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Statute, Rules and Regulations

Statements of Basis and Purpose (SBP)
When a rulemaking is issued, the SBP explains the changes to the rules and the reasoning behind the changes.

(Care should be taken when using the older SBPs because minor errors that are not readily apparent may have occurred in the scanning process. If someone should find such an error, please bring it to our attention.)

Formal Interpretations

Informal Interpretations of the HSR Act and Rules

If, after reviewing the statute and rules, you still need input on whether your transaction structure requires premerger notification, email for informal guidance from Premerger Notification Office (PNO) staff. This informal advice is not binding on the PNO, Commission staff or the Commission, but is provided to assist your determination of reportability. You may review previously provided informal advice in the PNO’s informal interpretation database. Please note that any email asking for advice may be posted to the informal interpretation database.