Honors Paralegal Program

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FTC Ranks #1 in the New Inclusion Quotient (IQ) Index in 2018

Each year, we seek out highly skilled individuals to work in Washington, D.C., as part of our Honors Paralegal Program. By joining the program, you can take advantage of substantive training and challenging legal work offered by the FTC. Honors Paralegals may participate in every step of cases at the FTC, from conducting interviews and market research to reviewing company documents, preparing exhibits for trial, and assisting attorneys in the courtroom.

Jumpstart your career

Appointments to the Honors Paralegal Program can last from 14 months to four years. Based on the agency’s needs, Honors Paralegals are appointed to the Bureau of Competition, the Bureau of Consumer Protection, and other offices throughout the Commission.

Most Honors Paralegals are hired in the winter and spring of each year, with the majority of positions being posted in January and February. However, this is not always the case, and we encourage you to check USAjobs.gov throughout the year for Honors Paralegal vacancies.


Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly

My time at the FTC has been invaluable, and I would strongly recommend the Agency's paralegal program to any young professional.