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Work at the FTC

The FTC deals with issues that touch the economic life of every American. In broad sectors of the economy, we are the only federal agency with jurisdiction over both consumer protection and competition.

We pursue vigorous and effective law enforcement. We share our expertise with other federal and state agencies and legislatures, develop policy, and create research tools. We create practical and engaging plain-language educational programs for consumers and businesses to help them navigate a global marketplace full of ever-changing technology.

We provide unique opportunities

At the FTC, we cultivate innovation and excellence in all of our employees. There are numerous possibilities for professional development.

  • Our attorneys litigate their own cases and typically lead cases sooner than they would at a private firm.
  • Our economists are encouraged to pursue scholarly research.
  • Our investigators use an array of investigative tools and data collection methods to gather the evidence at the heart of our cases.
  • Our Honors Paralegals work in Washington, D.C. on a wide variety of projects while exploring their interest in future careers in law, business, or public service.
  • The FTC also hires professionals who work in a variety of mission support areas, including: legal counsel and public policy; Congressional relations; public relations; consumer and business education; building services; information technology; financial management; records management; and human capital management. All of our employees have the opportunity to make substantial contributions to the agency’s critical work of protecting consumers in an ever-changing marketplace.

You also can further your career as an economic research analyst, paralegal, or intern. Please check the application page for instructions.

If you are interested in a career with us, you may want to learn about the different bureaus and offices within the FTC.

  • The Bureau of Competition ensures that our markets are open and free.
  • The Bureau of Consumer Protection prevents fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices.
  • The Bureau of Economics provides scientifically sound, data-driven analysis that informs antitrust, consumer protection, and business regulation policy.
  • The Regional Offices further both the agency’s competition and consumer protection missions through a combination of enforcement and outreach.

Learn more about the mission of the FTC and our many additional supporting offices.

Join us at the FTC!

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