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Protecting American consumers from illegal business practices is a critical part of the FTC’s mission. The agency mails checks to people across the nation,6 and we hear from these consumers on a regular basis. They post comments to FTC consumer blogs, send thank you notes, and call our toll-free numbers to give feedback and ask questions. We use their feedback to help improve our process, and we appreciate the kind words from people who have received refunds. Because raw numbers do not tell the complete story, we have included a sampling of consumer quotes to highlight how FTC refund programs have had a genuine effect on the lives of real people:

“Thank you for your letter, which I received yesterday with the cheque for $227.13. I am most grateful that the FTC has thwarted the malpractice of the company involved.”
March 28, 2018

“Please pass on to your investigators and litigators my sincere appreciation for their efforts on behalf of the thousands of citizens that fall prey to criminal enterprises. The endless hours of toil that they must devote to catching these types of vipers and getting compensation for their victims must be daunting.”
March 31, 2018

“Just wanted to say Thank You! The refund was a welcome surprise, but the really big thing is knowing that you people are out there, and you’ve got our backs.”
April 5, 2018

“I’m sure that your officers will have spent many months of hard work in perusing this matter, and I would like to thank them.”
April 13, 2018

“Thanks for the refund, but most of all, thanks for the protection.”
March 28, 2018

“It is refreshing to know that the law works to help people when they have been deceived.”
August 24, 2017

“Just to say thank you for watching our back.”
August 24, 2017

6For state level data regarding check mailings, see Appendix B.