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I want to thank Mike Moiseyev for his dedication and commitment to the Bureau of Competition. Mike has led the Mergers I Division for the past 16-and-a-half years, becoming Assistant Director in 2003. Mike joined the Bureau of Competition in 1989, following law school. He has managed some of the most significant cases in the Bureau during his career. Among the most recent of these are the Bureau’s challenge to the consummated merger of Otto Bock and Freedom and the Commission’s innovative challenge to Illumina’s acquisition of Pacific Biosciences. While these are recent successes, they don’t capture the scope of the cases that Mike has handled, which include innovative antitrust cases on potential competition and the largest divestiture by value by either of the agencies. Mike’s retirement later this month leaves significant shoes to fill in the Mergers I Division. Mike has been a tremendous asset to the Bureau and to the Commission. He will be missed.

While they are big shoes to fill, they do need filling. The Bureau is soliciting applications for the Assistant Director of Mergers I. Information on the position is available here. Applications are due by May 13, 2020.

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