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Lists of Privacy Act Systems of Records Currently Maintained by the FTC

What are Privacy Act System of Records Notices? Below is a list of every FTC "system" of electronic and/or paper records that contain personally identifiable information protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. Each system of records notice (SORN) below describes what, why, and how we collect, maintain, and use records in that system. We update the SORN if and when we make any system changes. Some of these systems maintain information from or about individuals within the FTC, such as our official personnel system. Other FTC systems maintain information from or about individuals outside the FTC, such as our consumer complaint system. If a system listed below contains your personal information, and you want to request access, please visit our Make a FOIA Request page.

Table of Contents - System Number and System Name

I. Law Enforcement Systems of Records

I-1 -- Nonpublic Investigational and Other Nonpublic Legal Program Records -- FTC. [PDF]
I-2 -- Disciplinary Action Investigatory Files -- FTC.  [PDF]
I-3 -- Informal Advisory Opinion Request and Response Files -- FTC.  [PDF]
I-4 -- Clearance Application and Response Files -- FTC.  [PDF]
I-5 -- Matter Management System -- FTC.  [PDF]
I-6 -- Public Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
I-7 -- Office of Inspector General Investigative Files -- FTC.  [PDF]
I-8 -- Stenographic Reporting Services Request System -- FTC.  [PDF]
II. Federal Trade Commission Personnel Systems of Records

II-1 -- General Personnel Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-2 -- Unofficial Personnel Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-3 -- Worker's Compensation -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-4 -- Employment Application-Related Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-5 -- Equal Employment Opportunity Statistical Reporting System -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-6 -- Discrimination Complaint System -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-7 -- Ethics Program Records -- FTC. [PDF]
II-8 -- Employee Adverse Action and Disciplinary Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-9 -- Claimants Under Federal Tort Claims Act and Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act -- FTC. [PDF]
II-10 -- Employee Health Care Records -- FTC. [PDF]
II-11 -- Personnel Security, Identity Management, and Access Control Records System -- FTC.  [PDF]
II-12 -- Learning Management System -- FTC.  [PDF]
III. Federal Trade Commission Financial Systems of Records

III-1 -- Personnel Payroll System -- FTC.  [PDF]
III-2 -- Travel Management System -- FTC. [PDF]
III-3 -- Financial Management System -- FTC.  [PDF]
III-4 -- Automated Acquisitions System -- FTC.  [PDF]
III-5 -- Employee Transportation Program Records -- FTC.  [PDF]

IV. Correspondence Systems of Records

IV-1 -- Consumer Information System -- FTC.  [PDF]
IV-2 -- Miscellaneous Office Correspondence Tracking System Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
IV-3 -- National Do Not Call Registry System -- FTC.  [PDF]

V. Access Requests

V-1 -- Freedom of Information Act Requests and Appeals -- FTC.  [PDF]
V-2 -- Privacy Act Requests and Appeals -- FTC.  [PDF]

VI. Mailing List Systems of Records

VI-1 -- Mailing and Contact Lists -- FTC.  [PDF]

VII. Miscellaneous Systems of Records

VII-1 -- Automated Library Management System -- FTC.  [PDF]
VII-2 -- Employee Locator (STAFFID) System -- FTC.  [PDF]
VII-3 -- Computer Systems User Identification and Access Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
VII-4 -- Call Detail Records -- FTC.  [PDF]
VII-5 -- Property Management System -- FTC.  [PDF]
VII-6 -- Document Management and Retrieval System -- FTC.  [PDF]
VII-7 -- Information Technology Service Ticket System -- FTC.  [PDF]
VII-8 -- Administrative Service Call System -- FTC.  [PDF]
Appendix I -- Authorized Disclosures and Routine Uses Applicable to All FTC Privacy Act Systems of Records. [PDF]
Appendix II -- How To Make A Privacy Act Request. [PDF]
Appendix III -- Locations of FTC Buildings and Regional Offices. [PDF]