Statute, Rules and Formal Interpretations

Statute, Rules and Regulations (GPO ACCESS)

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Formal Interpretations

Informal Interpretations of the HSR Act and Rules

If, after reviewing the statute and rules, you still can't figure out if your transaction structure requires premerger notification, you can contact a Premerger Notification Office (PNO) staff member for informal guidance. This informal advice is not binding on the PNO, Commission staff or the Commission but is provided to assist your determination of reportability. Staff telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are available online.

If you call and receive advice from the PNO, you may confirm the staff member's advice by sending a letter to the PNO. You should address the letter to the staff member and include the date you called, reiterate the facts presented, and state the conclusion reached. Note that letters received are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Letters received can be reviewed in redacted form (confidential information such as names, etc. are removed) on the PNO's informal interpretation database.