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Detroit Field Office, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
11411 East Jefferson Avenue Detroit MI 48214

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Event Description

Join law enforcement and consumer advocates for this free event to discuss issues affecting Michigan’s consumers. Learn about emerging trends and new and existing challenges. Explore ways to collaborate and share information and resources. Discussions will include recent consumer fraud trends, debt collection, mortgage fraud, identity theft, and scams affecting seniors and recent immigrants.

  • 8:30 am

    Registration & Check-in

    9:00 am

    Welcome and Opening Remarks

    • Mike Klinger
      USCIS Field Office Director
    • Lorray S.C. Brown, Co-Director
      Michigan Poverty Law Program
    • Katharyn Barron, Consumer Protection Division Chief
      MI Atty General
    • Daniel L. Lemisch, First Assistant US Attorney
      E.D. Michigan
    • Daniel Kaufman, Deputy Director
      Federal Trade Commission
      Bureau of Consumer Protection
    9:30 am

    Fraud Targeting Particular Communities

    Discussion of consumer fraud, including emerging trends in debt collection, payday lending, sale of property, unauthorized practice of immigration law, identity theft, and fraud affecting vulnerable populations


    • Larissa Bungo, Assistant Regional Director
      Federal Trade Commission
    • Lorray Brown, Co-Director & Consumer Law Attorney
      Michigan Poverty Law Program
    • Ruby Robinson, Supervising Attorney
      Michigan Immigrant Rights Center
    • Alvaro Puig, Consumer Education Specialist,
      Division of Consumer and Business Education
      Federal Trade Commission
    • Erma Thomas, Supervising Attorney
      Neighborhood Legal Services

    10:45 am

    11:00 am

    Case Studies in Mass Fraud / Recent Consumer Fraud Trends

    • Christopher Panek, Attorney,
      Federal Trade Commission
    • Joon Sung, Director of Litigation,
      Lakeshore Legal Aid
    • Scott Teter, Criminal Section Head
      Corporate Oversight Division
      MI AG
    • Karl Hansen, Fraud Team Leader,
      U.S. Postal Inspection Service
    • Karen Reynolds, Asst. U.S. Attorney,
      E.D. Mich.
    • Lee Janice, Asst. U.S. Attorney
      E.D. Mich.

    12:15 pm

    Lunch Provided by Michigan Poverty Law Program

    1:00 pm

    Breakout Sessions
    Introduction by Larissa Bungo, Federal Trade Commission

    Attendees will break out into small groups to discuss the challenges, opportunities and ways we can better collaborate on these issues:

    • debt collection and payday lending  (Lorray Brown)
    • mortgage fraud/sale of property on land contract  (Joon Sung)
    • identity theft & online safety  (Katharyn Barron)
    • outreach to hard to reach populations  (Alvaro Puig)
    • scams affecting immigrants  (Ruby Robinson)
    • scams affecting seniors (Erma Thomas)

    2:15 pm

    2:25 pm

    Reconvene and Report; Identify Next Steps
    Jon Miller Steiger, Regional Director
    Federal Trade Commission

    2:55 pm

    Wrap-Up; Action Items; Closing Remarks
    Jon Miller Steiger, Regional Director
    Federal Trade Commission


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