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Far be it from us to compete with a certain celebrity’s Favorite Things. But with gift-giving season upon us, here are our favorite things – and you can’t beat the price.

For Mom. Moms can be difficult to shop for, but there’s a gift we know she’ll love: fewer annoying robocalls. Help her ring in the season by reducing the ring of those exasperating – and illegal – intrusions. Give her tips on stopping unwanted calls. No gift wrap necessary!

For Dad. If you have a fitness-conscious father who’s getting a head-start on his New Year’s resolutions, help him protect his wallet – and his well-being – from products making unfounded promises. Three publications from the FTC – The Truth Behind Weight Loss Ads, Tips for Buying Exercise Equipment, and Dietary Supplements – are “best sellers” to help him evaluate advertising claims.

For Granddad. Whether Pops is an early adopter of the latest tech toy or a relative newbie, even astute consumers can be targeted by fraudsters who falsely claim to be contacting them by phone or pop-up about a purported computer problem. Our gift recommendation: tips on how to spot, avoid and report a tech support scam.

For Grandma. Is your grandmother an over-the-river-and-through-the-woods type, a dynamic corporate executive, or both? No matter what, she’d spring into action if she thought a family member was in need. But we’ll bet the farm (or downtown loft) that the call claiming to be from a relative needing money wired immediately (or even a gift card number) is really from a scammer. Here’s something we know she can use: information about family emergency scams.

For looking-for-love aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. The holidays are a time to catch up on the latest news from relatives. But if they’re swooning over a new sweetheart they have yet to meet, we recommend a gift that can save them big bucks and broken hearts: the basics on how to spot a romance scam.

For entrepreneurial in-laws. There’s one in every family: that relative who is always searching for the secret to life in the financial fast lane. But before they sink their savings into an investment implosion or biz opp flop, share the FTC’s advice on evaluating work-at-home offers and other business opportunities.

For business-minded brothers and sisters. Sure, there are lots of business publications out there. But how many offer an inside-the-FTC perspective on false advertising, data protection, and financial practices at a cover price of zero? May we suggest that you suggest they subscribe to the Business Blog?

Happy holidays to all.


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