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In conjunction with the recent Accuracy in Consumer Reporting workshop, the FTC and CFPB have asked for public comments. The agencies are looking for feedback about issues affecting the accuracy of both traditional credit reports and employment and tenant background screening reports. But if you thought you had to burn the midnight oil over the holidays to file a timely comment, here’s some good news. The FTC and CFPB have extended the deadline to January 31, 2020.

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Scott Eugene
May 11, 2020
I DO NOT appreciate the information that populates for background checks! It has been 16 years and 14 years since my felony convictions when I was young. These felonies are rarely brought up, however when I do background check on myself they are always present. Recently I was indicted and have pending Felony Forgery charges. While applying for jobs the Forgery Felony is now being displayed !!! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Now I am seen as a Felon for a conviction that I have not even gone to court for. This is going to be a nightmare now to fix, and I am positive that I am innocent so now I am going to have to pay to get my own record expunged when I committed no crime. These Forgery charges are now living in the cloud internet forever, and the charges are without ANY MERIT. How can you fix this ??? I don't think pending charges should show up for felonies unless you are convicted. This makes it really hard to find a job.
December 30, 2019
As a victim of identity theft, I feel the need to voice my opinion on how I feel we need a new system for the criteria standards as well as how we check these requirements. Credit checks are not an efficient way of deciding whether or not someone is credible, say for instance: you go to open up a savings account for the first time in your life only to be denied despite the fact you've never had one or any bank, credit card or loan account for that matter. The time it takes to get to the realization that your a victim of fraud, you lose out on the house you were gonna rent as you go to college. After years of an extensive investigation, only to have suffered that time with no immediate fix to the defamation of your character, struggling to get approved for a vehicle to make it to school or work, rental agencies denying you a lease, rejected loan applications leaving you broke, homeless and on foot. I have a few really great ideas to get around this but I don't know if this is the proper area to discuss it seeing as though it ties in to many other areas of the federal sector and rule making. Please allow me the time to express my ideas by forwarding or replying with guidance on who I should contact. Thank you so much.
FTC Staff
December 30, 2019


The FTC and CFPB invited people to comment on issues affecting the accuracy of both traditional credit reports and employment and tenant background screening reports.  The FTC and CFPB have agreed to provide additional time for people to provide comments  issues including the effect of the removal of most civil judgments and tax liens from credit reports, recent changes in the reporting of medical debt, whether new technologies and data management practices improve accuracy, and what government and private sector measures could improve accuracy, as well as the costs and benefits of these measures.

You can file comments electronically or by paper by writing “Accuracy in Consumer Reporting Workshop” on your comment and on the envelope and mailing it to the following address: Federal Trade Commission, Office of the Secretary, Constitution Center, 400 7th St., SW, 5th Floor, Suite 5610, Washington, D.C., 20024.

December 31, 2019
I recently disputed many errors on my credit report. Still waiting for a response. Errors included 3 incorrect addresses for me, a phone number and a last name. Not sure of how the error occured with the misspelling of my last name but the address and phone number errors could be related to my ex-husbands various addresses he used while cheating. Two were post office box numbers. He also changed his phone number about 3 times that I knew of. I wish they would not just include this on my report. He also filed bankruptcy on his own. Unfortunately, it affected my credit report. There should be a better way as not to include innocent credit worthy victims. I had my discover card years before I married him and I was made to close out my longest held credit card which effected my score. I have also had 750+ or higher scores until he came into my life and tried to destroy it. I had proof he made all the charges and cheating. I should be able to present this to keep my history in tact.
December 31, 2019
I just submitted a lengthy comment about errors on my credit report regarding incorrect addresses and my ex husband cheating and I realized I did not have a username. Please use this user name. Thank you
December 31, 2019
There is gotta be a better way of reporting consumer credits than what's been used and managed by the 3 bureaus. Often items that are long been due for removal are still being reported. Most of these discrepancies are rooted from the source in which it often penalized the consumer for the source's error. Not fair! Another observation and concern is advocating this practice as another form of racial profiling because it seems that most minorities are the ones with no or lower credit ratings. I know for a fact that this is TRUE whether you believe it or not. It is TIME FOR THE TRUTH.
FTC Staff
January 08, 2020

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You can dispute errors you see on your credit reports. This FTC article about disputing errors explains what to do and includes a sample letter you can use to tell the credit reporting company about the errors.

Mohammed Giyash
April 20, 2020
I need your help sr please please don't forget to help me sr please and give me more information about my future life and my credit report for me and my father's SSN information Dear sr First think you for your help and I wish the best news for you, for other reasons I have something very important for me to complete my information and my account for my future life and for my family, and I need you to help me and give me more information about my future life and my SSN information to claim my credit report and account bank . The second thing I try to contact the transunion and EQUIFAX and experian customer service and I was calling them several times to asking them to give me my credit report for my bank of America account and my AMERICAN Express credit card. but they never send it to me, I HAVE RECEIVED MY REPORT BUT I CAN'T UNDERSTAND ANY INFORMATION ABOUT IT ALSO I CAN'T FIND MY ATM CARD NUMBER Could you please help me sr and give me more information about my SSN INFORMATION FOR MY FUTURE LIFE AND MY ACCOUNT BANK AND MY AMERICAN EXPRESS ACCOUNT AND CREDIT CARD, PLEASE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT I WISH THE BEST NEWS FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFE Best reagards
Emm Jay
January 02, 2020
What about places that you already disputed? Or if a place that had a breach has misinformation? Consumers have hotlimes from Identity they call. Then the person who answers saying from fraud dept. tells them " they have to pay them" for their services. Thought they give free credit reports and serve especially after breaches " ethically". As well as if families have minors that were breached by places , had predators approach and/ or as was had reports about social media having accounts for them with their info up... More could be done? Maybe also having places that even request verifications such as detectives names,&/ or knowledge of cases existing ...being more respomsible and accountable in accuracy when responding...much less filing misinformation. We have all these proactive tips to prevent and after steps to take as consumers. How many businesses are being held to same? These things impact their recovery, trust in their reporting, and hinder their overall thriving. They even can interfere with them in education or rest. So what more is being done ? Why are they making consumers choose " free monitoring" or " small amount" of money? Yet noone is making them or others be held more accountable for the financial impact cost and causes on same? It makes no sense that more is not done for that! LE cant do it all. Neither should consumers have to suffer more or become law experts to file. Similar they should not have to dispense case sensitive info and them not be held to whatever breach that may be. We study and look at statistics and constantly see why and how etc. Isn't it time we do more to support survivors and privacy already in place " to " prevent.
January 07, 2020
The Equifax breech seems to have effected the history in the reports.From 2017 -2019 mine has changed several times has accounts I never had but in good standing and now closed.And accounts I had are not there now.I had a freeze put on and does not show.My birth date is wrong and wasn't before.How is this being reported and changed and who has the authority to change this? Is it Identity thieves using it and are we just waiting for the next home,car,credit,or our bank accounts to be purchsed or drained?
FTC Staff
January 08, 2020

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You can dispute errors you see on your credit reports. This FTC article about disputing errors explains what to do and includes a sample letter you can use to tell the credit reporting company about the errors.

Cody gibson
January 20, 2020
There is lies in my report
Michigan No Fault
January 28, 2020
"In addition, in 2015, following state investigations regarding various credit reporting issues, the nationwide CRAs agreed to a multi-state settlement that requires stricter standards for matching records, removal of certain public record information, and restrictions on medical debt reporting." There are two rules in MI Auto No Fault Statue, 1) At Fault 2) No Fault. As a Victim of Identity Theft this stature applies No AMA Report Card, No HIPPA Coverage, No EoB, No Specific Form, No Patient Conformation & No False Claim Act.
January 28, 2020

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