Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act isn’t just about credit. If your company uses background checks in making personnel decisions, the FTC reminds you of your obligations under the FCRA. In honor of Throwback Thursday, here’s an unconventional old-school summary of key requirements under federal law. Spin the mirrored disco ball and join us on the dance floor for “F-C-R-A.”

There’s a law that applies
When a prospect’s
Background you scrutinize.
Just remember
To dot all the i’s.
Get consent in written format.

Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?
Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?
Exercise care with that consumer report
If you’re eager to stay out of court.

You like ‘em a lot,
But the screening
Reveals a bit of a blot.
The law says
You must give them a shot
To explain misinformation.

Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?
Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?
Give them the form summarizing their rights.
It includes the essential cites.

If adverse
Action’s what you decide,
Give the reason
Why they were denied,
And the source of
The report you supplied.
And their right to one more copy.

Once your
Decision is sure,
Take steps to
Keep disposal secure.
Need more details?
Well, we have a brochure
To deter unlawful access.

Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?
Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?
The report you must shred, burn, or pulverize
To protect it from prying eyes.

Are you OK with the F-C-R-A?  (repeat and fade)

Have more questions about how the FCRA applies in the hiring process? Read Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know – or consult your in-house cowboy or motorcycle policeman.



Fond memories of my days at 54 with Bianca, Andy, Truman, Mick and Grace.

I love it! Time for a Youtube rap video to go along with it!


This is what I pay my government for?!

When will the FTC drop the album? I'm not a fan of rap, but I'll take it over the legal language used on some of the links you click.... Trying to read that without going to sleep is unlikely... Unless you're not an attorney or a member of Congress, forget it...

I am appalled that Ive built my credit with this one account dated back in 2007 and I was told that per FCRA that this account will be REMOVED!!! 11/2017 10 YEARS

How are consumers able to show LENGTH OF CREDIT HISTORY!!!...If you removed thier longest standing account on record..I have been in the credit /finance industry for over 25 years and never heard of such nonsense...THIS HURTS EVERY consumer in the country..Removing POSTIVE info that we worked hard for...CHANGE YOUR LAWS....Talk to FTC and do something..

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