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CaseProduct Code or TypeLink
AmazonCharges for in-game purchases by minors
AT&TUnauthorized charges
Broadway GlobalImpostor: Government
Centro Natural Corp.Third Party Debt Collection
CPU ServiceBusiness Directory charges
Daniel Chapter OneHealth claims
Direct Benefits GroupPayday Loans
Dolce RefundsTelemarketing: Other
Fair GuideBusiness Directory charges
Fortune Hi-Tech MarketingMulti-Level Marketing
Genesis TodayWeight loss claims
Goldman SchwartzDebt Collection
HerbalifeMulti-Level Marketing
Information Management ForumTimeshare Resales
JK PublicationsCramming charges for adult websites
LumosityUnverified claims of increased intelligence
MercolaSafer tanning beds
Money Now FundingWork-at-Home
NetspendFailed to transfer payments to prepaid cards
One TechnologiesCredit monitoring scheme
Oro MarketingTelemarketing: Other
Payday SupportPayday Loans
Regency FinancialAuto loan negotiator
Rincon Management ServicesThird Party Debt Collection
Tax ClubBusiness Opportunity Scam
T-MobileUnauthorized third party charges
Top Shelf MarketingBusiness Opportunity Scam
TracFoneUnlimited data plans
Vantage FundingPayday Loans
Volkswagen 2.0Misrepresented auto emissions
Volkswagen 3.0Misrepresented auto emissions
Western UnionPayment processing
Zadro HealthHealth claims