Tweeting FTC Events

FTC staff live-tweets workshops, roundtables, and seminars hosted by the Commission. The FTC will announce a hashtag when it plans to live-tweet a workshop on Twitter, and through a press release or other FTC outreach.

Participants can watch live webcasts and follow the FTC’s Twitter account to submit questions to moderators and panelists online. The FTC will tweet highlights of the workshop, and occasionally retweet other comments about the event. Retweets do not equal endorsements. The goal is to share general information from the event as it happens. Comments are attributed to the individual panelists, moderators, and submitted questions. These tweets do not reflect the views of the Commission.

For more information about FTC events, check out our Events Calendar.

The following is a list of transcripts from events the FTC has live-tweeted:

The "Sharing" EconomyJune 2015FTC held a public workshop to explore the sharing economy issues facing platforms, participants and regulators. Staff tweeted the workshop from the agency’s main @FTC account.#sharingeconomy
Examining Health Care CompetitionFebruary 2015The FTC and the Department of Justice Antitrust Division held a public workshop to study recent developments in health care provider organization and payment models. Staff from the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Policy Planning live-tweeted the two-day event from the @FTC Twitter account.#FTChealthcare
Big DataSeptember 2014FTC held a workshop to explore the use of big data on American consumers. Staff from the Office of Public Affairs and the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection live-tweeted the day-long workshop from the @TechFTC Twitter account.#BigData
Consumer Generated & Controlled Health DataMay 2014FTC hosted a seminar, Consumer Generated & Controlled Health Data. The seminar was the third in its Spring Privacy Series. OPA staff live-tweeted the 2-hour seminar from the @FTC Twitter account.#FTCpriv
Care LabelingMarch 2014FTC hosted a public roundtable regarding proposed changes to the agency’s Care Labeling Rule.#FTCclr
Health Care CompetitionMarch 2014FTC’s Office of Policy Planning hosted a public workshop to study certain activities and trends that may affect competition in evolving health care industry.#FTChealthcare
Alternative Scoring ProductsMarch 2014FTC’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection continued its Spring Privacy Series in Washington, D.C., on alternative scoring products.#FTCpriv
Mobile Device TrackingFebruary 2014FTC’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection hosted the first of its three Spring Privacy Series seminars in Washington, D.C., this one on mobile device tracking.#FTCmobile
Follow-on BiologicsFebruary 2014FTC hosted a one-day workshop to explore competition issues involving biologic medicines and follow-on biologics.#FTCfob
2011-2013 FTC Workshop Tweets