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former FTC Conference Center
601 New Jersey Avenue, NW Washington DC 20001

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The Federal Trade Commission is holding a series of roundtable events and requesting public comment to gather information on possible consumer protection issues that may arise in the sale, financing or lease of motor vehicles. The first event took place in Detroit, Michigan on April 12, 2011. The FTC’s second motor vehicle roundtable took place at St. Mary’s University School of Law, One Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, Texas on August 2 - 3, 2011. The FTC's third motor vehicle roundtable took place at the FTC Conference Center, 601 New Jersey Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., on November 17, 2011.

Having access to a motor vehicle is essential for many consumers to fulfill their daily obligations. It imposes a substantial expense, however, and accordingly most consumers seek to lease or finance the purchase of a new or used car. As the nation's consumer protection agency, the Commission is committed to protecting consumers in connection with these financial transactions.

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  • Request for Comments

    Interested parties are invited to submit written comments electronically or in paper form on motor vehicle sales, financing and leasing. Submission of comments should be captioned ''Motor Vehicle Roundtables—Comment, Project No. P104811.'' Please note that your comment—including your name and your state—will be placed on the public record of this proceeding, including on the publicly accessible FTC Web site, at Because comments will be made public, they should not include any sensitive personal information, such as any individual's Social Security number; date of birth; driver's license number or other state identification number, or foreign country equivalent; passport number; financial account number; or credit or debit card number. Comments also should not include any sensitive health information, such as medical records or other individually identifiable health information. In addition, comments should not include any ''[t]rade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential,'' as provided in Section 6(f) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. 46(f), and Commission Rule 4.10(a)(2), 16 CFR 4.10(a)(2). Comments containing material for which confidential treatment is requested must be filed in paper form, must be clearly labeled ''Confidential,'' and must comply with FTC Rule 4.9(c), 16 CFR 4.9(c).1 Because paper mail addressed to the FTC is subject to delay due to heightened security screening, please consider submitting your comments in electronic form. The FTC will accept comments until April, 1, 2012. If this Notice appears at you may also file an electronic comment through that website. The Commission will consider all comments forwarded to it by You may also visit the FTC Web site at to read the Notice and the news release describing it. A comment filed in paper form should include the reference ''Motor Vehicle Roundtables, Project No. 104811'' both in the text of the comment and on the envelope, and should be mailed or delivered to the following address:

    Federal Trade Commission
    Office of the Secretary
    Room H–113 (Annex V)
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
    Washington, DC 20580

    The FTC is requesting that comments filed in paper form be sent by courier or overnight service, if possible, because U.S. postal mail in the Washington, DC area and at the Commission is subject to delay due to heightened security precautions. The FTC Act and other laws the Commission administers permit the collection of public comments to consider and use in this proceeding as appropriate. The Commission will consider all timely and responsive public comments it receives, whether filed in paper or electronic form. Comments received will be available to the public on the FTC website, to the extent practicable, at As a matter of discretion, the Commission makes every effort to remove home contact information of individuals before their comments are placed on the FTC Web site. More information, including routine uses permitted by the Privacy Act, may be found in the FTC's privacy policy, at

    FN 1 The comment must be accompanied by an explicit request for confidential treatment, including the factual and legal basis for the request, and must identify the specific portions of the comment to be withheld from the public record. The request will be granted or denied by the Commission's General Counsel, consistent with applicable law and the public interest. See 16 CFR 4.9(c).


FTC Privacy Policy

Under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) or other laws, we may be required to disclose to outside organizations the information you provide when you pre-register for events that require registration. The Commission will consider all timely and responsive public comments, whether filed in paper or electronic form, and as a matter of discretion, we make every effort to remove home contact information for individuals from the public comments before posting them on the FTC website.

The FTC Act and other laws we administer permit the collection of your pre-registration contact information and the comments you file to consider and use in this proceeding as appropriate. For additional information, including routine uses permitted by the Privacy Act, see the Commission’s Privacy Act system for public records and comprehensive privacy policy.

This event will be open to the public and may be photographed, videotaped, webcast, or otherwise recorded.  By participating in this event, you are agreeing that your image — and anything you say or submit — may be posted indefinitely at or on one of the Commission's publicly available social media sites.