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16 CFR 453
Rule Summary

The Funeral Rule requires providers of funeral goods and services to give consumers itemized lists of funeral goods and services that not only state price and descriptions, but also contain specific disclosures. The "General Price List" (GPL) must list all prices for funeral goods and services offered by the funeral provider, although separate price lists may be developed for caskets and outer burial containers. The GPL must contain four disclosures:

  1. the consumer has the right to select only the goods and services desired;
  2. embalming is not always required by local law;
  3. alternative containers are available for direct cremations; and
  4. the only fee which a consumer can be required to pay is a non-declinable basic services fee.

The rule enables consumers to select and purchase only the goods and services they want, except for those which may be required by law and a basic services fee. Also, funeral providers must seek authorization before performing some services, such as embalming.

For more information, see Complying with the Funeral Rule.