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Syngenta and Corteva, FTC v.

The Federal Trade Commission and state partners have filed a complaint in federal court alleging that pesticide manufacturers Syngenta Crop Protection and Corteva, Inc. have used so-called “loyalty” programs to block and restrict generic competition from pesticide markets, leaving farmers to pay elevated prices for crop protection. The complaint seeks to bar Syngenta and Corteva from continuing these programs and from entering into any similar arrangements in the future, and to restore competition to affected markets.

Type of Action
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FTC Matter/File Number
191 0031
Case Status

In Re Bystolic Antitrust Litigation

Citation Number
Federal Court
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
The Commission urges the Second Circuit to reverse the district court’s decision dismissing the private plaintiffs’ reverse-payment complaints for failure to state a claim and clarifies the...