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Right now DC is the place to be for people interested in the latest on consumer privacy and data security. The FTC’s third PrivacyCon begins at 9:15 ET on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, with opening remarks from Acting Chairman Ohlhausen. Like the first two PrivacyCons, this year’s event features many of the biggest names in the research world discussing their findings.

But this time there’s more. Three new additions: 1) a deeper dive into the privacy and security implications of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality; 2) a special focus on the economics of privacy; 3) and a session during the lunch break to showcase the research of students with the potential to be the tech stars of tomorrow. 

If you couldn’t make it to Washington, watch the live webcast from a link we’ll post moments before the curtain goes up on PrivacyCon. Or follow the conversation as FTC staff tweets from @FTC using the hashtag #PrivacyCon18.






Bernadette Henderson
August 09, 2018
Please change the name of this. PrivacyCon. I find it condascending and offensive. In light of the abuses by companies to consumers around privacy, big data theft and sales, now allowed to take information not related to their business, etc. the name scfeams at me CON. Because when FTC and any gov agency that should get involved on bahalf of us, do not, we feel conned. When these companies tell us if you do not give us access to your information and that we will not disclose "third parties" ever to you dear consumer or you cannot surf, read, purchase, participate on our site, we have been conned. I cant imagine going to, say, Nordstroms bricks and mortar all these years and being stopped at the door. I am told if I do not let them go through my purse, my wallet, I cannot be allowed into the store. Its exactly the same thing. And you wont print this because you wont. You havent printed my comments before and you wont now.

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