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The Division of Consumer and Business Education’s mission is to give people the tools they need to make informed decisions and give businesses the tools they need to comply with the law. The Division creates free, plain language information online, in print, and on video. The objective advice — sometimes targeted to a particular audience — gives people steps they can take to avoid or resolve a problem. People and organizations can take these resources, in English and Spanish, and use them in their own communities. The Division publishes hundreds of blog posts and sends free email alerts to several hundred thousand subscribers. It also participates in hundreds of outreach events nationwide, including webinars, trainings and presentations. The Division collaborates closely with other offices within the agency and with many public and private sector partners.

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Information for consumers

The Division manages multiple websites with information for consumers, including:  

  • find hundreds of articles, blog posts, and videos on a wide range of issues. You can also sign up to receive our blog posts by email. Available in Spanish at
  • – get plain and simple tips on managing and using your money wisely, using credit and loans carefully, and protecting your identity and money. Available in Spanish at
  • Pass It On – find materials and videos for active older adults. Pass It On is a research-based campaign to share information about fraud and encourage people to share the information. Millions of pieces of Pass It On educational material have been distributed.
  • – helps servicemembers, veterans and their families find resources on avoiding fraud and making better-informed decisions when managing money. This site is part of the Military Consumer campaign with the U.S. Department of Defense, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and Military Saves.
  • – report identity theft, create a user account, and get a detailed, customized recovery plan. Hundreds of thousands of identity theft victims have created personalized recovery plans using this innovative, award-winning website, which the Division operates with the Division of Consumer Response and Operations.

Information for businesses

The Division also manages websites with information for business people, attorneys, and other professionals.

  • The Business Center – find articles, videos, and other materials with business guidance on a broad range of subjects related to consumer protection law, including our Start with Security and Stick with Security campaigns, which aims to help businesses protect customer data.  You can also sign up to receive Business Alerts by email. 
  • – find materials designed to help small business owners avoid scams and protect their networks from cyberattacks and other threats. The site has videos, articles, blog posts, and other resources to help small business owners learn and train their employees, including the Scams and Your Small Business publication, which describes common scams and the steps businesses can take.

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