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Thinking about replacing a company car or truck? Unless you take some security steps before selling the vehicle, you could be leaving behind a water bottle or two, some change under the seat – and a massive amount of corporate and personal data.

Systems in newer cars do a great job keeping you and your employees connected while on the road. But like laptops and smartphones, your company cars may be storing more information than you realize – data that could be accessible to the next person in the driver seat. That could include contact lists and other data downloaded when you synced your phone, log-ins for apps, location data, and even garage entry codes for your office or home.

To be on the safer side, here are steps to take before turning in your old company car:

  • Clear the stored data. Some vehicles have a factory reset option that will return the settings to their original state.
  • Clear any connections between your old car and your devices – for example, apps that let you locate the car in a parking lot or control vehicle functions remotely.
  • Cancel or transfer subscription services like satellite radio or wi-fi hotspots.

Of course, the process varies by make and model. So take one last nostalgic read through the owner’s manual for details. Still have questions? Contact the dealer or visit the manufacturer’s website.


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