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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff v. Warrior Trading, Inc., a corporation; Warrior Operating Inc., a corporation, also doing business as Warrior Trading; and Ross Cameron, individually and as an officer of Warrior Trading Inc. and Warrior Operating Inc., Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number
Civil Action Number
Federal Court
District of Massachusetts

Case Summary

The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on the Warrior Trading day trading investment scheme for making misleading and unrealistic claims of big investment gains to consumers. The FTC alleges that Warrior Trading and its CEO, Ross Cameron, used those claims to convince consumers to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a trading system that ultimately failed to pay off for most customers.

As a result of the FTC’s case, Warrior Trading will be required to pay $3 million to refund consumers and will be prohibited from making baseless claims about the potential for consumers to earn money using their trading strategies.

The Federal Trade Commission is sending payments totaling more than $2.9 million to 20,402 people who paid thousands of dollars for Warrior Trading’s investment programs. The company made misleading and unrealistic claims to sell a day trading “system” that failed to pay off for most customers.