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A federal district court judge in San Francisco today signed a settlement negotiated by the Federal Trade Commission and private plaintiffs providing for consumer redress and starting the formal claims process for owners of Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche 3.0 liter TDI diesel cars. The FTC will monitor VW’s compliance with the settlement’s provisions, which include special protections for those serving in the armed forces and those consumers in rural areas who may be far from the nearest dealer.

“Under the Commission’s 2.0 liter and 3.0 liter settlements, Volkswagen will offer consumers over $11 billion in compensation,” Maureen K. Ohlhausen, FTC’s Acting Chairman, said. “We are confident that these orders will fully reimburse injured consumers, while sending a strong message to others that deceptive conduct does not pay.”

As the Federal Trade Commission first announced in February, consumers who bought 3.0 liter vehicles will receive up to $1.2 billion in compensation for Volkswagen’s allegedly misleading “clean diesel” claims, added to the more than $10 billion redress fund already created for 2.0 liter consumers. In all, consumers who bought affected “clean diesel” vehicles will receive up to $11.5 billion, and the court may hold Volkswagen in contempt if it makes deceptive environmental claims in the future.

Consumers can determine if they are eligible for compensation, and if so for how much, at and They can also use these websites to submit claims, make appointments, and receive updates.

These orders, along with those obtained by the Department of Justice and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, conclude the litigation to the tremendous benefit of the American public. The FTC’s and private plaintiffs’ orders provide money to compensate vehicle owners whom VW allegedly defrauded, and protect the public from future violations, while the DOJ and EPA orders provide over $6 billion for environmental relief.

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