Office of Public Affairs

Lindsay Kryzak, Director

The mission of the Office of Public Affairs is to reach, inform, educate, and engage consumers and businesses through media and digital technologies and in collaboration with our internal partners to advance consumer protection and competition. The office is the primary point of contact for all news media inquiries.

Phone: 202-326-2180

Media Contacts

Peter Kaplan
Deputy Director
202-326-2334 |
Juliana Gruenwald Henderson
Technology issues & privacy
202-326-2924 |
Betsy Lordan
Mergers & competition
202-326-3707 |
Mitchell J. Katz
Ad practices & telemarketing
202-326-2161 |
Nicole Drayton
Military & education
202-326-2565 |
Jay Mayfield
Marketing practices, debt collection and lending
202-326-2656 |

Web and Digital Strategy Team

Chris Noonan Sturm
Website Manager
Jason Wolf
Visual Information Specialist
Shani Felder
Digital Communications
Technologies Specialist
Bre'Anna James
Public Affairs Information Specialist
Bryan Acree
Digital Communications Analyst

Support Staff

Bre'Anna James
Public Affairs Information Specialist

Internships in the Office of Public Affairs