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The Federal Trade Commission has extended by 120 days the deadline for it to consider whether to approve an application from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and others for a new mechanism for obtaining parental consent under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule.

The ESRB along with two companies, Yoti and SuperAwesome, submitted the application in June 2023 for approval for the use of “Privacy-Protective Facial Age Estimation” technology, which analyzes the geometry of a user’s face to confirm that they are an adult. ESRB currently operates a COPPA safe harbor program.

As required by the COPPA Rule, the FTC in July sought comment on the application. The rule requires the Commission to respond to such applications within 120 days. After receiving more than 350 comments, the Commission has extended the deadline, which was October 2, 2023, by 120 days to ensure it can adequately review the comments it received on the proposal.

The Commission voted 3-0 to extend the deadline to review the ESRB application.

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