FTC Premerger Notification Office Contact Information

Please note: HSR filings are exempt from public disclosure by the Clayton Act, Sec. 7A, 15 U.S.C. 18A(h). The Premerger Office and the Antitrust Division’s Premerger Unit cannot provide copies of a filing or provide any information as to whether or not a filing has been made.

The staff of the Premerger Office does not handle consumer complaints. If you have a consumer complaint, please go to The FTC Complaint Assistant.

 Phone and E-Mail
For General Information and Status of Filing (202) 326-3100
For Questions Regarding the HSR Act and Rules
Assistant Director
Jones, Robert L.
(202) 326-2740
Deputy Assistant Director
Walsh, Kathryn E.
(202) 326-2977
Administrative Staff
Kingsberry, Theresa(202) 326-3786
Attorney Staff
Berg, Karen E.(202) 326-2960
Carson, Ty(202) 326-2627
Sheinberg, Sam(202) 326-2308
Six, Anne(202) 326-2799
Whitehead, Nora(202) 326-3262

Requests by filing parties for filing status and transaction numbers should be addressed to the email address premerger@ftc.gov or the general PNO number: (202) 326-3100. All HSR questions concerning the rules should be directed to the email address HSRHelp@ftc.gov.

The Premerger staff receives hundreds of inquiries each week, and thousands every year, asking for interpretations of the HSR statute and rules. Many of the questions can be answered by reference to the statute, rules and information contained on this web site. Given the high volume of inquiries, we recommend that you review these online materials before contacting the PNO. If you still have questions after reviewing these materials, we will be happy to answer questions.

Inquiries should be sent via email to HSRHelp@ftc.gov, preferably after the structure of the transaction is as close as possible to being finalized. When emailing, in order to serve you better, please outline facts and references, including the structure of the transaction and all relevant factors, and present your initial conclusions. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Filings should be submitted to the PNO and the Premerger Unit at DOJ:

Federal Trade Commission
Bureau of Competition
Premerger Notification Office
Constitution Center Building
400 7th St, SW
Room #5301
Washington, DC 20024
Department of Justice
Antitrust Division
Premerger and Division
Statistics Unit
450 Fifth St, NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Telephone: (202) 326-3100Telephone: (202) 514-2558

Special Notice Concerning Delivery of Filings to the Premerger Notification Office

Please note that security measures in place at the Commission may cause delays in the receipt of filings sent via shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS.  All shipped packages must be processed by the mailroom before delivery to the PNO. This processing may take some time. The waiting period for the transaction does not start until receipt of all relevant filings by the PNO.