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The Federal Trade Commission’s Criminal Liaison Unit honored Lisa D. Mayberry, a Team Leader in the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s Los Angeles Division, with its 2019 Consumer Shield Award. The Criminal Liaison Unit (CLU) presents the award every two years to recognize a criminal investigator who exemplifies the spirit of cooperation that the CLU seeks to promote.

“American consumers have benefitted immeasurably from the excellent law enforcement partnership between the FTC and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service,” said FTC Associate Director James Kohm. “Lisa’s invaluable service is a great example of that partnership and illustrates why it is so important.”

Ms. Mayberry has provided critical assistance to FTC attorneys on a range of cases combatting fraud over many years, including enforcement actions against those who have deceptively marketed mortgage relief, student loan debt relief, discount clubs, real estate investments, and health products. Her work has helped the FTC identify the people behind these schemes, locate the telemarketing boiler rooms where they operated, and secure evidence at fraudulent business locations. Ms. Mayberry’s support has helped the FTC bring actions halting schemes that defrauded thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars. Her assistance has been a great benefit to American consumers.

The FTC often coordinates with criminal law enforcement to ensure the successful prosecution of fraudsters who prey on American consumers. Since its inception in 2003, the FTC’s CLU has contributed to the successful criminal prosecution of more than a thousand fraudulent telemarketers, phantom debt and mortgage relief scammers, immigration fraudsters, and others who prey on American consumers.

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