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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff v. Denny Lake, individually and also d/b/a JD United, U.S. Crush, Advocacy Division, Advocacy Department, Advocacy Agency, and Advocacy Program; Chad Caldaronello a/k/a Chad Carlson and Chad Johnson, C.C. Enterprises, Inc., also d/b/a HOPE Services, Trust Payment Center, and Retention Divisions; Derek Nelson a/k/a Dereck Wilson; D.N. Marketing, Inc., also d/b/a HAMP Services and Trial Payment Processing; Brian Pacios a/k/a Brian Barry and Brian Kelly; and Justin Moreira a/k/a Justin Mason, Justin King, and Justin Smith, Defendants; and Cortney Gonsalves, Relief Defendant
FTC Matter/File Number
112 3136
Civil Action Number
Enforcement Type
Federal Injunctions
Federal Court
Central District of California

Case Timeline