Events Calendar

February 1

1 Feb
Join experts from the Identity Theft Resource Center and the FTC for a 30-minute discussion of identity theft during the pandemic — and steps you can take to protect your personal information. We’ll explore topics including identity theft involving unemployment benefits, federal...

February 3

3 Feb
The FTC will take over the Identity Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC’s) LinkedIn Story to offer tips on protecting yourself against identity theft. Visit the ITRC’s LinkedIn page to learn about different types of identity theft, their warning signs, and how to recover if identity theft...

February 4

4 Feb
The AARP Fraud Watch Network talks with Shameka Walker, the FTC’s Identity Theft Program Manager, about COVID-19-related identity theft, current trends, and how to protect yourself. Join the conversation on the AARP Fraud Watch Network Facebook Page.

February 5

5 Feb
Shameka Walker, the FTC’s Identity Theft Program Manager, and ITRC leaders Eva Velasquez and James Lee, talk about current trends in identity theft, the impact of COVID-19-related identity theft, and tips to help keep your personal information safe on the ITRC podcast, The Fraudian...
5 Feb
Acting Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter panelist at the GCR Antitrust Law Leaders Forum regarding mergers titled "The Enforcer's View." The event is open to the public and media for panels with government officials speaking. To join the event register using the following link: https...

February 10

10 Feb
Acting Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter will provide keynote address at the Future of Privacy Forum: 11th Annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers. To register use the following link:

February 12

12 Feb
Commissioner Christine S. Wilson will participate in a keynote panel at the Silicon Flatirons, University of Colorado flagship conference. The event is virtual and is open to the public and media. Please see the event link:

February 24

24 Feb
Acting Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter will participate as a panelist at the OECD Competition Open Day Keynote Panel: Competition Policy in the Economic Recovery. The event is virtual and is open to the public and the media. Join via:
24 Feb
Commission Meeting Closed to the Public: Consideration of nonpublic law enforcement matters 11:30 AM EDT via Zoom. The vote to close the meeting for the law enforcement matters was 4-0. Expected to attend the closed meeting are the Commissioners themselves and such other Commission...