging, rude, I had panic attacks, Their call have ruined my grand childrens childhood because of the financial stress they caused our family. And never would they give us a modification. I tried over and over and could not get one. They took my money but said, not your loan. They even gave me an extension on my parents loans after my folks passed. I was good enough for an extension AFTER I paid them a ton of money. Food money that I couldn't spare. then I got the extension but they would not give us a modifation or except the 10,000 dollars from the State of Oregon and refuse to ignore our plight with the 70,000 balloon payment due 2 years after our bankruptcy. I will get no modification from them. I wonder if they get paid to reposess homes. Why else would they do this. I will not get a chance to keep the loan. I am doomed to move or perhaps become homeless. I am 60 and I am tired...
Jeanine Willner
December 07, 2016

In reply to by ldrz123

Ditech still says that I have to pay $146,000! I feel so broken. I am a widow, I lost my husband in October 2008. I tried and I tried to see if I could get help,but no one cared. Greentree made threats that they were going to take money out of my checking account, which they did just a day after my husband was killed. But I didn't have enough money to cover $891.00. I never knew people could be so cruel as Greentree and Ditech.
Greentree victim
July 18, 2016
So how do those of us who payed the $12.00 per month fee for years and was harassed by this company get our money back ?
July 26, 2016
Idk if this is aloud but I need help. I live in Pennsylvania and had my mortgage taken over by Greentree in late 2011 early 2012. We where never informed or given notice that they where our servicer. My husband was hurt in October 2012 so when he was denied workers comp we called gt in order to access our insurance that we paid for for over 8 years and they said that they had dropped the insurance because they didn't want to make the payment. I asked why we where not informed we where told they didn't have to notify us it was optional. Yet out mortgage never went down it went up. After 3 months of arguments one of the supervisors admitted that we had that insurance in Nov when we tried to access it , in fact it had been paid for until January of 2013. I have asked for 4 years for them to refinance my home and all they say is sure but it will cost you over $3,000 to apply. Now my mortgage is paid to date and I had noticed my money wasn't posting to my acct until weeks after they cash the check and charging me late fees when it was there on time. I got mad and call Fannie Mae about the issues and was told I was on a loan modification which me nor my husband authorized. Call gt now known as Ditech and ask if we where in fact on a modified mortgage the lady told me yes and had been for 5 months I asked how they could do that without mine or my husband authorizing it. I was placed on hold and when she came on said no we where not when confronted with the earlier information she said she had no idea so I reminded her she was on a recorded line because I recorded our conversation. I have been lied to, told awful things, threatened, my husban's credit ruined , and my money stolen can anyone help please idk who to call or what to do
Ditech Is No D…
July 28, 2016
Same ****, different name, different day. Lies, Lies, blatant fraudulent claims re fees that DID NOT EXIST, etc. They want my phone number? Really ? try 1-800EAT**** [ADMIN NOTE: **** = edited to comply with posting policy]
Dealing With "…
July 28, 2016
I STRONGLY suggest anyone that is getting or having phone calls with these Ditech/WalterCompany/GreenTree people to put the call on "speaker" and record it!!!!!!!!!! DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Insist on EVERYTHING in writing, if even "email"......... and if you need to filter out their harassment calls, sign up for a free-for-one-line account at [ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: Commercial URL removed] - plug in any number they call you from, and you can 'ditch them' meaning they aren't even able to leave a message; also customize the specific outgoing 'announcement' for all numbers they call you from - upload (free) any of the pre-recorded ones on the site or, better yet.......hehehehemuhahahahah........... custom record your OWN (don't have to have a mic, just do it using our cell phone, no smart phone required either) that tells them exactly 'where to go' and 'how' :) (No, I'm in no way affiliated w/the website)
Blu Loony
August 03, 2016
My service has destroyed my life and not a single sole understands how to help me, it's too complicated. Please evaluate my problem wholeheartedly. At the end of 2014 I requested guidance from Wells Fargo(WF) about my interest rate increase. This simple request has turned into a fight for honesty and having integrity when there’s a mistake. WF has fraudulently destroyed my 800+ credit score, discriminated against me, and broken several key loan servicing laws. All of the allegations against WF are supported by my documents. I want to hold WF accountable for the indiscretions against me. You may find my story and supporting documents on I am hitting road blocks everywhere, the CFPB can't enforce the law . There are so many regulations to protect consumers and Wells Fargo is not following them.
August 23, 2016
Anyone know when this is getting resolved?
Broke, Bewilde…
August 24, 2016
Where do I start? Bought a home with husband in 2000 through Countrywide. Husband left in 2003. Raised 3 kids and kept mortgage paid on my SSDI. Found out years later that mortgage company made a 2nd loan on the house to ex husband (while we were separated but not yet divorced). I had no part in this second, and no knowledge until his second became in arrears and the mortgage had ballooned over $6000 more than he borrowed! Tried for years to get help from the companies who bought out the mortgage. Was told so many different things and lied to by so many, and finally told the only way I would get any help was to stop paying the first mortgage and go into arrears. Then I applied for loan mod. Only to be told that ex was still on the loan and they could do nothing for me unless he brought 2nd up to date. Long story short , I lost my home, and all the equity I had in the home because they gave him a second on the house that I had been awarded in the divorce. Doesn't matter that I had no knowledge and did not sign for it. Was told I should get a lawyer to fight it. On SSDI, cannot afford to throw money at a lawyer to fight for a house so encumbered by debt I did not agree to. Had to walk away! Cannot believe this was legal and I lost everything! I did call congressmen, sent letters, called the news station - no help, just empty promises and sympathy!
September 20, 2016

In reply to by Broke, Bewilde…

Broke, Bewilder, That is similar to what happened to me. Somehow ex has mortgage on home he was not awarded. We lost our home as well due to his failure to remove the loan. I had even taken him to court and sent Greentree the court order but it did not help. I am just starting the process of calling, sending letters. I am so sorry for your loss and want to wish you the best.
September 02, 2016
My mortgage was sold to Greentree. Honestly, I didn't have any problem until they changed it to Ditech. They don't credit my account with my payments that are sent directly from the bank, not from me. I think I straighten it all out and then they credit the next months payment to my taxes and call me with half a phone number as they did the previous month and it always occurs after the end of the day on a Friday so I can't handle it until three days later. I am a wreck. I handled, or so I thought, a missing payment on July 20, 2016, a Wednesday. It was discovered that my Bank cancelled a payment but corrected it but Ditech screwed it all up. I spoke to Ashley and she said she had requested the late payment be removed and I made a payment to make sure the Bank didn't screw up. On July 30, 2016, I called and spoke to Maurice about the "late payment". He said it was already requested to remove the late payment penalty and I could call back in two weeks to see that everything was okay. I spoke to Scott (55029) on July 28, 2016. He said he found they September payment and it had been sent by out bank to the wrong address. Our bank had been sending payments for what seemed like forever but suddenly, Ditech decided to credit our mortgage payment to our taxes which were not due. Scott said he requested again that the penalty be removed and that the payment credited appropriately to our mortgage. Call in two weeks to see where things stood. Today,August 25, 2016, obviously late in the day, I received another bill from Ditech saying we now owed $4,429.08. Obviously, they never credited our payment to our appropriate account but instead, credited out tax account which was not due! I can't deal with this poor work ethics. I never get any documentation even though I ask for it. They just ignore me. Needless to say, I am very concerned that even though we are not delinquent, they will try to say we are and try to foreclose on out home. I have seen this done before by this company as I was a Realtor. HELP ME!
August 28, 2016
I am seeing my own story from hundreds of different people by reading the comments regarding Green Tree and DiTech. I started with Countrywide and then Bank of America. I never had a problem with either of them. Since my mortgage was handed over to Green Tree/Ditech, there have been numerous problems. Too late, I found out that class action lawsuit had been filed against Green Tree and was settled for $63 Million. It is time for another class action suit against them. Right off the bat, they took my house payment twice from my bank account. Since then we have paid down our principal, and the payment always gets paid to something else. In addition, our payment has gone up several times because of a so-called escrow shortage. I have paid the so-called shortage, and again it goes to something else. We owe a few more years on the mortgage, and it appears from what I have read that the escrow shortage may be some type of scam.
Kathy S
September 06, 2016
I have been thru H E L L with Bank Of America for years. I received a nice settlement over the issues they caused me.. Then was transferred to SLS. again several months of nothing but problems. Then on to Green Tree. They finally gave me a modification. Within a few months my loan was back to BOA. So far someone either Green Tree or BOA again has dropped the ball. The agreement has not been followed as noted in the guidelines. BOA is saying Green Tree issued me an incorrect modification and they did not follow the correct guidelines. I have been in constant contact with many agencies to get some help to no avail. Finally was told by my attorney to send a LETTER OF ERROR. BOA has received my letter. Today I got confirmation form BOA stating they received my complaint and we're working on it. Miraculously also in the mail today was a check from Green Tree from a settlement. My attorney told me if BOA says Green Tree was at fault I could have a law suite against them. Well I feuds they have covered their but. After receiving this check. I probably can't sue them myself. The story goes on and on!!! I despise GREEN TREE AND BOA. I would love to get away from them but because of all that has transpired my credit now sucks
Marian Hardwick
September 06, 2016
We were moved from BOMBARDIER to GREENTREE years ago. We were not given a choice or asked anything. A notice had been mailed to us just to let us know. The payments just kept going up and adding on to the end every time we were moved from one to another. After BOMBARDIER had told us if we didn't like it they could repo it and we got the same response from GREENTREE what choice did we have? It was after I had been in a car wreck in 2012 then had no choice but to file Ch. 13 I found out that they did not want my mobile home. Soon after we were notified that DITECH now has our loan. I am just sorry that I had no idea this was even happening. I have been under too much anyway to deal with it up until now. Thank goodness for CFPB and FTC. We got the letter with the check today. I can wish I had some of around hundred thousand that we paid out on this 16 by 80 home.
September 06, 2016
Same treatment as other victims of Greentree/Ditech fraud. I think it's interesting that most of these loans were transferred from Bank of America. However, ours was first transferred to SLS, the worst liars I have ever encountered. We had applied for a loan modification just after being transferred from BOA; each time I called there was another excuse: neeeded more paperwork, which had already been sent, etc. This went on for over a year, and then we were told that we needed to apply again because the application was no good after a year. I truly lost it and told the horrible person on the phone I was calling the Credit Bureau. She hung up on me and in about a week, we received a letter saying that Greentree was now our loan servicer. They told me they would check to see where we were with our modification at SLS, but of course never did. We are now back with BOA with a payment so high, it is a constant struggle. I would love to be a part of any lawsuit against SLS and Greentech and Ditech.
September 06, 2016
This is the biggest turd of a company Ive every dealt with.. In 2009 I came in to some hard times, and fell a COUPLE of days behind on my mortgage. They called me 20+ times a day, and also called my neighbor and told them I was late on my mortgage. 3 days late on the mortgage, I called to pay, and they told me I had to pay next months as well (which wasnt due for 4 weeks yet), or they wouldnt accept payment on the overdue amount. I filed a claim with the attorney generals office, and they were to investigate it. I refinanced a year ago to quicken loans, and they have been a dream to work with.. If I can over anyone a piece of advice, refinance or do what you can to get away from this cancer of a company. and by the way, I got my settlement check from this lawsuit,, a whole 35 bucks, but it feels good to know this company finally got the hammer dropped on their pathetic asses..
Get out
September 07, 2016
My mortgage was transferred to green tree by Bank of America worst move BOA could have made. Terrible company I own a collection agency and my staff would never treat people the way my family was treated by green tree. Terrible, unethical collection practices Broke FDCPA laws numerous times. Did not disclose Mini Miranda , please take Green Tree to the cleaners with heavy fines. And when a company charges you to take your money with a convenience fee. BS. Don't ever pay any company to take your money. EVER. Every time you call Green Tree the first words out of their mouth was do you intend to keep the property, really Please transfer your mortgage to Quiken loan. Best move I made.
Kevin Smith
September 07, 2016
They need to pay me more i got a 10.76 check for what they put my family through call work family call me an asshole i want more can someone help
Confused about…
September 09, 2016
I got a $23 "award check in the mail as part of a settlement on this case and wondered if its real or a JOKE?
September 11, 2016
My loan is almost paid off. But still I have been harassed from Di tech, and several years from greentree. I was 36.00 dollars short and they threaten to foreclose on my home. You make payment arrangements, they still keep calling every single day. They tell you, you didn't speak to me, then they start wanting you to give out info, I got where I cuss them out, threaten them sue them, hang up on the [Admin note: deleted].
September 09, 2016
Ditect is got to be the same corporation because not only does it have the same address, it still accepts online payments through my back to goes to greentree. When trying to add Ditect to my online banking it does not even recognize Ditect at all. It has been a year now and their still accepting my online payments. Staff with ditect are the same as green tree, very rude, all they want is more money. They screwed me up royally on my morgage. I would add 100.00 dollars extra to payment and since you do not have the option to put money toward your principal through online banking I called them about it and told them any money that is extra put it on principal so they told me they would. There after when I recieve the bill the payments kept getting and lower. I called them about it then I'm hit big, now I owe them the difference amount. I ended up giving them over 300.00 dollars to catch up. This company is unreal, still I can't figure out where 68.00 came from they say I was short from. All I say is never get behind, if you do your in their trap
September 09, 2016
I was thrilled to see a check after all of the hassle that Green Tree gave me. Mine began when the market was tanking and I was with BOA. I looked up short sale info on Bank of America's site and without even contacting anyone they sold my loan to Green ! what a nightmare. I have always had perfect credit until this mess and have finally repaired no thanks to those two companies. Thank you FTC!
September 09, 2016
After the real estate bubble I was severely upside down on a GT mortgage. I've always made my mortgage payments on time, with GT and for my entire adult life. But I was drowning in the overpriced house payment. GT completely blocked me multiple times over 18 months as I tried to refi with better terms and interest rate. That eventually left me with only option - to short-sell. I immediately brought a buyer who was willing to pay 10% over market value for my home, with was a greater amount than GT told me was the minimum required for a short-sale. Deal done, right? Of course not. GT than continued to stall, make excuses and ran me around for 9 months. During that time my 1st buyer moved on, a 2nd buyer willing to pay GT's amount came and went, and ultimately the house was foreclosed. As of this month it has been 3 years since foreclosure. My credit score is back in the mid 700s and my wife and I live in a nice house with a right-sized mortgage. And... Just today, my attorney who handled the short sale to foreclosure notified me that I've just received a check for over $10,000 as payment from the recent class-action suit (which I've already deposited into my bank account). What a great Friday surprise! Very good to know that the f-ers at GT had to pay at least some price for completely screwing their customers. If a mortgage of mine ever goes to GT again, I'll immediately refi with a different company. Hey Green Tree, S*CK IT!
September 11, 2016
Green tree is Ditech now...

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