It’s illegal to ban honest reviews

Congress unanimously passed the Consumer Review Fairness Act to protect people’s ability to share in any forum their honest opinions about a business’ products, services, or conduct. Some companies had been using contract provisions – including their online terms and conditions – to threaten to sue consumers or penalize them financially for posting negative reviews or complaints. The new law makes that illegal.

FTC staff just issued Consumer Review Fairness Act: What Businesses Need to Know with to-the-point guidance on what the law means for your company.



I personally just take the good with the bad. But I know for sure a lot of my negative are bogus, from competitors, my ex- wife, etc. What kind of protection can you offer us for anonymous, bogus, negative, dishonest reviews?

You can't. People have to understand some of the comments come from the sources you listed.

What about social review sites that ban good reviews like YELP. They deliberately ban the good reviews so that businesses will buy their service.

People should be aware that Yelp is a scam and ignore it.

This works the way around as well. The ignore bad reviews.. not sure how to validate is the business is paying some kind of "advertising fee".

This is an excellent move that should bring a greater degree of fairness to the consumer. Now if only there would be action by the FCC towards the cable companies. Complaints do not go far since the cable companies have had their lobbyists on the job 24/7. When the FCC begins to demonstrate that they know who
they've been established to protect
maybe consumers will be heard.

The FCC has already taken action, you can use a satellite provider.

I am concerned as most negative reviews I have seen have more to do with hawaii as a place , or as a source to black mail accommodation to get a free place or break a agreement that costs the property hold
If 7-17 people turned away and the property lets them walk and loses out on the ability to rent and consumers lose out on the ability to rent in a time of limited rentals
First it's just a demand with no complaint
Denies any attempt to find out or correct the issue
They Usually site hawaii geckos turkeys or just make general
Far sweeping unfactual negative statements and do not give the property a chance to address there concern
There are no laws or protections to stop the black mail and slander of businesses by trolls online
What's really hard is the no factual nature which is misleading to others
And hurts business hard

I posed a negative review of a roofing company on yelp and the company bribed yelp to remove it

That's how Yelp works, it's a scam. Post your review again, or have somebody else post it. At least you can cause the roofing company more money.

GOOD to all consumer

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