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Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fulfills a twofold mission to protect both competition and consumers in the United States. Individuals at the FTC work together to enforce antitrust laws and to protect the public from fraud, deception, and unfair business practices. The Bureau of Economics (BE) ensures that the FTC’s actions are backed by scientifically sound, data-driven economic analysis. With more than 80 microeconomists, supported by research analysts and statisticians, as well as financial analysts and support personnel, BE plays an essential role in virtually all aspects of the FTC’s mission.


BE strives to maintain a quality of economic analysis that rivals work done in major universities’ economics departments. BE’s most recent economist hires have obtained PhDs from Princeton University, Duke University, University of California – San Diego, and University of Texas at Austin.

Much of the casework done by BE is economic analysis of issues related directly to law enforcement activities, such as case investigation or litigation support. Other activities involve policy analysis and research related to the FTC’s consumer protection and antitrust missions. It is important that FTC economists maintain a current set of theoretical and empirical modeling skills. To this end, independent research is encouraged and supported. FTC economists regularly present their work at seminars and conferences and publish in top journals.

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Being a Statistician within BE presents an opportunity to work on an array of projects that deal closely with issues and industries at the forefront of the nation’s attention. These include FTC investigations with a specific law enforcement purpose (e.g., the investigation of a proposed merger or a business practice with the potential to harm consumers), as well as more wide-ranging investigations and research projects that serve the mission of the FTC.

Statisticians work closely with economists to compile data from public and private sources, conduct statistical analyses, perform literature reviews, and help design and test survey questionnaires. Statisticians also work with economists to develop written reports memorializing their findings in order to help inform FTC decision-making.

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Financial Analyst

Financial analysts work collaboratively with economists and attorneys in support of antitrust and consumer protection investigations, litigation and rule-making, and economic studies.

The duties of a financial analyst can include reviewing and analyzing internal corporate data, documents, and reports; conducting financial analyses of issues related to competition (e.g., merger valuation and financing, relevant margins, financial viability, cost savings, appropriateness of asset package to be divested); and reviewing publicly available sources of information relevant to the investigation.

Working at the FTC

The FTC offers a family-friendly and collegial work environment with easy access to Metro, Washington’s subway system, and commuter rail lines extending into Virginia and Maryland. A variety of child-care options are available in the vicinity, including at the FTC’s headquarters building. A locker room and bicycle storage facilities are also available on-site.

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