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Set a reminder now for Tuesday, July 27, 2021, to make sure you’re up on the latest research about privacy and data security. That’s the date of the FTC’s sixth annual PrivacyCon and you’re invited to participate virtually.

PrivacyCon 2021 brings together a broad range of tech voices to share their latest research on up-to-the-minute topics. Free and open to the public, the event will convene at 9:00 AM Eastern Time with remarks from Commissioner Slaughter and FTC Chief Technologist Erie Meyer. Here’s a preview of the PrivacyCon panels:

  • Algorithms, including a special presentation on algorithmic bias;
  • Privacy – Considerations and Understanding, focusing on consumer perception of privacy notices, opt-out statements, defaults, etc.;
  • AdTech, taking a deeper dive into ad targeting and tracking;
  • Internet of Things, featuring perspectives on the privacy implications of voice assistants and other at-home IoT;
  • Privacy – Children and Teens, exploring parental controls and the state of teen privacy in the app marketplace; and
  • Privacy and the Pandemic, evaluating lessons learned from how scammers exploited COVID-19.

Follow the PrivacyCon 2021 page for links to the research, which we’ll upload soon. No pre-registration is required. On July 27th, you can watch the webcast live on


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