$20 million FTC settlement requires Uber to have proof for earnings, auto financing claims

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In promotional materials to attract prospective drivers, ride-hailing company Uber Technologies touted how much money drivers would earn and the favorable terms they could get by financing a car through Uber’s Vehicle Solutions Program. But according to an FTC complaint, Uber exaggerated those earnings claims and misrepresented the terms of its Vehicle Solutions Program. A $20 million settlement stands for the proposition that established truth-in-advertising principles apply to any company making earnings or auto financing claims – and that includes Uber.

Uber said on its website that uberX drivers’ “median income is more than $90,000/year/driver in New York and more than $74,000/year/driver in San Francisco.” The FTC alleges that for at least the year before, the median income earned by uberX drivers in those cities was thousands less than that. Other ads touted hourly rates of $25 for drivers in Boston and Philadelphia, but the FTC says fewer than 10% of them made that much.

In addition, Uber told drivers, “[O]wn a car for as little as $20/day” ($140/week) or lease a car with “payments as low as $17 per day” ($119/week). Uber also promised that the company’s Vehicle Solutions Program “connects drivers with any kind of credit history to the best financing options available” and that drivers who lease cars through its program would have “unlimited miles.”

The complaint challenges those claims as deceptive. The FTC says that from at least late 2013 through April 2015, drivers who participated in the program paid more than advertised, received worse rates on average than consumers with similar credit scores, and are bound by leases with mileage limits.

In addition to a $20 million financial remedy, the order puts protections in place to prohibit false or unsubstantiated claims about drivers’ earnings, auto financing, or leasing terms.


Uber bin underpaid me

I noticed to lease a car was about $450.00 per month. I should buy a car at that rate. It would be mine and I would be free of mileage.

You think that $450.00 is high lease, in oct 2016 UBER charged me $680.00 per month
For a new car lease nice on a Toyota corolla
with unlimited miles

ive tried online to be come a driver after finish app and download my license becavse want to lease car and work'Later got a message talking thanks 4 app' 'And i wouldnt have to worry ill be promised the car gnd 0 is what ill need to pay for leasing car and go to work'But here it almost 3months'still no reply' At first i thouht they just want my data but still waiting 4 reply

How do i get in on this lawsuit against uber?
I got a car through the program and ended up owing them had to turn car in because i was paying over 600 a month

I got the car May 19, 2017 and have had mechanical problems ever since, the drivers seat moves while I'm driving, I was told there were new tires and brakes ...car needs brake pads and rotors after my complaints and Day Toyota checking car I was told there's nothing wrong with the car and I could return it or come pick it up as of August 10,2017 I am returning the car, it's very stressful driving and I'm not getting requests for rides to make the payment..I would like to be part of class action lawsuit because of course I'll end up owing them.... Anyone willing??

I dont even know were to begin......ive never been in soo much debt.....in my life than how i am now with uber......im currently leasing a 2016 Toyota Camry SE I'm paying $161.74 every week 700 a month for a vehicle that at the time of Leasing already needed the two rear tires replaced which I bought them already the tags were due the following month and the vehicle was making a noise from the right front axle when I called Midway Auto the dealer I got the car from and address the issue with the vehicle my agent immediately put me on hold and transfered me over to his manager which was completly rude by the way and refused to help me at all..... my concern was not to move the vehicle due to the fact that I did not know what was wrong with it and didn't want to make the problem worse if it had one I let him know that and his response was drive the car down here and I'll take a look at it and I told him I can take it I can risk it but if the car messes up from here to the dealer who's going to cover it me or you guys ignored my question multiple times and even got angry at me for demanding a response......hung up on me.... i had to take the car to the toyota dealer myself for a 4point inspection car was fixed .....thankfully.... I contacted Uber support xchangeleasing and all they toldme was if I'm unhappy with the vehicle I can return it after 2 weeks (still having to pay those 2 weeks) so I decided to keep the car and keep working try to make it work which was a horrible idea I had a ticket due on another vehicle which is now doubled up my insurance is overdue the tags are overdue and after over fees deductions and vehicle payments im left broke with 25$ if that sometimes 1 penny if im lucky im a single parent i take care of my soon so fulltime isnt really an option but i try to squeeze as many hours as i can during the week while having to be there for my son....sometimes driving 23 hours straight to make atleast the car payment....uber has been screwing me over since the beginning when I first started I started with a company called fanda Transit they rented the vehicle for you but you were paid every week for the vehicle 28 days in total you have to complete 40 hours in a week in order to keep 60% of your check anything lower than that you only get 50% they manage to get my password and my email or sign in ID for Uber change it into their own and take complete control of my account without my consent when I would tell uber if I could get my password i would get stupid responses unrelated to my question.... fanda Transit kept my 250$ for starting and my $500 after 75 trips......also 250$ security deposit from 3 seperate vehicles each i rented left me with a balance due after returning all 3 vehicles i had to pay 200$ each took off with my account locked and dissappeared.......hertz the rental company that uber partnered with and uber them selves had no clue who that company was and how the got into my account or where my money was.....or how i would get it back.......all uber said was they don't owe me anything ive been paid and that theyll hand my claim over to their legal team so they can look it over....its been 4 months and no response.........when i ask support about my claim they never respond.....but they quick to take my money for the car.........unreal and unacceptable. .....the stress ive been goin through is beyond words..please help im begging you

Please give information to be added to the list for this settlement.

I need to be added to list

I need to know what should i do to make sure i am added in the list .

Need to know aa to what i should do as i am also a victim of paying a very high amount nearly 900$ each month for the toyota camery that i had leased thru uber

Í paid toyota camry 369 week for 3.5 years.

I leased a car from them and need info about adding to the list.

I also need to be added to the list. What do i need to do?

Do drivers need to do anything to be part of this?

I started with my own car. It was still listed and could switch if i wanted. Problem was it took 91 oct. Gas has supercharged 6 cycl engine. So i leased 2016 nissaun sentra in august. $173 52 a week thats over $700 a month. I could lease an austin healey spyder for that amount. 5 weeks in a row they take $173.52 on the 6th week they took $310 the story goes on and i get evicted from my apt. After they took me off platform for over a week during around halloween. I was rearended it was my fault and i was qble to snap bumper back on and wax out any scratches. Still never the less had it been crunched i still had a second car that they knew i had. I was cut off from everything including my past earnings. You couldnt even tell i had been rearended and the only reason i told them was because i had 3 passengers at the time i was hit and wanted them to get their money back. I never recieved any copy of my leaseing contract or anything else. I was informed if i wanted to use their insurance i would have to pay$1000 deductible and it wasnt my fault! So customers / riders keep that in mind. Your driver will have to pay $1000 if you are in a car accident no matter who is at fault. I glad no one was injured!

How do we get our money they owe us?

I am an uber lease driver in maimi, fl. The payouts with uber per mile is too low to make the car payments for the lease, the high commercial insurance, gasoline, vehicle maintenance, and other overhead cost of operating an efficient transportation vehicle. I cannot afford to keep the lease and and pay the overhead costs, if uber does not lower their commission payout, or increase the payouts per miles. Please inform me on how an uber driver involved in the uber lease program, can receive some of the uber FTC settlement payout. Thank you.

How Do I Go About Being Added To The List?

I drove for uber more than 3 years as a uber-x , then I wanted to go into uber-suv, because It was not possible to support a family driving uber-x, which was paying $0.90 a mile plus not even paying the correct amount of our hard earned money , and i never got my tips , all the drivers didn't get their own tips, anyway I promised that if I get a newer model Chevy Suburban , Lincoln Navigation or GMC eater one, and prepare few documents like TCP # , airport permit , comercial insurance, i could operate uber-suv, which I could earn $4.00 a mile , instead $0.90 , to make the story short , i ended up buying that expensive SUV but didn't able to use it in uber , they never opened account saying don't accept SUV in Los Angeles at this moment, then I found out that they were selling the account under the table for $5k.-10k. , so I gave up and sold the truck for half price, losing $14k. This people are so greedy that they cheating on their own drivers in every single week's pay check, and the funny thing is that they became a company by combining and using the TCP numbers of the drivers who previously owned and worked in a transportation industry as a limo or shuttle services , inviting them in , to give them additional trips by getting their TCP numbers. I also heard that one lady sued uber for not paying the drivers correctly each week , and they settled down by giving $3000.00 to each driver who had been working for specific time and date, check out it out online .

I also have been leasing a car through Uber, a 2016 Toyota Camry Le. I'm paying $176 a week. I also will like to know if I'm Eligible for the FTC settlement!

I really, really loved my Xchange Leasing vehicle. My issue wth Uber is that I returned the car in November 2017 after being offered a $500 incentive to return the vehicle. Uber never paid me the $500, and in addition, charged me for another two weeks' lease payments, amounting to $275. I was assured by two Uber representatives, over the phone, that I would receive the incentive. I returned the vehicle to my local Greenlight Hub, but Uber sent an email stating that since I was not there in person to hand over the keys, that I would not receive the incentive, contradicting themselves. Moreover, I discovered afterwards that Uber charged me toll fees -- during the two weeks that my vehicle was supposedly sitting in their parking lot! I want in this lawsuit.

Has anyone received any money yet?

I NEED TO BE ADDED TO ANY LAWSUIT ACTION(S) MY CASE IS A SLAM DUNK!! My lease for Uber car is over $883/mo. Xchange leasing stopped taking my earnings aftrer January, so I made weekly payments & just this month I'm emailed a notice that my earnings again (plus $168 wkly) will be deducted and despite payments and deductions my car was repo'd this morning!!! SINCE August 2016 I haven't grossed over a penny a week!!

You can call the Federal Trade Commission to see if your name is on the list for a check. I drove in 14 and all of 15 and it was impossible to earn that amount unless you drove all night seven days a week. Driving day hours you would not even come close. Found out my name was not turned in so what the real qualifications are they are not listing it on there website because there has to more qualifications other than the two yrs they list and income which if you notice they don’t list any amount on there so I’m sure there is another scam involved with this settlement. Oh and good luck asking FTC what the qualification are to even have Uber report your name to them. Because they did not send my info and that was my only job during all of 2015 and I made way under 15 or 20 hour in there fake ads.

I was paying uber $179.54 a week .
And they only paid for oil change till 20,000 mile .
I was paying for oil change for more then 2 years from my pocket .
All that for nothing

I sign up for this settlement & never heard back. I qualify. Dec 10, 2015 i started.

How do I get the money and how do I list my name on it? I have not had any money yet.

American Lease charged me 400.00 a week for a Toyota Avalon 2014 I paid for 2yrs

I just found out about the the 20 million dollars lawsuit and was reading some of the comments pertaining to weekly rental fees and I thought everyone paid 1000 dollars a month, I've really been taken advantage of. I KNOW I qualify .I worked for 9 months over 3000 trips over 300 compliments and one was let go for reasons unknown to me and rented a car from Enterprise for1000 a month for 5 months then financed a car through Enterprise and have been struggling to maintain. Also the EZ PASS fees were taken out like regularly which built up serious late fees. I'm hoping I'm on that list. I've been doing everything possible to not lose the I bought in order to make money. I would appreciate more knowledge in order to go forward.

What happens if you just received lost mall and try to deposit check after deadline?

  Please call the company that the FTC hired to manage the refunds at 1-888-506-8281.

I have not received any information regarding this.... Why not?

I've driven for Uber for 4yrs. And this is my 1st time hearing of this settlement. I've leased a car & everything. I had it for almost 3yrs. So, how can I get involved????

The FTC sent refund checks to some Uber drivers in July 2018. This FTC article explains that Uber drivers were eligible for a check if they started driving when certain allegedly deceptive ads ran in certain cities and states (generally in 2014 and 2015), and they did not make the promised income.

I have a car that i leased from uber and i pay 111.00 a week. Now the car in question. Needs a major repair and i am still paying for the car and can not. Drive it. Called to fi d out what to do and Iam getting the run around. How do i be a part of the class action lawsuit?

What if you drove for uber in 2017 and leased a car with uber , but never received anything including a letter. In my opinion it was a total RIP off.

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