Status of FTC Online Services During 2018 Lapse in Funding

December 28, 2018: The FTC is closed as of midnight Friday, December 28, 2018, due to the lapse in government funding. Website information and social media properties will not be updated until the government reopens. All FTC events are postponed until future notice.

January 11, 2019 ALERT: The Chairman’s Hearing on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century scheduled for January 16 on the topic of broadband is cancelled due to the Government shutdown. A hearing on broadband will be rescheduled, circumstances permitting.

Some online services are available, and some are not. The status of online services is listed below.

The following services WILL NOT be available during the shutdown:

  • National Do Not Call Registry (For consumers)
  • National Do Not Call Registry (For telemarketers)
  • Consumer Sentinel Network (For law enforcement)
  • Complaint Assistant (For filing consumer complaints)
  • (For consumers reporting ID theft)
  • (For consumers reporting international complaints)

The following services WILL be available during the shutdown under these conditions:

  • Premerger

    The Premerger Notification Office (PNO) and the DOJ’s Premerger Office will be OPEN during regular hours to receive HSR filings. The PNO will operate with a limited staff so will NOT answer email or telephone inquiries regarding HSR rules or filing procedures. In addition, Early Termination of waiting periods will NOT be granted during the shutdown.
  • Public Comment

    Public comments can be submitted, using the appropriate web form, through or, but the FTC will take no action on these comments until the government reopens.
  • E-Filing

    Individuals can submit documents to be filed, but the FTC will take no action until the government reopens.
  • FOIA

    FOIA requests may be filed, but they will not be processed until the government reopens.
  • Registered Identification Number (RN) Database

    The RN Database will be available but staff are not available to respond to queries.

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