Sun sets on Sunrise Nutraceuticals’ unproven claims to beat opiate addiction

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For people struggling with opiate addiction – and the family and friends who love them – the claim that Elimidrol would let them “permanently overcome withdrawal – the first time” sounded like the miracle they’d been hoping for. But according to a lawsuit filed by FTC, it was just another broken promise. A settlement with Sunrise Nutraceuticals, the Boca Raton-based business behind Elimidrol, will require the company to have appropriate scientific evidence before making similar claims or other health-related representations.

According to Sunrise, Elimidrol would provide “powerful relief for all opiate withdrawals including prescription opiates, heroin, methadone, and suboxone.” Ads for Elimidrol touted it as “America’s #1 scientifically formulated detox support supplement that will provide you with the strength and comfort to successfully overcome opiate withdrawal by alleviating the intense mental and physical discomfort during the process.”

Don’t just take our word for it, the company claimed. In addition to dramatic testimonials, ads touted a “very high success rate.”

So just what was in the product advertised as so effective that it could counteract addicts’ overwhelming craving for opiates, including heroin? A mix of vitamins, minerals and herbs – including magnolia bark, passionflower herb, oat bran, and “lemon balm aerial parts.”

Filed in federal court in Florida, the FTC’s amended complaint alleged that Sunrise and managing member Joshua Erickson didn’t have proof to back up their promises. Under the terms of the proposed settlement, they’ll need human clinical testing to support disease-related claims, including claims about opiate dependence, addiction, or withdrawal. Other health-related representations will need the support of competent and reliable scientific evidence. The stipulated order also includes a judgment of almost $1.4 million. The defendants will turn over $235,000, with the remaining amount suspended based on their financial condition.

The message for marketers: Don’t promise easy answers to complicated medical conditions unless you have sound science on your side.



Am I too late to sign up for this? Thank you.

I had gotten this product and it was the worst product!!! It didn't even take away anything or do anything like it said it was going to do and it was the worst tasting ever

I purchased this Elimidrol product for my wife who was wanting to. One off of methadone after 12 plus years. However once it arrived the stuff had su h a harsh taste my wife actually three it all up after the first two times taking it. When she was finally able to keep it down she said that it actually age her feel even worse than she did before even taking the god awful tasting powder. I even tried to drink a glass of the ELIMIDROL and it made me even sicker than it made my wife!! I have to say this was one of the worse purchases we ever made. So I feel the lawsuit is legitimate because it actually does t do what it is said to do as far as helping with the awful withdrawals of Methadone. We also paid the $100 plus dollars for another product. Called withdrawal Ease that 've in a day and night time formula which to me seemed far fetched why would you need to make two different formulas one for daytime then another for night time!! I can tell you why.well it's so they can charge $50 for each bottle the day and night formulas actually it wasn't any better than the Elimadrol is just another fly by nite company making promises to people who. Really want to get away from the clutches of opioids but to be lied to and cheated out of your hard earned money and to get absolutely nothing in return is simply unAmerican.

I purchased Elimidrol 3 years ago while detoxing off Methadone. It didn’t work at all! I even called to complain. How are you able to sue when there’s no proof unless it’s in their data base. I don’t know if withdrawal ease is associated with Elimidrol but if so I bought that also I even have the night time bottle still. So how do I get my money back without proof???

Doesn’t the company offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t like it? I just ordered and now after reading all your complaints, I’m worried. I ordered because of the money back guarantee and feeling like I have nothing to lose. Also payed via PayPal who also supports you in purchases and promises made. I have been researching for weeks, getting off of suboxone. And I didn’t see any promises from Elimidrol site itself on the matter. I actually read hundreds maybe thousands of people’s post and other forums for this purpose, claiming that Elimidrol is the #1 product to get off of these meds. I’m really confused by all of these comments here. I do know that meds and vitamins effect every one differently. Hopefully I didn’t just waste $150! They are listed for $75 each

I was on the suboxone program. And have not used heroin in now 14yrs . HOWEVER. IT WAS NOT I REPEAT NOT to be used as a long term regiment like I was told. I was also told it was approved for use in 2005 when I begann treatment at 3.5 8mg pills per day. I did all the counci meeting drug and aalcohol. In 2016 I stoppedtaking my meds that's 11yrs. I wasn't told I would have eextremely badwithdrawals, halhsinazations, paranoia, anxiety. Still have extreme body Pain teeth just keep falling out and was left to sufder not understanding what was wrong. Still now 2018 suffering and struggling to rebuild. and aa a result lost my business my friend all my trust in dr. Meds or people. After researching the time i started there was only 6patients in my state ultimately the FDA approval didn't matter till 2007. I've tried to contact lawyer no response. I suffer. The meds saved my life gave me a chance to live again but all most if it hasn't ruined me now.

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