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Last year, we heard from small business owners about their cybersecurity challenges at a series of roundtable discussions the FTC hosted with some of its partners. What we learned is that small business owners need and want information on how to keep their computer systems and business data safe. So we’re planning to provide that to them. Later this year, the FTC will launch a small business education campaign on cybersecurity, in partnership with other federal agencies.

Specifically, they told us they want clear, easy-to-use resources about cyber threats and how to deal with them. Most business owners we met said they’re concerned about human error — their own employees or themselves doing something that inadvertently would compromise the business’ systems. Phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, tech support scams, and imposter scams are among their top cybersecurity concerns. Mobile device security, cloud security, wireless connections, email authentication, and what to look for when purchasing web hosting services are also topics they’d like to know more about.

The FTC business education campaign will cover those and other cybersecurity topics based on what we learned at the roundtable discussions. With these materials, business owners will be able to learn more about cybersecurity and train their employees, and will add to the resources currently available at

We share our plans for this business education campaign and other specifics about what we heard from small business owners in the new FTC’s staff perspective report Engage, Connect, Protect: The FTC’s Projects and Plans to Foster Small Business Cybersecurity. If you want to be notified when the campaign materials are ready, send us an email to or stay tuned to this blog.


David Atwater
April 16, 2018
Government does little to nothing for us in small all have endless staffs doing little to nothing, spending your time on staying on the right side of politics and "current issues." We have NO TIME for this super high tech baloney that we fight every day. We work hard trying to stay ahead of all the people in government how are hell bent on putting us out of business. I see this as more useless government propaganda......
TK McRoberts
May 14, 2018
I for one, appreciate any guidance. I have spent hours sifting through materials trying to develop a Best Practices policy for security and privacy and everything has been geared towards big business with mega dollars to spend. The small business is just as likely to get "attacked" as the larger businesses and some of us care about keeping our systems safe. Thank you!
Charlie Tupitz…
August 10, 2018
I really appreciate the efforts of the FTC to help unify messaging coming from the government in a way that is easy to understand. There are many voices speaking at small businesses. It gets confusing. Understanding the basic principals of the NIST CyberSecurity Framework to establish a common lexicon is important to facilitate collaboration with customers and partners as well as product and service providers. Many large organizations have large portions of their business eco-system. This makes the FTC work even more important to all sized ones.

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